Topics regarding layoffs at Logan International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Logan International Inc.


Illegals worked here for decades known by the company until exposed to HR by a disgruntled employee whom was layed off. As for those still left working now, they belong there. Either they are excellent machinists or they are hard working good... — read more 

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Damn I Still Work Here !!!

Another layoff at Logan Oil Tool 51 employees let go last Thursday . They have hardly any work . There revenue has fell about 57% for the 3rd. quarter of 2015 vs. 3rd. quarter of 2014 . They share price is $1.45 a share in Canadian $ . So in U.S.$... — read more 

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The truth will set you free....

This company is screwed by it's own wrong ways. They have nothing but suck- asses left but the S.O.B plant manager Abel V. has a fat ass . The truth #1 . Kept his fat ass sleeping on the job no count dumd ass machine operator, not a machinist truth... — read more 

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Logan Oil Tool just had another round if layoffs . About 35 employees on 9-17-2015 . They have terminated 70 % of there hourly employees .

The company is on the death spiral they claim they were second largest oil fishing tool manufacture in the world . This was announced to new employee orientation . They rumor out after the most recent layoff next one in October before plant closing... — read more 

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