Topics regarding layoffs at Lenovo

Topics regarding layoffs at Lenovo

I'm losing motivation

It's hard to stay motivated with all the things that have been happening lately. It's not just the layoffs, but that's certainly part of it. The culture shift, political plays, and the lack of career progression are among the main issues that are... —  read more 

Long-term strategy

There are growing expectations from employees at Lenovo. Employees must always meet their goals. But what about the company? Does it seem to me or does this company have no clear long term strategy with clearly defined ways to achieve its future... —  read more 

No vision

We used to know where this company was going, what the long-term goals were, how to achieve those goals, etc. Does leadership now seem to you as if they have completely lost their direction? Nobody cares what will happen to this company in 10... —  read more 

Time to get out

Get Out Now: 7 Signs of Bad Business Leadership 1- The Use of Fear-Based Tactics. ... 2- A Variety of Communication Missteps. ... 3- Interoffice Politics and a Divided Team. ... 4- Next-to-Nothing Results. ... 5- Morale is Low. ... 6- There Is... —  read more 

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