Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Getting Poorer Every Year

So CPI is 6.something percent, real inflation is around 18.something percent. L3H is probably giving out the usual 0-3.something percent raise. Bottom line: Stay at L3H and get poorer. L3H doesn't give a sh$%.

I'm disappointed

I know that some things are out of control and that management cannot influence some circumstances. Still, I think they could have prevented or slowed down the downfall of this company, if only they really wanted to?

Vax Mandate Still On?

A federal judge set an injunction on the vax mandate for federal contractors nationwide. That doesn't mean employers can't choose to keep policies in place that require it though. L3H hasn't commented on it yet. Any insight on whether the Jan 4... —  read more 

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Thanks for the reminders!

I love to visit this page every now and then to pat myself on the back knowing I made the right decision to leave for greener pastures. Northrup is always hiring people and it's night and day how you are treated and paid. It's astonishing l3 is still... —  read more 

Santa's HR List...

SANTA'S LIST FOR HR THIS HOLIDAY SEASON: "Things Your Boss Can't Legally Do" Ask prohibited questions on job applications Require employees to sign broad non-compete agreements Forbid you from discussing your salary with co-workers ... —  read more 

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Setting unachievable targets

Maybe it has to to do with me because I have less and less motivation and therefore I might be underachieving, but in addition to that, I also have to say that this company is constantly setting unrealistic goals. What do you think?

How to succeed at L3

Don't bother and try to work hard. What you need to do is praise your manager every day, make sure to tell him that his every idea is fantastic, gossip about the rest of your coworkers (but make sure to skip his favorites!), and other brownnosing... —  read more 

Return to Facilities

Return to facilities email went out, waiting on local guidance. If full time work from home is no longer permitted, all those with accommodations will have to test weekly. Even if they only have to come in one day a week. And the Jan 4... —  read more 

Dec 8th or Jan 4th??

Does anyone know if the last day to be vaccinated will be moved to Jan 4th or will they just stick with Dec 8th? Also, for those not complying (true non-compliance - getting an accommodation is still compliance), are you letting your supervisor know... —  read more 


I feel sorry for all those who are considering getting a job here, as well as those who think they can’t get a better opportunity and stay here because of that. If I had left on time, I could have achieved much more by now. Since I’m leaving soon... —  read more 

Hiring freeze

So no hiring until the end of the year. Emails came out on Tuesday. Saying it is related to reduced revenue from recent divestitures. Doesn't make sense. Hearing colleagues in Mission Networks are getting 'asked' to do mandatory over time. ... —  read more 

What did it take?

I try to do as much as I can to proactively develop new skills - especially outside of work. I’ve met the personal goals I’ve developed while trying not to let the work environment hold me back. I enjoy the work, I do, but I’m at a point now where I... —  read more 


They've been awfully quiet on the jab mandate requiremenets and how they will affect employees (deadline, exemptions, who can test out, union bargaining, etc). I would think we would need our first shot by mid-October to be compliant in time. Anyone... —  read more 


over time, L3Harris will lose the most productive employees due to well-below earned annual pay raises. Great producing employee 3.2% Slacker 1.9% It's a shame. Final result...60+ yr old sub-par employee base waiting for 65.

Crows come to roost

I dream of the day companies like L3H go under Congressional oversight and justice is brought for their corruption and misleading to the American public. Defense contractors like L3H are nothing more then a giant leech sucking the blood of the... —  read more 

A time of mediocrity

How did it come about that today in this company it is better for mediocrities than for people who are experts at their work? It seems to me that it used to be much harder to get a job here in the past.

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