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Job postings

With all the continuous layoffs taking place, why in the world are there so many job postings for L3 available? Just go and do a simple search on linkedin or indeed and you will get dozens of results, some of them not even a day old. Can somebody... read more

More production layoffs at L3

I have now seen several people on here mention more production layoffs that are supposedly about to take place at L3. I have been trying to find more information on it, but have not had any luck so far. Any chance somebody here can provide more info... read more

L-3 Waco

Hand out another volunteer letter....you will get plenty!

L3 AS Layoffs

Layoffs at AS got you down? Fix your layoff woes with the Naked Egg Bacon Taco from Taco Bell. They're delicious, nutritious, filling, and cheap!

L3 shipbuilders

Just read L3 wants to get in the ship building business. Looks like they're looking for a shipyard to buy

Vertex Sold

Sold to American Industrial Partners for $540MM cash. This includes Crestview and TCS. Discuss

Failure of CSW top management

When top management holds a layoff, it makes them feel they are taking a "bold" step. In CSW's case it is the result of a need to chase the numbers allocated from Corporate, often arbitrarily assigned. L3's market (top line funding for military) has... read more
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so layoffs happened. Pres says 90 or so. he also says its to redefine our business- a sound strategy. He says we are moving to more engineering and less manufacturing, so laying off manufacturing hiring engineering. this is supposed to cut costs for... read more

L3 is KNOWN for layoffs

Look, I have worked for big companies in the past and currently work for a company that has 4000+ employees. The only time when I witnessed completely justified layoffs was during 2008-2010. Have any of you any idea how many rounds of layoffs L3 has... read more

Nobody wants this to happen

It’s unfortunate for those who were displaced from work as well as the leaders who had to endure the difficult process of letting good people go. Unfortunately companies must balance costly resources with demand to stay healthy. Nobody wants this to... read more

Csw layoff

Does L3 realize the emotional toll their policies have on families? As the spouse of smn who works for L3, it's been an emotional 10 yrs. Praying and hoping that no other person has to go through this. The hundreds of people you so casually lay off... read more

L3 Greenville Shutdown

I was just informed that L3 in Greenville will soon be shutdown. I don't work for them, but my employer plans to recruit them heavily since we need employees with their skill sets. Can anybody who actually works there confirm this rumor?
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Happy Friday the 13!

Great news L3 Waco! Heard that Boeing purchasing us is in the works. With that will come the PAR program and bits of P8. Just need to trim some of the dead weight that is sand bagging us.

I want out

I'm desperate to leave L3, but I don't want to leave if there will be major layoffs soon and I end up losing out on a severance package. Do we have any indication on when the next round is planned for? Will there even be a larger round any time soon... read more

L3 Waco RIF

I have it on good authority that a RIF will be occurring tomorrow and Friday.


....NOT. As the Spring fights off Winter's last gasp here in the great NE, I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how CS-E gave every man, woman, child and parent, first responder, and emergency personnel the shaft in their ironically... read more

CSW This week

Rumor has it that the lists are finally done and the axe will fall this Thursday, anyone with a pda of 2.5 or less is expendable. No raises for less than 3 this year.


All this talk of layoffs yet the geniuses in facilities promote an admin to a supervisor over 2???

Severance offered to some at L3 Madison, MS

Severance packages are currently being offered to some employees at the L3 facility in Madison, MS. All temp employees that were part of the Army C12 program were dismissed today. Rumor is all temps will be dismissed then permanent employee layoffs... read more

Layoffs are coming

There were no layoffs as of yet, but they are coming from what I've heard. The latest number I heard was around 250, possibly operations and quality areas. There is no time-frame that I have heard. New president needs to meet what the last president... read more


Has anyone else at csw heard the rumors about layoffs Tomorrow? I heard them from people through out the plant all day. Just wondering if anyone heard anything from a reliable source.

Waco Facility Employment

Waco Tribune says 1,300 employees this week, what year was this 2015? Tribune check out your sources and look at the parking lot, more like 800 and not your largest industrial employer in Waco, wake up.

L3 Expanding in Arlington

Massive New York company plans to double its Arlington facility, hire 200 this year https://www-bizjournals-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2018/01/31/l3-technologies-link-training-simulation-arlington.amp.html

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the memo

http://www.pionline.com/article/20180129/ONLINE/180129868/l3-technologies-to-freeze-pension-plans Is there a bonus wrapped up in here somewhere? Is this what we get out of the passage of the new tax legislation?

Q4 Earnings Report

Aerospace Systems: The segment recorded net sales of 727 million in the quarter, down annually by $1 million. The downside was attributed to lower volume for large ISR aircraft systems for foreign military customers. While operating income increased... read more


A whopping $200.00 before taxes. AT&T..Wal Mart..Home Depot..giving their employee's $1000.00 checks. Where's Guy Fawkes when we need him ?
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Ghost from the Past

As a former employee of Waco, it sad to see there are more layoffs. It shows that you still have the poor, stupid management running the place. Good people were let go and some who should have been fired in the first place were let go too late. What... read more

L3 Business Plan

See profitable company. Buy profitable company. Run off the people that made the profitable company. S--- the profits out of the profitable company. Choke the once profitable company with corporate mandates. Demand the once profitable company buy... read more


Is DC still in Waco? How long before he completely runs it into ground?

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