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German Sweeney checks are on the way!!

The courts approved the final payout, I can’t believe how much I got. I was owed over $82,000 in back overtime wages and thought I would only get about $20K out of the lawsuit. Man was I wrong our attorneys are amazing I got just about what I was... read more
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Kellogg lays off 300 in Venezuela

Now that Kellogg has laid off 300 hundred people in Venezuela what are the chances we will see those jobs return here? Or will those at the top find another poor country where people are willing to work for barely a little more than nothing just to... read more

Over time law suit

I all most fell over when i opened the envelope and saw how much i was getting, all most a years pay, they deserve everything that they are getting, LMFAO

Not over yet!

So it's been 9 months with no results so they cut sales reps agan. Not the problem the problem is the Salesmangers they have not figured out it is a warehouse item now not DSD. As a DSD they shipped whatever they wanted to make a number it's over. So... read more

Are layoffs at Kellogg done for the week?

I know a number of people were laid off by Kellogg yesterday but I can't find anything about today. Do we know if that was it or can we expect more? From the numbers we've been hearing I'd say there's more to come, which is why I'm confused that... read more

Kellogg strikes again...

Kellogg once again strikes out on its remaining work force. When will they stop interrupting or lives... Sad how ugly Kelogg management seems to be on a goal to distroy everything. Sad,sad,sad...

stock price

down to 57.55, i sold mine back in march of 2017 for 74.40, LMFAO, burn baby burn, love it.

DSD (The Destruction of a ERA )

I can only hope that all the execs that thought doing away with DSD was a good idea are fired by now.They have destroyed so many employees futures,and should be banned from any future employment that common sense is a requirement.As a shareholder and... read more

$300 bonus from K

My severance ended a while ago, but Friday i got a $300 bonus. Anyone else get one?

Down down...

Snacks down -6% now they are transferring SKU’s from Morning Foods into the snacks division to lessen the down turn in snacks. They don’t want to look too bad for the decision they made with DSD. At least Kellogg’s has good accountants to manipulate... read more

Kellogg layoffs January 2018

More layoffs by Kellogg, once more in Battle Creek. First wave will affect 14 employees, with more to come. Which means that we will not be able to relax for who knows how long expecting the second wave... read more

Lazy reps

Talked to one of the reps they kept and you know what the 45 mins they spend in each account is a waste ends are half filled too many different products they don't even block bunch of waste they are

Damn stock

Waiting for price to bottom out shouldn't be going up someone screwing with the numbers cause sales got to be way down watching everyday to hit 40 or below

Just got my K W2

Correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that we would NOT be taxed on the gifted car. I specifically asked that question about Fed taxes. Well to me looks like over-value of the car on my W2 as earnings.


Does anyone know if there is a way for ex employees (laid off in August) to access our w 2 online??


Picked up my mail this morning and found a box in it. The return address was someplace in Utah. Turned it to the side and saw a small sticker on it saying Kellogg Company. WTF? What are these idiots sending me now? I figured the only other thing I'd... read more


Did anyone else get a bill from Kellogg's saying they over paid you.

W2 and paystubs

Anybody been looking at their paystubs? What is "Prize Fringe" on left side 2 lines above 'PRE-TAX ITEMS'? Is that the car?


Lets hear some stories,we had a manager that was keeping $100 gold visa gift cards,we found out when we would see "prize fringe" on our statements.Secretary called MYHR about harassment she was receiving,they told her that"we are here for the... read more

Kellogg’s webcast

I listened to the webcast for third quarter results. They won’t even mention the -5% decline for snacks. They changed the subject and skip right over it and talk about the profit margin, Pringles, Eggo’s. They also sound a little uptight about the... read more

Intermec CN3

I was getting rid of the last of my Kellogg's junk ( shirts, folders, bags etc.) and I found an old Intermec CN3. Does anyone know what I should do with it, I should just probably trash it with the rest of the other stuff!

Playing games

On the Snacks only, down -5% but they said they shifted some of there shipments/sales numbers into quarter 3 from quarter 4 because of the hurricanes. Playing games! Quarter 4 is where they will get hurt with all the holidays plus they used some of... read more

RXBAR - at last a good acquisition

I really like what they did here - RXBAR is a gold nugget. I think we overpaid, but since we did not move quickly and we allowed some negotiating space here, it was time for us to pay the price. You should see more deals like this happening in the... read more

Kellogg Layoffs 2018

How about some humility on the executive level, now that they are talking about layoffs and major job cuts in corporate in Battle Creek.

John Bryant

Looks like John Bryant will report third quarter results 10/31/17 for the new CEO. The numbers must be very bad. Kellogg’s must be protecting the new CEO. Since he’s not responsible for the awful third quarter results coming out.


Ohio Unemployment has successfully used my retention/ severance package to beat me out of any unemployment. All because Kellogg's human resources refuses to send them a fax of a allocation date with contact info on company letterhead. A fine thank... read more

Thanks for a good year

Had a little more than 18 months to retire,when the demon company notified us in February.Just got the last of the severance package,got a new job,going to make over $120,000 this year total,and i get to see a company crumble.
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CEO coward

What a coward Mr.Bryant is to make all these changes that effected so many loyal employees . Your poor leadership will haunt you down as so many lives have been drastically changed. Kellogg's wake up smell the coffee and let go of all the retaining... read more

Conexis health insurance payment

Folks, keep on top of this. Made my payment almost 3 weeks ago but there is a delay from when Conexis receives and processes payment. Conexis then sends info over to BCBS to turn ur insurance back on. That alone can be over a week. I called BCBS last... read more


Kellogg’s was downgraded today. Stock went down 4%. So far in this quarter it looks like down 7% for sales. They where only talking about cereal. Everyone is going to get a big surprise with the snack side numbers. If the cereal side is down that... read more


Just got back from a road trip,and out of habit i always would look for Keebler trailers.I started laughing and told the wife.."It just struck me,you will never see a Keebler vehicle ever again"

Update on Vacation/Retention bonus pay out

I contacted myHR and they told me these 2 payouts will be processed within 30 days after our last day worked. They told me if anyone doesn't receive them by the 30th day to contact myHR but I was assured they will be paid by then.
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