Topics regarding layoffs at LogMeIn

Topics regarding layoffs at LogMeIn

Lack of professional growth

I have been here for 3 years and have yet to be able to receive a promotion. I’ve been trying for what seems like ages to move up or even laterally just to be able to add to my skill set - but it doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t want to feel as if... —  read more 

LMI Aerospace Savannah

I was told by a trusted source that that the LMI Savannah location was to be closed permanently in August 2020 and the work moved to St.Charles Mo The site cant make revenue to pay tje lease and salaries

Layoffs this week?

Expect layoffs this week I found this in an old thread, but it was posted less than a day ago. Not sure if this is true or somebody is trolling, but if anybody knows more about this, can they please share it with us? Sadly, I'm inclined to... —  read more 

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