Topics regarding layoffs at Konica Minolta

Topics regarding layoffs at Konica Minolta

Arrogance? How?

Konica & Minolta. Two failing companies sold their homes and shacked up together in a bachelor apartment to save on rent and delay the inevitable. Cut their cable, water, electricity, cupboard is bare & rent is coming due. Why any Exec here would... —  read more 

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Question about layoffs

Can somebody please tell me how is KM with layoffs? I got an offer and I'm considering taking it but I need to know that it's better than my current job when it comes to layoffs. I'm encouraged by the fact that there aren't many posts here, but I... —  read more 

Layoffs in sales June 30

Well I guess it was inevitable , but walked in for my one on one to be blindsighted with severance paperwork. 11 laid off in Florida and supposedly this was nationwide. Tough time to be laid off

Ramsey Layoffs

Konica started laying off once again ,this time in Ramsey not in Conn. After being hired one year ago in the Ramsey location I was told my position was dissolved. No performance issues was told the position was dissolved, not the first round... —  read more 

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