Topics regarding layoffs at Kyndryl

Topics regarding layoffs at Kyndryl

Stealth Layoffs...

So it seems the 'Bench' program has started at Kyndryl as they sort through staff and seek to layoff folks that they feel have reached an end to their usefulness. They'll be going through the motions of finding these folks roles but really...they... —  read more 

Future in Kyndryl

I spent more than a decade in IBM and am now part of Kyndryl ( US). I got an offer with almost the same package somewhere else. Is it prudent to move on in these turbulent times? The only positive thing I feel about Kyndryl is work-life balance. ... —  read more 

I don't know how rosy it is....

I don't know how rosy it is. When I look at - it looks to be that they are probably cutting by the end of the year or in Q1. Those savings will inevitably come from... —  read more 

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So many are quitting

I don't understand why. Things haven't improved since the separation from IBM but they haven't worsened either. What's making people suddenly decide that they can't take it anymore and leave in such large numbers? I'd really like to know if I'm... —  read more 

The oldest play in the book

IBM is over stuffed Kyndryl. This is straight out of the Intel server to Lenovo playbook - it's an old trick and it works. IBM paid Kyndryl to handle the layoff’s of the overstuff. When IBM used this play with Lenovo, attrition went up, thus... —  read more 

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Kyndryl Russia

What is the position of Kyndryl on Russia? Are they going to sell in Russia? Arvind has expressed on this subject but I have not heard anything from Kyndryl leadership.

$2 Billion Loss

The entire thing is a joke, honestly. A BK is in the stars... - Full-year 2021 revenues total $18.7 billion and net loss is $2.3 billion - Pro forma revenues total $18.5 billion and pro forma adjusted pretax income is $114 million, both in line... —  read more 

Who will acquire Kyndryl?

The share price keeps crashing and it is now an extremely cheap buy. At price of less than $4B (+ 1.2B in debit) with over $19B in annual revenue and a large pool of talent getting hold of 1000's of hosting and Cloud contracts makes this an ideal... —  read more 

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