Topics regarding layoffs at Kelly Services Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Kelly Services Inc.

Layoffs happening

Today I was laid off from Kelly and told my last day is tomorrow. Was told they do not refer to this as a layoff, rather a job elimination due to economic impacts. Was told by my other internal connection I have relationships within leadership, no... —  read more 

SIA Top 100

Everyone is proud to be part of a company blah blah. I threw up in mouth a bit when i saw the folks from Kelly. Peter Quigley - Hes a good guy, well liked, but not a mover and shaker. Tammy Browning - Only in her job because of her pal Deb Thorpe... —  read more 

Kelly Blew Up Global Business Services (GBS) Yesterday - Decentralization Continues. Layoffs.

Global Business Services (GBS), the delivery arm of operational shared services and financial shared services for the Americas staffing businesses, KellyOCG’s global businesses, and many of the other shared services that support Kelly’s operations... —  read more 

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Q4 earnings report

Just a little light reading for those who are interested in Q4 earnings report and what that could mean for the future of the company. Revenue of $1,241,000,000 decreased by 7.25% year over year, which beat the estimate of... —  read more 

Don't Drink the Green Kool Aide

Get ready folks!! There's a real good chance that Kelly Services could be sold before the end of the year. Adderly children probably want to cash out and get their money.. With the announcement of last week of the corporate campus being sold and... —  read more 

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Is Kelly laying people off again?

Once again the 10 floor is treating the company as though it was a science project. Don't get caught in one of their experiments. Be proactive. Update your resume. There is blue sky on the other side and the grass is greener than Kelly green.

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What's Going on Kelly Peeps!!!

How's 2020 treating you? It's usually around this time when Kelly starts to lay off good people. So don't get too comfortable. Especially if you've been around a while. Clean up your resume and be proactive.

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Groundhog Day Again?

Hearing that more and significant layoffs are coming in the next few weeks. Whole departments or what’s left of them are likely to be impacted. Cutting the cord swiftly instead of drawing out the inevitable leading in to the holidays is the... —  read more 

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