Topics regarding layoffs at Kraft Heinz

Topics regarding layoffs at Kraft Heinz

Kraft eCommerce

Complete and utter chaos in this group. People are constantly leaving since the leadership of this group is arrogant and devout of merit. KHC touts meritocracy they moved a guy from a director position to a VP position in less then 2 years. The guy... —  read more 

Champaign changes

Champaign will be doing some MAJOR changes by the end of the year. Quality workers being cut, plant wide cuts coming, OT gone, and line changes. But they are hiring

June 1 changes

Does anybody know more about the changes at Kraft that are supposed to be announced on June 1? Somebody said in another thread that employees will not like the changes they have planned, which has me really worried and wondering what it might be. Any... —  read more 

Kraft Champaign

New dryer in dinners, that is positive. New oil system for enhancers around Easter. New plant mgr coming. Hopefully will enforce Gmp's on floor. People openly use chewing tobacco. Politics are a big factor in moving up to lead position. Temps are... —  read more 

Kraftheinz avon ny

A mechanic who is leaving for another job said he was told by someone "upstairs" things are coming down the pipe that are not going to make things better here. Also i have overheard convos with line leads saying heinz is sending out ppl to analyze... —  read more 

So many layoffs

Up until a while ago, this was truly a good place to work for. The pay is good, benefits are decent, and we even get yearly bonuses. However, none of that makes up for utter lack of job security in the past several years. We've been having non-stop... —  read more 

People Leaving

Fort Smith Plant: Management has really showed everyone that they truly do not care anymore. They are constantly scheduling temporary employees in spots that used to be filled with overtime by full time employees, in hopes of saving a dime. The... —  read more 

Meritocracy aint worth much

Anything they save on severance packages is another dime into top managements pocket. Don't wait for a package. Seek employment elsewhere. Read employee reviews for Heinz @ Gives you an idea what it will be like to stay. Meritocracy... —  read more 

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