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CSE needs to close

Where to begin, tis the season for the hypocrisy. The 2018 ethics calender is coming out or what I like to call, the trash can liner. BD is at it again, having their 4th offsite meeting this week. Oh I should mention that they are going to a hockey... read more

Im so poor

OMG ! L3 Panhandling on Waco Drive. They are going to put a blue kettle next to salvation army in front of w--mart so make sure and drop your change in there

Thell take your money

1.2 mill from the city of waco so they can make the payroll for three months...go ahead waco throw your money away it will only keep waco running 3 months or they want to fix it up for the new buyers.

Facilities meeting CSW SLC

Funny how there was awkward silence today when the question was asked, "How are things going since we've reorganized"?

L3 stock upgraded - what you really need to know

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/l-3-technologies-upgraded-know-170407130.html Excerpts from this article below... When a stock suddenly cuts its guidance for sales and earnings, raised price targets and analyst upgrades are not the reactions you'd... read more
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L-3 Waco

Have been away from L-3 Waco for several months. Want to have info on how bad the commercial side is failing. Progress failure on the T1 program

New Boss for Communication Systems

I see that there is a new sheriff in town at the Communications Systems Segment (no inside info here, its on the web site). Will his first order of business be some kind of reorg? The former NSS was reorganized out of existence (at least within L3)... read more

Never understood the need for a union, until...

Never understood the need for a union until the imbeciles from Greenville took over. Their incompetence resulted in managing the company by bullying, badgering, finger pointing, throwing any and all under the bus to try and save their own a--, and so... read more

Vertex sale

Curious that Crestview and TCS are not mentioned in the Vertex sale. Anyone got any scoop?

Waco Listen............

· Organize a union to negotiate with your employer your wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment. · Form, join or assist a union. · Bargain collectively through representatives of employees’ own choosing for a contract with your... read more

CSE Layoffs

22 notified so far. engineers. the 10 minute box treatment

Waco Laid Off Employee Christmas Party

Trying to put together a Christmas Party for the employees that were reduced since 2013 at Waco. (about over 1,000 + employees not sure who is still in the area) Contacted a few former employees on facebook, seems there is a lot of interest in... read more
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Vertex is just the start

I currently have worked for Waco for 14 years, lets look back at just the last 4 years of layoffs at Waco, the plan had to be to close the operations and to do it in a way not to trigger WARN. Tiggering WARN is bad for the stock price, laying off in... read more

Kubasik on the Aerospace Systems Segment

from the recent investor's conference: "In aerospace, during the third quarter, we organizationally combined the Greenville and Waco operations, and headcount has been reduced by over 700 people. Additionally, we recently concluded a strategic review... read more

L3 SDS in St. Pete

Well, since I got laid off. I guess the non disclosure means nothing. There is a new President and he plans to clean house. I know my time was coming, it was to be expected. This new president plans on making big changes to save the SDS division... read more

Positive Thinking

So does it serve any purpose to be negative on this site? If you have been laid off you need to go through the process of Mad-Sad-Glad process and move on, no one will listen to your rants, the company has moved on. Work with LHH and network to move... read more

L3 Layoffs 2018

How many times will our folks trust executives, there will be layoffs do not trust them, especially if you are in NYC.


Hey Waco....... there is a reason why were called Greenville $$$$$$$$$$$$ get the hint

CSE rif

Rumors in the hall that 30 are getting the axe.

Still nothing at CSW

Still nothing to do here. How long can they keep paying people to do nothing. Layoffs seem eminent.

L3 PID Waco - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good: There is none. The Bad: There is plenty. The Ugly: With so many layoffs, it is obvious MID wants PID reduced to a trickle; just enough folks to maintain the current obligations to completion. Is there actually any new work scheduled to... read more

Let's clean house at L3

MV's team needs to be reviewed and a decision made on their judgement for making decesions, (caustic environment where making a decision could cost you your job so don't make a decision) NYC has to see they have a bigger issue than just some small... read more

L-3 leadership need an overhaul

L-3 is leadership, how to describe it? It's like everyone is a captain and this is a sinking ship. Instead of the sailors making calls to save the ship the are taking all the life rafts and saving themselves. There is no love for the company because... read more

Vicious cycle of incompetence

Sales is the first step in this viscous cycle of failures. You can not sell a plane for 2/3 the cost, tell the customer that it will be complete in an unattainable time frame with half the manpower. God help you if you need engineering support... read more

Sept Layoffs-first wave

Layoffs yesterday at Greenville, Waco, and Rockwall. Rockwall layoff choices made by vp and hr manager who know nothing about the organization. Slippery slope. The sliding has just begun. Expect ice in January.

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