Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Be happy you have a job!

Who else is sick and tired of everybody and their mother telling them to "be happy to have a job" whenever they dare complain about their job?? Every single time! Yes, I know there's a pandemic. And yes, I know millions have been laid off! However... —  read more 

Unhappy Holidays!

Wondering if anyone in any L3H location got a holiday gift or bonus? Last year, not a thing for GR. Unless you count the lousy holiday party thrown by Human Resources which was a total cheapskate fest.


In these challenging times it's important to focus on the important things. We need to get our overtime quotas in! Throw out any ideas you might have about work/life balance - we need to ensure that our managers get their year-end bonuses! Thank... —  read more 

Big Safari

Any idea when the Air Force is going to wake-up to the exorbitant cost over-runs and pull the Big Safari program from L3Harris? Asking for a friend.

Rehire policy?

For those long timers out there such as myself...I was told if I resign from my position and reapply at a later date I would start at a higher rate of pay. Is this true? And is there still that 1-year waiting period in order to be eligible to Work... —  read more 

Travel policy shredded

SO if per diem in a location is $100 for example and you only spend $50, you are only reimbursed $50 and not the full per diem rate of $100, is the company still charging the government $100 and pocketing the difference.


When are promotions going to happen this year? I was submitted for one a couple months ago but haven't heard anything. I don't want to skip the chain of command with my manager, but she "hasn't heard anything" about my promotion. I wonder if... —  read more 

No FARA for Waco?

Since Waco did not win the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) award, what else is in the pipeline? How are they keeping their doors open? What's in the pipeline for Greenville to replace the two big awards they weren't selected? What's in... —  read more 

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