Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

The headcount is being reduced in Clifton New Jersey as well as other locations. This top heavy company has begun to topple.

Between gutting the health insurance coverage, and massive micromanagement from people who don't know what they're doing, it's no wonder talented people have been fleeing this company. Stop blaming the pandemic and supply chain problems. People don't... —  read more 

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Level 7 salary range

Hello All, I have been offered a level 7 engineering position and an offer today. I am not sure about the salary range for this position. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Also, I was told there is no bonus for this position which was very... —  read more 

Layoffs incoming

The frauds at corporate did their best to hide the terrible 1Q results in the last earnings release. Hundreds of Millions spent of mergers, divestitures, layoffs, “synergies”, and the company can simply only point to EPS growth after buying back a... —  read more 

Career Progression

I have always thought that our leadership should be grown from within. Each prospective leader having gone through the same ordeals as the rest of us. This would provide a good understanding of what each employee goes through to meet program... —  read more 

Opposite layoff

I've been with the company for almost a decade and a half and have been through many layoffs and managed to stay around. What I'm seeing now is the opposite of a layoff, people are just plain leaving and going other places, the IT department left for... —  read more 

Emcore acquisition

Emcore picks up L3Harris business to revive it - such is the headline in Washington Technology. Revive it? How many of you really think that Emcore will be able to revive the business after the acquisition of Space and Navigation? I'm a... —  read more 

Urgent, please advise !

Hello - I got an offer earlier this week for an engineering position. I currently work for another company and am doing okay. I have an offer from l3Harris and I need to decide. I am afraid about one key aspect only... Is their enough (reasonable)... —  read more 

Moving on!

Put in my two weeks it feels good! In a short while I was able to make the best of it but couldn’t keep up with the constant process redundancies and incessant status updates, it made it impossible to get anything done. I hope they do fix that... —  read more 

Work from home

If anyone has noticed the thousands of people moving to Florida our housing market has exploded. Rent has doubled in many areas due to demand and lack of availability. Many people who had office jobs before the virus realized they could work from... —  read more 

Leaving at any cost

This is now the second colleague who left this place and accepted a job where he is paid less than he was here. What can I say!? People seem to be in a hurry to leave this place as soon as possible.

EODAS program shutdown!!

The EODAS production and R&O lines in Mason have been shutdown. After years of technicians and support engineers reports of problems falling on deaf ears - it finally came out that EVERY UNIT produced since 2019 has an out of specification displacer... —  read more 

Getting Poorer Every Year

So CPI is 6.something percent, real inflation is around 18.something percent. L3H is probably giving out the usual 0-3.something percent raise. Bottom line: Stay at L3H and get poorer. L3H doesn't give a sh$%.

I'm disappointed

I know that some things are out of control and that management cannot influence some circumstances. Still, I think they could have prevented or slowed down the downfall of this company, if only they really wanted to?

Vax Mandate Still On?

A federal judge set an injunction on the vax mandate for federal contractors nationwide. That doesn't mean employers can't choose to keep policies in place that require it though. L3H hasn't commented on it yet. Any insight on whether the Jan 4... —  read more 

Thanks for the reminders!

I love to visit this page every now and then to pat myself on the back knowing I made the right decision to leave for greener pastures. Northrup is always hiring people and it's night and day how you are treated and paid. It's astonishing l3 is still... —  read more 

Santa's HR List...

SANTA'S LIST FOR HR THIS HOLIDAY SEASON: "Things Your Boss Can't Legally Do" Ask prohibited questions on job applications Require employees to sign broad non-compete agreements Forbid you from discussing your salary with co-workers ... —  read more 

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Setting unachievable targets

Maybe it has to to do with me because I have less and less motivation and therefore I might be underachieving, but in addition to that, I also have to say that this company is constantly setting unrealistic goals. What do you think?

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