Topics regarding layoffs at Kellogg

Topics regarding layoffs at Kellogg

In solidarity...

"Worker strikes were already sharply increasing before the pandemic, but now a number of them are occurring simultaneously. Time reports 10 strikes were happening across the country in early October. Among them, a work stoppage at cereal giant... —  read more 

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Purging Baby Boomers!

Kellogg is simply a purging of baby boomers for millennials. Cost of an aging workforce combined with statistical data that basically says "large percentage of work population will likely get sick, miss work, and cost more money. Healthcare... —  read more 


Two year anniversary of my last day with Keebler,too bad a horrible company like Helloggs bought us,George Strietmann is still rolling over in his grave, over what became of his company.


It's better to be an intern at this company! You're taught different business elements, and if they like you, they'll fast track your future. As opposed to those that have worked over 10+ years for them!

Mass layoffs coming

Just heard from a friend in BattleCreek: weak quarterly earnings will bring another round of mass layoffs. the usual may ma$$acre. Major shakeup up top with multiple Execs lining up their golden parachutes before the stock craters.

Layoffs in Europe

Does this mean we are safe? Kellogg is preparing for a retrenchment of its European business that will include job and contract terminations and relocation costs, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission... —  read more 

The sale

And, as always happens with purchases like this, they will lower the production costs as much as possible, slash quality, and ride out the name as long as they can until everyone knows they're gross now and doesn't buy them anymore. RIP

Laid off !! Can’t believe they did this right before the holidays last day of work is Dec 31st

Just got laid off via phone . I have been a very loyal and hardworking employee for +10 years .. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot and met some great people with the Kellogg company . But I also can honestly say that the direction they are... —  read more 

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To arbitrate or not?

I joined the overtime lawsuit last year and am going to arbitration. Is anyone withdrawing because of the arbitration agreement signed? I read where Kelloggs is suing arbitrators so the arbitrators are suing back... what are your thoughts? Do I stick... —  read more 

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Sad days for Kellogg

Sad to see how this once family and proud employee oriented company has degenerated into a money grubbing, profiteering, greed driven operation... With the advent of the recent Quality and food safety issues / recalls abound, this is a company and... —  read more 

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Exec's win again

John Bryant's serverance package could have gone along way in keeping the company stock afloat by reinvestment. The only thing that matters to these managers is squeezing the blood out of the working class.

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Small round of layoffs

From what I'm hearing, this was one of the smaller rounds of layoffs at Kellogg's - can anybody confirm if this is true? And also, does anybody know if all the affected people have been notified or are there more notifications waiting to go out... —  read more 

It will happen

Kellogg's has no sales leaders left. They now have outsiders that got let go from other companies. They have no sales ability they had contracts. It's easy to sell c-gare--es with a contract! If you work for Kellogg's look now why you can. It's... —  read more 

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