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RXBAR - at last a good acquisition

I really like what they did here - RXBAR is a gold nugget. I think we overpaid, but since we did not move quickly and we allowed some negotiating space here, it was time for us to pay the price. You should see more deals like this happening in the... read more

Kellogg Layoffs 2018

How about some humility on the executive level, now that they are talking about layoffs and major job cuts in corporate in Battle Creek.

John Bryant

Looks like John Bryant will report third quarter results 10/31/17 for the new CEO. The numbers must be very bad. Kellogg’s must be protecting the new CEO. Since he’s not responsible for the awful third quarter results coming out.


Ohio Unemployment has successfully used my retention/ severance package to beat me out of any unemployment. All because Kellogg's human resources refuses to send them a fax of a allocation date with contact info on company letterhead. A fine thank... read more

Thanks for a good year

Had a little more than 18 months to retire,when the demon company notified us in February.Just got the last of the severance package,got a new job,going to make over $120,000 this year total,and i get to see a company crumble.
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CEO coward

What a coward Mr.Bryant is to make all these changes that effected so many loyal employees . Your poor leadership will haunt you down as so many lives have been drastically changed. Kellogg's wake up smell the coffee and let go of all the retaining... read more

Conexis health insurance payment

Folks, keep on top of this. Made my payment almost 3 weeks ago but there is a delay from when Conexis receives and processes payment. Conexis then sends info over to BCBS to turn ur insurance back on. That alone can be over a week. I called BCBS last... read more


Kellogg’s was downgraded today. Stock went down 4%. So far in this quarter it looks like down 7% for sales. They where only talking about cereal. Everyone is going to get a big surprise with the snack side numbers. If the cereal side is down that... read more


Just got back from a road trip,and out of habit i always would look for Keebler trailers.I started laughing and told the wife.."It just struck me,you will never see a Keebler vehicle ever again"

Update on Vacation/Retention bonus pay out

I contacted myHR and they told me these 2 payouts will be processed within 30 days after our last day worked. They told me if anyone doesn't receive them by the 30th day to contact myHR but I was assured they will be paid by then.
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Where's our severance money?

I have not received a vacation payout or stay bonus payout yet. I did get my first severance payment on Friday. How is everyone else looking on the payouts?


The Ohio Unemployment board just ruled that my severance completely nullified my right to unemployment.


Uhhhh just got a letter saying I was overpaid for a bonus pay. $84 and now I owe them! If not paid it will be sent to collections. Um how about f*ck off?

Recent pay

Any ideas what it is ? Vaca pay, reg severance? Anybody know?

Massive Custs

BATTLE CREEK (WKZO-AM/FM) -- Kellogg says proposed production and warehouse changes in Battle Creek could lead to roughly 223 full-time and salaried employees losing their jobs. In a statement from company, the plan is to idle two existing lines at... read more

Conexis health insurance

Talked to Conexis about health insurance for us laid off reps: rep said packets being mailed out supposedly today. You can call to get your acct number: 888.280.6933 This is not Cobra but the continuing health insurance we pay for while on our... read more

Start getting ready people

Start saving your money to buy Kelloggs stock. The stock is going down and will get worse when they report next quarter. Target price to buy is 62. Then the company will be sold.

New model not working

I honestly believe the buyers remorse is setting in. Qtr 2 numbers flat even with double dip deliveries to both stores and warehouses. I honestly expected much stronger snack numbers but they were flat. I'm sure that made K leadership hearts skip a... read more

I'm almost 100% percent positive

This is the way it will go down....Kelloggs will try to reverse this by hiring more Sales Reps very soon. Which still won't work. They will hire more part time merchandisers. Which won't work either. Then people at the top will get canned or leave... read more


I regret the day that Kelloggs even looked at Keebler,they bought us for our dsd,and 16 years later they have turned it into a disgrace

Final Day of employment with Kellogg's

It has been a pleasure working with everyone on the KSR/KM/DM/PTM side of the business best of luck to all my fellow co workers being laid off tomorrow I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. I will miss the "old days" of our DSD business... read more

The truth is coming out

60 minutes on replacing us workers with foreign h1b

Another episode on 60 minutes about having to train foreign workers to take your job. I wonder if anyone on the Kellogg executive team ever loses any sleep on all the jobs they sent to India and the Phillipines? Doubt it.

Board members

If the board members actually do their jobs. The CEO and upper management are within 6 months of losing their jobs. Can't come fast enough and should be interesting. The next CEO or company that buys Kelloggs will have their hands full. It will be... read more

Switching to frito and nabisco

Everybody switching to different vendors be careful. Especially direct competitors. Otherwise you'll be going down the same rabbit hole you just did. I'm getting out of retail. It's a dieing business.

Company reviews on job boards

Hey all done forget to leave your Kellogg Co. Reviews on the job boards. Indeed etc... I don't want any prospective employee to miss out on this tremendous company.
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