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L3 Greenville.

To all my friends that used to work for L3 Greenville. I left the company in 2006 I worked for Systems Engineer group if you still working for L3 I suggest is time to move out the there but if you do get out don't go to Raytheon either because some... read more

Nothing to worry about.

Nothing to worry about, Looks like l3 salt lake is going strong. Heard there is no layoffs planned. Now I can enjoy summer without worries.

Don't make any longterm plans at L3

Seriously, if you are planning to build your career here, think again. This company is sinking and it's sinking quickly. I don't see a way in which we can last much longer, at least not with the current management and current direction. If you have... read more


After no sales for the last 6 months they started the RIF process yesterday. Heard this round was 10 People. Next round is 20. Corporate is here today. Closed Haverhill facility last week. Currently operating with 20-30 Sarbanes-Oxley violations... read more



Should I even worry about layoffs?

I'm probably among the lowest paid employees at L3 - does that make me immune to layoffs? From what I've seen, people with highest pay are usually the ones shown the door first. I'm new here and don't plan to stick around for too long, so it'd be... read more

Any layoffs news?

It's been really quiet lately here when it comes to layoffs. I'd like to be able to take that as good news, but unfortunately, I know better. We are all aware that more layoffs are coming, the question is when and how bad it will be. Any info on this... read more

L3 and Harris careers site

Anyone else notice the Harris careers site is listing all new L3 job postings https://www.harris.com/careers, yet the L3 site is not hosting any new opportunities? Type L3 into the Harris careers site as a keyword.

Chris K

So within moments of taking over as CEO he decides "merger of equals" is way to go. Do you think he even used up his stock of business cards? Why would an individual who coveted this role so quickly choose to relinquish all the power? Secondly, once... read more

where has the money gone

While L-3 is boasting about record booking and record sale they throw their employees sc-aps when it comes to merit increases. Their plan appears to treat the employees so poorly that they leave on their own and they will not have to pay a dime in... read more

Hiring after layoffs

Just heard on the news that CS West was hiring 250. Pisses me right off having been laid off a while ago. I'm doing just fine though and never happier. I feel for all those still putting in their time in hell. Couldn't agree more with this. I haven't... read more

Leadership failure

After reading the notes from the earnings call, one can only wonder what were the leaders doing, what were they thinking, and what value do they actually add. How could they assume that the tube business move would be so simple? Since the 2016... read more

Legal challenges to merger?

I've seen a couple articles about law firms filing challenges to the L3-Harris merger. As best as I can tell, the issue seems to be the exchange of Harris and LLL shares. Is this normal? I'm sure it does not take much to get a lawyer involved.

Merry Christmas happy new year

Total c-ap as usual at Hell3 With the holidays approaching the guys making the money for this s#@t hole will again be "invited" to work through the holiday break. Charo and the program id--ts will start their annual 7/ 12 push right after the first... read more

60+ Layoffs at L3 St Petersburg, FL

Total Laid Off: 67 Company: L3 Tech.-Security & Detection Sys, Inc 2005 Gandy Blvd N, Suite 600 . St. Petersburg, FL 33702 Effective Separation Date: 12/28/2018 thru 5/3/2019

Andrew C Ivers

Why not tell the truth about why Mr. Ivers was fired? Why not tell through about Lawsuits because of Mr. Ivers? Why hide the truth?

Is a BSEE worth getting?

While I found myself enthralled with developing a new flux capacitor. And, while conducting research I stumbled across an interesting YouTube video. I'm not sure what it means - but this could change everything. And, I mean EVERYTHING. Here is that... read more

L3 is is making cuts at St Petersburg

According to this article, 67 jobs will be cut at St. Petersburg. The company filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification to the state this week. The company stated that the jobs are being cut from late of December until May 2019. It looks... read more

L3 Waco, good & bad

Sitting there in your cubicle, in your own "protected" space will not last for long. There is life outside those cameras, badge swipes. There are workers that deserve a wake up call. There are workers, (need to call them easy money), that needs a... read more

L3 Layoffs 2019

This thread is for info about potential L3 Layoffs in 2019 or any other relevant information?

Many overpaid nonproductive workers

I really enjoyed working at L3, even through all the c-ap. But, as usual the workers get let go and the slackers are still there. I busted my butt for that place, but because I wasn't buddy buddy with my boss, I got laid off. There are so just so... read more

The writing is on the walls!

In October of 2011, ITT spun off its defense businesses into a company named Exelis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Exelis was acquired by the Harris Corporation for $4.75 billion in 2015... read more

Corporate Math is easy to understand, Right?

Corporate math has always been confusing to the layman. After all 54% plus 46% has always equaled 100%. And that’s considered equal, right? Well if you’re a graduate of Harvard’s prestigious school of business, or Wharton’s School of Business it... read more

L3/Harris Merger

What's your prediction? Any takers? Is the merger going to happen within next two months?

Well $h!t



CSW I feel real safe working near power machines. Safety team is all Barbie dolls.

Management shuffle: done. Our turn?

So, we have a new president of comms, don’t know if this is the third or the fourth change in high management at L3 this year, but it doesn’t really matter cause Kubasik stated he’s done: Kubasik spoke to Defense News ahead of the announcement... read more

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