Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at L3Harris Technologies

ISR - Soon to be sold

If anyone in politics wants to know the truth on how management has failed the warfighter and squandered government funds, launch an investigation. Start in Texas. Specifically, inquire into those that have filed ethics complaints and then magically... — read more 

IMS Layoffs

While IMS continues to restructure business and tries to save face with their dwindling backlog and poor management, they keep adding more overhead to the Sector and Segment pools while RIFing their talent at the division levels and slashing... — read more 

Rochester layoffs

Seems this week, an unknown number of newer employees are getting laid off. Personally witnessed what I believed to be layoffs, then experienced it personally. Personally I am almost glad I am being made to work somewhere else. Their 9/8 schedule and... — read more 

Layoffs info

L3HARRIS in Clifton New Jersey will be reducing its managerial workforce by over 30 people in February. Those directly involved in touch labor such as manufacturing unionized assemblers and testers will not be affected. Union leadership was not... — read more 

PSPC Lynchburg

There were some layoffs in PSPC in Lynchburg, VA last week. The few names I heard were all age 50+ managers so they got their bang for the buck. They were not poor performers either.

Restructuring announced.

"In recent news, L3Harris Technologies, a prominent global technology company, has announced its plans for a significant restructuring initiative that will impact its work force. This move, set to take place in 2023, will involve a series of layoffs... — read more 

Carlsbad is done today.

180+, did our exit interviews, turned in our badges and computers. Surreal day after 6 years. In all fairness, they were quite generous in their severance package and retention bonuses. Too old to hire, too young to retire. Best to you all. Will miss... — read more 

Layoffs starting

L3H planning large layoff - engineers, fellows, BD. Already started in August with overhead functions (recruiters, hr, etc.) New rocket business is causing cash flow issues - with orders down, CEO is trying to influence stock prices. When direct... — read more 

Came and went, again

Was told by managers and all level types, Friday was the day we were getting our 60-day notices in Carlsbad. Again, came and went. Rumors and drama are excessive..

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How much work has Greenville lost? Is it normal for one site to look to another site to take over programs? It seems a little more than a typical “work share”

Carlsbad facility

Was told this week that we would be given a timeline as to when layoffs would start, and it would be done in three waves. . Hoping this to be true. A lot of frustration on the manufacturing floor as many who are supposed to be getting a decent... — read more 

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