Topics regarding layoffs at Lincoln Technical Institute

Topics regarding layoffs at Lincoln Technical Institute

Education Department shouldn’t have OK’d federal aid for 5 for-profits on Sweet v. Cardona list, advocacy group says

"The report singles out the department’s decision to approve PPAs for five for-profit colleges: Gwinnett College, La’ James International College, Lincoln College of Technology, Pittsburgh Career Institute and Southern Technical College. All the PPAs... —  read more 

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The List of Departures

Less than a year, the following left or was canned from Paramus Campus President. Director of Admissions. Director of Financial Aid, Director of Career Services, Director of Education. Director of Nursing. Assistant Director of Nursing, 3 clinical... —  read more 

One Down: One to Go

So the new DON at Paramus campus was finally ousted. Took them long enough. Probably because the new CP had supported her all the way then threw her under the bus when her own hyde was on the line. Here comes the apology tour. “I didn’t know” “we... —  read more 

Denver Campus

This campus is all about making money. How this campus hasn’t been called out by regulators is beyond me. They are taking students money. People leave because they see the BS behind the curtains

Lincoln Laying Off?

I watched 3 people get laid off in the past 2 weeks and were told it’s due to low enrollment, retention. And the word on the street is there will be more before end of year. My position is safe because I’m the only one in it, but it’s hard to see... —  read more 

Layoffs by 2023?

Has anyone heard anything about layoffs at their campuses by 2023? Our enrollments and overall population are down and there’s murmur going around that if we have under budget Fall starts, layoffs are bound to happen

Earnings call August 14

"Lincoln Educational Services Corporation (LINC) (“Lincoln”) announced today that it will host a conference call to discuss its second quarter financial results on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time. A news release outlining... —  read more 

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Lincoln's Institutional Loans?

Does anyone have information on Lincoln's institutional loans? Can you tell me what the interest rate is for these loans, and what the default rate is? "As of March 31, 2018, we had total outstanding loan commitments to our students of $52.6 million... —  read more 

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LINC continues to lose money

From the latest 8K: Lincoln Education continues to downsize after divesting from its healthcare segment. The company’s operations are now focused solely on the Transportation and Skilled Trades segment. The company anticipates completing the... —  read more 

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Lincoln Accreditor May Get Canned

The US Department of Education staffers are recommending that ACICS lose its accrediting power. Schools will have 18 months to find another accreditor if the recommendation is approved.

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Enrollment continues to slide

Enrollment continues to slide. Still losing money--which suggests more layoffs are needed.

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Extremely Ugly Balance Sheet

Year over year, LINC's balance sheet gets uglier. Fewer real assets and loading on debt. Along with the coming "gainful employment" regulations, and the stock price that looks like the end of a roller coaster ride, does anyone think they'll be... —  read more 

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Lincoln Tech and the Coronavirus

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Student X

How does this make you feel?

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Winning streak?

Lincoln Tech made money last quarter. Does the streak continue?

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More articles $6 Billion in Relief to Defrauded Students Signals Change Ahead More than 200,000 federal... —  read more 

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Hybrid Teaching Model?

How's the hybrid teaching model working for you folks? It certainly seems to help with the bottom line.

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Hiring freeze and layoffs

So my Campus just instituted a hiring freeze. How does corporate expect us to get all the work done? I get it, those who are left have to be stretched. But that doesn’t always work. And then they reprimand is for having to cut corners. Our... —  read more 

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LINC in Danger of Delisting

Lincoln Education is in danger of delisting. The stock price has been below $1 for several days. After 30 days, they are likely to get a "Notice of Delisting" warning. The balance sheet continues to look like a sea of red ink. Without a miracle... —  read more 

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