Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Going nowhere

In which direction is this company going? I can't even imagine where L3H will end up in the future. I think that it is getting worse every day and that the company is sinking unstoppably. I wish that was not the case, but it seems to me that there is... —  read more 

An exodus of talent

I’ve noticed a few people have left since January. They all showed talent and I was sorry to see them leave. Not sure if it’s a trend, but it seems that talented individuals remain only a short time before they start looking for better opportunities... —  read more 

This place is doomed

I have never in my life worked for a more unprofessional and incompetent bunch of people than here. They keep making the wrong decisions, there is no accountability for bad results, morale is hitting an all-time low and nobody seems to care...and... —  read more 

Vaccine Passport

If you want to be in the building without a mask on you have to have a green card corporate will mail you if you indicate in your daily health screening you have received the full doses of vaccine.

Can't be trusted

After many years of employment, I no longer feel I can take a day off for illness, let alone other factors without repercussions. They've destroyed our benefits, and honestly way of life. They no longer provide fair wages, and they treated us like... —  read more 

Can someone help me?

So I have an issue that needs to be resolved and I’m looking for some feedback before deciding on which course of action to take. Has anyone gone to HR with a problem and had it resolved with no retaliation involved? Has anyone called the Ethics... —  read more 

Pay Correction

We losing people constantly, typically to higher paying competitors. We received word that a new hire was brought on at A level, making as much as a C level. They gutted our insurance. They took away our flexibility. I've personally had managers tell... —  read more 

Problem is cheap vendors?

It's not even so much about rates. I saw plenty of customers willing and able to pay top dollar for their orders. The problem is that they were not getting what they paid for after a full year of waiting in many cases. They were literally line – down... —  read more 

What's keeping you here?

I think it's fair to say that the majority of employees are not happy at L3H. I'm not among them, I actually like my job. I don't like the constant fear of layoffs, but other than that I'm satisfied with where I am. If I wasn't, I'd already be out of... —  read more 

Cr---y company

I have never worked for a worse company. They treat their employees like cr–p. If you aren't part of the club people can bully you, steal from you, and even sc––w up your clearance. They pay for your education and look at you like you're crazy when... —  read more 

Unemployment Scams

It seems that with all the security measures and training that L3Harris is being hit by unemployment scammers. HR was aware of this but did nothing about it until people started to complain about it. Watch out as they probably have your social... —  read more 

Stockholm Syndrome

When I first started here I definitely had it. I ignored all the red flags and dismissed my colleagues complaints and advice to run. As time went on, I was able to finally start seeing clearly and now that I'm at a smaller company as far as net... —  read more 

Fake News?

L3Harris Technologies Named Among FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For • Acknowledges companies who have created an exemplary work environment • Recognizes L3Harris’ employee-centric, high-performance culture • Follows being named to... —  read more 

Reduced criteria?

When I came to this company, it was not so easy to pass an interview and get a job. I know a lot of great people who failed to get a job here. What happened in the meantime, did the company really lower the criteria that much? Don't get me wrong, I’m... —  read more 

Bad reference

I am preparing to leave this company. Someone’s post reminded me of a story I heard about HR giving a bad reference to an employee that wasn’t accurate and fair at all. Honestly, I’m afraid this could happen to me too, knowing how our HR works. Does... —  read more 

Social media

Anyone check out the companies or the CEOs social media accounts like IG or Linkedin? Lol go get a load of the PC woke nonsense they're trying to emanate to draw "new talent" to such a prestigious workplace lmao. Would be a real shame if many of... —  read more 

Anyone else being held back?

I'm wondering if it's just a coincidence that every single time I have an interview and list L3H as a former employer that shortly afterwards it's crickets from these companies... am I being blacklisted? I've never been someone that trusted Human... —  read more 

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Enemy of the people

"In January 2015, Wired Magazine ranked Harris Corporation—tied with U.S. Marshals Service—as the number two threat to privacy and communications on the Internet." Anything to make a buck I guess...

Defense welfare?

Word is the contracts we are getting are nothing more than defense welfare just so the company can be around for a few more years to service the aging and failing equipment we have in the field. Almost all the actual engineering and manufacturing for... —  read more 

Where to go from here?

I am tired of constantly being unhappy at work. I know many people would say being employed should be enough but I remember a time when I used to come to work with a smile on my face. That hasn’t been true for a long time now and I’m determined to... —  read more 

Don’t repeat my mistake

It’s widely known what the reputation of L3 / L3Harris is. I didn’t know this until I left the company, but quickly heard a lot of comments from hiring managers and recruiters. **Be very aware that they specifically tell the HR Department not to... —  read more 

Bad company

I’ve read a few posts here written by former employees who are only now seeing how bad L3’s reputation is among companies in the same industry. I’m on the verge of quitting and I’m wondering if L3 looks bad on resume so it’s harder to get a new job... —  read more 

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