Topics regarding layoffs at Knight Transportation Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Knight Transportation Inc.

Better than most places

I worked in plenty of transportation companies and I can't figure out where all the animosity about this place is coming from. We get nice pay, decent benefits, work is not boring, employee morale is high... I agree that layoffs have become an issue... — read more 

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More and more layoffs

Is it just me, or are layoffs becoming the new normal here at Knight Transportation? How many did we have in the last three years? If I'm not mistaken, at least a few a year. I feel like our job security has suddenly become nonexistent. Which is not... — read more 

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Overworked and underpaid

If you want to work extra two-three hours a day and receive no overtime pay, than this is the place for you! Seriously, every day we are expected to stay for extra several hours but since we are salaried, we get no compensation for it. But that's not... — read more 

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Awful place for drivers

I'm so sick and tired of Knight Transportation. One of the worst companies for drivers. The starting rate is ridiculous, unless it changed recently it is at 19 cpm and you won't be able to get much above 30 cpm, no matter how long you're here. Trucks... — read more 

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