Topics regarding layoffs at Kaiser Permanente

Topics regarding layoffs at Kaiser Permanente

Lay offs in KPIT

They are still laying off and the reason they were giving is "As a result of financial pressures internally and externally across KP they have to make decisions to lay off. As part of that they are making decisions to reduce work force and... — read more 

At least 11 KPIT Layoffs

'As a result of "operational changes" we have made the difficult decision to eliminate your position.' KPIT is cutting more good people for BS reasons - at least 11 of whom are 40+ years old like me. Rumor is that they'll offshore support.

More layoffs

Kaiser Permanente Announces Layoffs in San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California Kaiser Permanente announced several dozen layoffs in two San Francisco Bay Area cities and four Southern California cities, according to documents filed with the... — read more 

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Layoffs in WA region

Oct 2nd 2023 several executive assistants were laid off from the KPWA Market. Average age 57 average length of service 16 years. Jobs eliminated according to Severence paperwork. Total of 25 layoffs this week with more to come.

November 15 strike

If everybody follows through on their word, this could be one of the largest healthcare strikes ever in the United States. Kaiser deserves it 100 percent! You can't treat your employees with such disrespect and not expect to suffer some consequences... — read more 

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There you go, more jobs...

Travel nurse demand outpacing supply, with hospitals paying ... ... COVID-19 waves this spring, elective procedure shutdowns spurred massive financial losses for health systems, leading many to institute furloughs or... — read more 

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CDTS IT just laid off managers and administrative staff today. Rumor is 100 people... but from what I have heard, really about 40. DOes this mean there'll be more?

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NCAL layoffs over the last few days were in Quality (22 at least). I heard that other non-clinical depts had or will have layoffs as well - Compliance is one. This was In KFH (Kaiser Foundation Hospitals). Does anybody have more info on this? Can... — read more 

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Wailuku Clinic cuts

Kaiser Permanente announced it will shut down various services at its Wailuku Clinic on Maui because of financial troubles. As of a result, dozens of nurses, technicians, and staff members could soon lose their... — read more 

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Pharmacy layoffs

There is a reduction in force currently happening in pharmacy in mid Atlantic region. This is from two days ago, any chance we can get more info on what happened? Will more areas be affected?

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