Topics regarding layoffs at Kmart

Topics regarding layoffs at Kmart

A Kmart Museum?

After it is all said & done and Kmart officially closes all stores for good, should Edward consider opening up a Kmart Museum so people can go relive the Kmart experience in person? It can feature the same look, style of a Kmart store down to that... —  read more 

Sad day

I work at the Kmart in Big Bear and I’ve been there for years. It’s sad to see that we couldn’t make it, especially in an area highly populated by seasonal tourism. It says a lot when the biggest retail store in the area (as well as surrounding)... —  read more 

88Sears Hacked Keep an eye on your personal data. The ransom will not be paid.

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35 Kmarts, 26 in US

So far I have been able to verify by phone, all closings except Edge Water MD. When I called, they Said they were NOT closing. So as of right now, Alabama X Alaska X Arizona X Arkansas X California Big Bear Lake ... —  read more 

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