Topics regarding layoffs at Lenovo

Topics regarding layoffs at Lenovo

Time to get out

Get Out Now: 7 Signs of Bad Business Leadership 1- The Use of Fear-Based Tactics. ... 2- A Variety of Communication Missteps. ... 3- Interoffice Politics and a Divided Team. ... 4- Next-to-Nothing Results. ... 5- Morale is Low. ... 6- There Is... —  read more 

Having Lenovo on resume

What are your experiences with looking for a new job and Lenovo on resumes? I've heard from a lot of people that it's not very commendable, or a big plus to have Lenovo on one's resume. I'm just starting to look for a new job and for now and I don't... —  read more 

Proud to work here?

This is no longer the same company I started working for. I get paid well and I am personally satisfied as far as that is concerned, but good pay doesn’t necessarily equal a happy employee. I used to be really proud when I got a job here and when I... —  read more 

PCG Layoffs, Aug 2020

After 5 years of service Lenovo decided to randomly cut me loose and layoff about 12% of it's Salesforce in NA. Both Field and ISR's were affected and I believe it's across every segment. totally blindsided after the company had an all-time year in... —  read more 

New fiscal year

Do you expect Lenovo to surpass the best performance in history it achieved in the previous fiscal year? What do you expect in the field of innovative products and solutions, will there be more? Can progress in smart transformation be even greater?... —  read more 

DCG the most toxic place

I have never seen more toxic leaders in one place. It is disappointing as there is such great talent that really believes in the mission, but weekly more and more of those individuals are leaving. You have a culture where it is me first. Who cares... —  read more 

Who are the favored ones?

In my over 10 years at Lenovo, I have noticed two types of employees that the management (former IBM employees who are now managers, directors, and executive directors at Lenovo) tend to favor: # 1 other former IBM employees and their families AND #... —  read more 

I hate not knowing

I hate being made aware that layoffs are coming but not knowing anything else about what's going to happen. So now I have to worry over the when, how many, and who for who knows how long. I truly wish they'd just drop layoffs on us instead of doing... —  read more 

This can't be a surprise

If layoffs at Lenovo come as a surprise to you, then it's your own fault. Everybody should know by now that layoffs are simply a fact of life here. The best thing you can do is be prepared all the time. Keep your resume updated and make sure you're... —  read more 

The point of a blacklist?

I've been visiting this forum for a while but what finally made me post was the confession of a person who was put on the blacklist so that he could never work at Lenovo again. I’m thinking, who would want to be re-employed after learning about the... —  read more 

Productivity & Layoffs

I hear that the mgmt is tracking team member productivity and that we are more productive since we are working from home. Does anyone know how they are tracking productivity? Also, if they are truly tracking productivity - are they taking... —  read more 


I left because of the toxic work culture. In my experience, the environment is abusive and emotionally traumatizing. Even after leaving I still have trauma from dealing with the abuse. Some people are able to get away from any accountability while... —  read more 

More to come -

So, unfortunately, I have heard that more layoffs are to hit in April. When you get rid of the team that designs your SAP solutions you are no longer going to sell high-end 4 and 8 socket servers. Best of luck everyone and start planning your... —  read more 

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Something brewing in DCG?

People I haven't heard from in well over a year are all of a sudden reaching out like desperate lemmings. I have received at least 7 connection requests in the last couple of days since the weekend on LI. People not willing to assist when laid off... —  read more 

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