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Positive Thinking

So does it serve any purpose to be negative on this site? If you have been laid off you need to go through the process of Mad-Sad-Glad process and move on, no one will listen to your rants, the company has moved on. Work with LHH and network to move... read more

L3 Layoffs 2018

How many times will our folks trust executives, there will be layoffs do not trust them, especially if you are in NYC.


Hey Waco....... there is a reason why were called Greenville $$$$$$$$$$$$ get the hint

CSE rif

Rumors in the hall that 30 are getting the axe.

Still nothing at CSW

Still nothing to do here. How long can they keep paying people to do nothing. Layoffs seem eminent.

L3 PID Waco - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good: There is none. The Bad: There is plenty. The Ugly: With so many layoffs, it is obvious MID wants PID reduced to a trickle; just enough folks to maintain the current obligations to completion. Is there actually any new work scheduled to... read more

Let's clean house at L3

MV's team needs to be reviewed and a decision made on their judgement for making decesions, (caustic environment where making a decision could cost you your job so don't make a decision) NYC has to see they have a bigger issue than just some small... read more

L-3 leadership need an overhaul

L-3 is leadership, how to describe it? It's like everyone is a captain and this is a sinking ship. Instead of the sailors making calls to save the ship the are taking all the life rafts and saving themselves. There is no love for the company because... read more

Vicious cycle of incompetence

Sales is the first step in this viscous cycle of failures. You can not sell a plane for 2/3 the cost, tell the customer that it will be complete in an unattainable time frame with half the manpower. God help you if you need engineering support... read more

Sept Layoffs-first wave

Layoffs yesterday at Greenville, Waco, and Rockwall. Rockwall layoff choices made by vp and hr manager who know nothing about the organization. Slippery slope. The sliding has just begun. Expect ice in January.

September 22

Numbers I heard were: Goal of 300 Voluntary 100-150 Making Rif 150-200 Posted by @PlE4zZk-2kjg in another thread, wondering if there is any truth to this? My husband is at work, but from what I've heard, nothing is happening currently. Good luck to... read more

Continuous layoffs

Is it just me or have a bunch of people been laid off a few at the time from different locations as we sit here and wait for the next round? It looks like L3 figured out a way to avoid bad publicity that comes with mass layoffs. It's perfect for... read more

Ethics or common sense

Here is the Exercise A VP of lets say Commercial volunteers for a rif, and gets rif'd, the next week while collecting L3 severance also is hired back under the contracting firm and gets paid, so who is he related to or what pictures does he have of... read more

recent waco layoff of RF

why does L3 Waco think its fine to layoff one person from hr & then immediately go behind backs to "transfer" another employee from crestview who is doing the same job? there are things going on behind the scene that employees should question. i hope... read more

Contract job

So I got a job offer for L3 but it's a contract offer, the thing that scares me is that I don't want to be out of a job once the contract is up. How likely is it that they'll keep me after my contract is up?

Dumb and Dumber

Why hasn't anyone in corporate come to Waco and cleaned house? It doesn't take a masters, hell, an associates degree to see what's wrong in Waco. There are two floors of dead weight that needs to go. Burn rate is useless without completion. There is... read more

Management at L3 is a disgrace

The management is a disgrace. They laid off some of the management and then rehired them when the coast was clear. It is the GOB out there, all I can say is stay clear. L3 walked one VP out the door (which he should have been fired in the first... read more

multi discipline assembler 007

sad crying valley...poor management...too much stress and drama for nothing... Londonderry NH.Building 2 BSM.....MRDS...
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Will never improve as long as the Greenville cull non-leaders are still in place. Plus the other culls that have remained JMR and DH among others with the cronies they have put in place. None have any idea what team building is. They manage by... read more

Voluntary layoffs at L3

The voluntary layoff was a great thing if you had a chance to apply. I know of a couple of design managers, including me, that got walked out the week of, with no severance because of "new issues" found on a different aircraft than the one we were... read more

Management is responsible for L3's downfall

I Have been busting my a-- for over 19 years for this company and Raytheon. The Raytheon days were alot better. I will say this, until they get a management team in house, that understands and knows how to run the business of a true VVIP completion... read more

L-3 technologies Oceanside

Hi I work for l-3 let me tell you my story a company who strives for excellence , quality, meeting deadlines ,and a strong work ethic yeah f---en right .These gentelmen will tell you one thing and turn around and stab you in the back .Why you ask... read more

Help L3 be better

I feel it is important to state facts and not assumptions when addressing the situation with leadership. If you want resolution, complaining about microwaves and ice makers will not get you there. I suggest you take a good hard look starting with... read more

Offer details

It is one week per year of service up to 26 weeks plus 2 weeks in lieu of notice. Plus 20 percent. Plus they keep paying their part of our medical, dental and vision for the length of our severance. Plus if you have already overdrawn on your PTO... read more

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