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WHAT? They stopped cleaning!

They stopped cleaning the empty cubicles all over the building. How is That possible? Why would they do that? Now all the dust and debris that accumulates on a daily basis is just going to start blowing into occupied cubicles. Plus all the germs... —  read more 


When are promotions going to happen this year? I was submitted for one a couple months ago but haven't heard anything. I don't want to skip the chain of command with my manager, but she "hasn't heard anything" about my promotion. I wonder if... —  read more 

SDS getting sold to Leidos

Security & Detection Systems and MacDonald Humphrey Automation are getting sold to Leidos. Press release below. The first divestment of the year. Hopefully Leidos doesn't make too many cuts, they also make and sell detection systems. I have a... —  read more 

Anyone Get Their 401K Catch-Up Match Yet ?

In 2018, the L3 catch-up match got posted to Fidelity accts every payday. 2019, they decided to "make it better," for them, I guess, and not post the entire year's catch-up match until Jan 2020. Still haven't gotten it. Now they're saying, "well... —  read more 

Insider Trading

Bill Brown sold quite a bit of his portion of LHX stock recently: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/lhx/insider-activity

No FARA for Waco?

Since Waco did not win the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) award, what else is in the pipeline? How are they keeping their doors open? What's in the pipeline for Greenville to replace the two big awards they weren't selected? What's in... —  read more 

We are "essential"

According to an email from our division president, to our customer's programs. By that reasoning, no businesses should close, small or large, because the CUSTOMERS are essential for the success of the business, and businesses are essential for other... —  read more 

Val Snyder update?

Any update on the current status of the great Valjean Snyder? Still at CS-West? Kicked upstairs? Given some lofty title at Corporate?

NYC WARN notice

Anyone know what this is about? Is this the old L3 corporate office? https://labor.ny.gov/app/warn/details.asp?id=7111


I got my raise! It was 3.05%. Anybody else care to share?

Share purchase

Wouldn’t this be a great time to announce a massive share repurchase.

Brashear shutting down

All positions to be eliminated and line moved to Mason. Not sure where it will be shoehorned in as we are already out of floor space.

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Applying for internal positions

Do you know if internal L3Harris job posting system will inform your boss if you apply for an internal position at another L3Harris location? Thanks.


When are we supposed to hear about our "raises" and/or "promotions" at CSW? Any word on how big/small they will be?

Paying vendors 120 days

L3Harris a multi billion company is paying their vendors @ 120 days after invoice due date. Needless to say vendors are very arngry. Sometimes my dept spends more time trying to get accounts payable to respond to requests for payment.

Salary ranges

Still waiting for the info that ties the career framework to salary ranges. I dont really care what my job title is, but I do care how much I am going to get paid now and in the future. Has anyone heard anything about salary ranges yet?

L3 Layoffs 2019

This thread is for info about potential L3 Layoffs in 2019 or any other relevant information?

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The Ten Per Cent Solution

After inking Leidos deal [to buy $1 billion of UK based assets from LHX), L3Harris details plans to divest up to 10% of balance sheet [The CEO] has signaled before that more divestitures would be on the horizon, but the revenue figure detailed... —  read more 

CSW being sold off?

heard a rumor last week that CSW was going to be divested (AKA closed, sold off, or moved/ consollidated) by being sold. each time we get a new CFO we get layoffs pension cuts/ removal and silly placation. Our Fearless leader was in big trouble... —  read more 

CSW job openings

The CSW career page only shows 1 job posting. Does that mean they are getting ready to close or sell the location? Asking for a friend.

Bain Drain

Has anyone noticed many if not all engineers from what was previously L3 have either been retiring or finding new positions within industry? It seems everyone is fleeing L3Harris similar to the end of SpaceBalls, a popular 1987 film.....

Lay me off already!

I want out of this mess. The only reason I'm still here is because I'm waiting for severance.

Sick time

Anyone else being told the exempt sick time limit is 40 hours? We are being told we only get 40 hours per year which is not how the policy reads.

divestitures are coming


No one was invited...

I guess we were to busy surfing at the beach to learn the corporation was holding a running thing https://www.melbourneflorida.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/23609/1452?fbclid=IwAR1kkgrp7B1kGGX_B2T7sG_iN9w1Y0wDXzaikKj-u_2r25HyuwEkhc3fKV8

Happy New Year 2020

Will the long-awaited sales/divestitures take place shortly after January 1st? The L3Harris fiscal year is July to June so maybe the moves will happen in the first half of the year. The other question is what else can they do to squeeze a few more... —  read more 

Former L3 LaPenta cofoundet

According to Aviation week teamed with John Mega, former CSW President, and others to LGL Systems Acqusition. $1B to $350m business acquisitions being targeted. Seems to me similar to how L3 got its start

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All the good posts seem to disappear. The post about the bonus was just getting interesting.


Went by to grab my ipod, the signs were covered, and the main gate was locked. Maybe just a holiday thing for the gate but why cover the signs up?

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