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All Time Lows

Thoughts on the stock price being down to nearly $20 and being rated as junk? Bankruptcy looming?

Are you kidding me????

#babynut ?!?! All of 5 seconds to realize its already an established hashtag by another company and sounds like a freaking p—hile came up with it. What marketing id–t came up with this plan? You could just burn your cash and it would have been... —  read more 

Are you serious?

HoneyRacha and MayoChup are the future of this company? Are you kidding me? Just sell it already before it really becomes worthless. And stop taking on debt to pay your dividend... I may not be in finance but even I know that's a stupid move.

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Shake Ups Coming, Again!

Hearing some rumors that there will be some 'thinning of the ranks' yet again as leadership tries to right the ship.

3G at it again! What plant will close next?

Bernardo Hees and his kronies are at it again. Can anybody tell me what the c-appy 2018 results mean? Well if you can't, I will tell you! More plants are going to close! 3G is not interested in running a business, they are interested in making money... —  read more 

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Hey Planters Fort Smith Arkansas!!! Keep up the great work. Your well on your way!

Champaign changes

Champaign will be doing some MAJOR changes by the end of the year. Quality workers being cut, plant wide cuts coming, OT gone, and line changes. But they are hiring —  read more 

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2018 Raises

Fort Smith Arkansas plant receives raise after previous plant manager left and went to Winchester.

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June 1 changes

Does anybody know more about the changes at Kraft that are supposed to be announced on June 1? Somebody said in another thread that employees will not like the changes they have planned, which has me really worried and wondering what it might be. Any... —  read more 

Kraft Lowville NY - Employee Assistance

We are investigating and trying to help former or laid off Kraft Lowville NY employees. We are interested in helping workers and former workers exposed to strawberry flavors that have breathing problems. You can contact us via email at... —  read more 

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Kraft Champaign

New dryer in dinners, that is positive. New oil system for enhancers around Easter. New plant mgr coming. Hopefully will enforce Gmp's on floor. People openly use chewing tobacco. Politics are a big factor in moving up to lead position. Temps are... —  read more 

Kraftheinz avon ny

A mechanic who is leaving for another job said he was told by someone "upstairs" things are coming down the pipe that are not going to make things better here. Also i have overheard convos with line leads saying heinz is sending out ppl to analyze... —  read more 

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So many layoffs

Up until a while ago, this was truly a good place to work for. The pay is good, benefits are decent, and we even get yearly bonuses. However, none of that makes up for utter lack of job security in the past several years. We've been having non-stop... —  read more 

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Unrealistic expectations

I was thrown into assignments with no proper training and expected to meet unrealistic goals. Managers on my team didn’t have a clue or didn’t care that we were out of our element. There was absolutely no leadership and favoritism was the norm there... —  read more 

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Springfield Plant Layoffs

We just had roughly 67 jobs redlined this week. Was wondering if other plants are having layoffs too?

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Layoffs 8/3

Anyone else hearing rumors about layoffs tomorrow? We all know August is a popular month.

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People Leaving

Fort Smith Plant: Management has really showed everyone that they truly do not care anymore. They are constantly scheduling temporary employees in spots that used to be filled with overtime by full time employees, in hopes of saving a dime. The... —  read more 

No more overtime

Per the CEO on his visit to Champaign he has said no more overtime at all or he will replace people to get this done.

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Results of LIberal Democrat Moron Buffet

More job losses due to so called merger of Kraft and Heinz. We all know it was really a hostile takeover. Our government needs to institute laws that forbid the sale of our food producing companies and other essential services to foreign investors... —  read more 

Controllers Meeting

Anyone heard what was mentioned in the controllers meeting that took place in the midwest this week?

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