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"work force reduction"

Just announced today cutting 50-70 NP/PA positions in primary care out of 103 in Colorado. This company has NO integrity


Anyone know anything about this? They commandeered 3 rooms at regional for a task force? On top of that I heard Massage therapists are getting letters, all front staff check-in have received letters. Where is this promised transparency?


Bonuses being distributed this week to rep and non rep staff! This is epic!!! Record losses and bonuses this year will be better than last year! Thank you for your generosity!!!
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Collective bargaining agreement ignored

Northwest Healthplan ignoring bargaining agreement at KSMC. Jobs being eliminated and work is being done by OFNHP nurses. SEIU sitting on their hands and nothing is being done about it. Cease and desist filed but ignored by Healthplan.
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We're being groomed for a selloff

With the absurdity of decisions being made, is there any other explanation? There are several conglomerates right now buying up established healthcare companies on a regular basis. None of this makes sense because it doesn't have to, it just needs to... read more

I got my letter yesterday.

My position is being eliminated effective April 16th. Most people in my department got one. No more info than that and the expectation that I'll remain courteous and professional in the meantime. Kaiser Colorado.

Kaiser Rumors

After everything that has happened with Kaiser in Colorado, numerous cuts, disrespect, etc. I am hearing now rumors that they are getting ready for another round of cuts. Please! Keep in mind this is just a rumor I heard from multiple people in the... read more
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Yes Another Layoff

The senior leaders of Kaiser Permanente are liars. They promised integrity, respect, honesty and transparency. They said job cuts would not be made lightly and that members would continue to have quality care and service. How dare they lie to their... read more

CPMG Board Meeting

Not 100% sure of the truth on this one, but rumor has it there was a board meeting last night to determine the status of Kaiser MD's in Colorado region. Rumor has it 7-15 MDs are set to be let go. Anyone else have any more info on this?

Colorado Kaiser Permanente Like Being at the Beach

At the beach there's always another wave coming. That's right!!!!!! A third wave is coming - we all know it and the rumored date is out there. Happy Valentine's Day with Love from KPCO.
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Colorado Layoffs Coverage

Almost 200 Kaiser employees have been notified about layoffs within the last week. https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/kaiser-announces-new-round-of-layoffs/73-44b6d7ca-7cdf-4f6b-bc4b-44df2ffe2a37... read more


I agree that Kaiser Hiring Policy needs to be revisited because they hire people with no knowledge whatsoever. The hiring policy should be changed and strict policies should be applied. Laboratory is full of people who do not know what they are... read more
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TP Lab

The Supervisor has no knowledge as a Med Tech. She does not know ABC of being a Tech. Not sure how they hire people?? She should be in IT rather than Lab.. Kaiser hiring policy needs to revisited!
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TownPark Laboratory

The Lab has unqualified, inefficient people. The management discriminates within its employees. The wastage is huge, Supervisor has no clue how to save and then they lay-off people. First they hire unnecessary staff and then they lay-off- what was... read more
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Townpark kaiser Permanente


RPHs Changes in Colorado in April/May 2019

Southern California is taking over all mail order business, so Colorado will be affected. Layoffs may happen in April and May 2019 but they are telling us that we are ‘safe’ and that they will be able to find positions for us somewhere else. Now... read more

GA Layoffs in Progress

Layoffs in the GA Region have started yesterday, it’s my understanding that all location got affected and that no department/location got to keep all the nurses we currently have on payroll. My wife got affected, I am an EMT working at a non-related... read more

Luring Senior Nurses

Kaiser lures senior nurses at high-end pay into lucrative paying new positions so they can then eliminate the position and cut long term nurses. Very unethical... Upper management still gets yearly bonus of $10K or more while letting hundreds of... read more
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Townpark kaiser Permanente

Management please open your eyes, lab is Over staffed. Kaiser already loose 30,000 people,please look into the matter as soon as possible. I am really scared that kaiser will be out off buisness on georgia. Make some changes in the management... read more

Townpark kaiser Permanente

Please layoff some people in the lab asap because the management at townpark lab wrongly supporting their favorite people. If they are not take immediate action,its gonna be bad for kaiser Permanente. For God sake please let some people go as soon as... read more

500 layoffs in Georgia

You can believe me or not but here is the truth - there are major layoffs in Georgia. I was told that my position is being eliminated (I am a Registered Nurse) - I heard that 500 others will be eliminated, most of them nurses. People are in shock, I... read more

Very stressful time

Kaiser Georgia is reducing the number of front staff and admin workers. Three positions have been combined into one and more kiosks have been placed In facilities. Nurses have been laid off .. trying to get information from management is like pulling... read more

Layoffs will generally start in California?

If it's program office related position, such as IT, layoffs will generally start in California as that is a bigger bang for the buck. Used to be four tiers of pay for Program Office (National employees) , however that may have changed with the last... read more
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More is surely coming to Colorado.

The Colorado messaging is carrying more and more of a dark undertone. Look for more "sacrifice" to come. And while maybe not lies, we are certainly not hearing truth from leadership.

The greed shows

So, in spite of all the losses, the Colorado Med Group just handed out a bigger bonus than they have distributed in the 4 previous years! How does that align with the story? How does that even make sense? Veyr sorry for those laid off in light of... read more


I've been hearing about Kaiser Colorado's mail order closing. What happened to all the staff RPhs at the facility? Are they being reassigned to other positions in the region based on seniority, or were the staff RPhs at mail order just laid off?

Colorado Contraction Has Begun

More layoffs will follow. Evergreen mountain medical office closing. Central Pharmacy Mail order being outsourced. They claim it's about efficiencies - but it's really about salaries. They are looking for every salary to cut they possibly can. Watch... read more

Chop Chop Like I warned.....Now.......

Severe string tightening. Travel ban through all of 2019. Medical staff not being allowed to travel to important quality and training meetings unless they pay out of their own pocket. How does that meet the mission of quality health care? Look for... read more

Are layoffs done?

I know many people are saying we're looking at more layoffs, but from what I can see so far, nothing new happened this week. I'm thinking if they've decided to have layoffs, they wouldn't spread it out over several weeks, but have it done as soon as... read more


Yes, they happened. But the org was/is in need of restructuring and streamlining and some—but not all—of the people cut really weren’t high performers. Nonprofit Healthcare is a tough business. Best of luck to the people let go.

Layoffs did happen, more to come

Yes. Massive layoffs yesterday with threats to axed employees to keep their mouths shut. Fat cats reaping the benefits at the expense of the masses. This. From what I understand, so far around 200 people have been shown the door, but more will soon... read more

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