Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Hours cuts

Well Lowe’s, after twenty years, 15 as a full timer and 5 as a part timer, I’m moving on. The company, or maybe just my store has cut hours to maybe 4 a week. Some weeks zero. I’ve worked in every department, I get leads and credit cards. I... —  read more 

Good old times

Years ago we had realistic schedules that allowed us to take time off when we needed it. None of us were overworked because we were never expected to cover three or four positions at once due to a shortage of staffing. Most of us knew what we were... —  read more 

Here c-m layoffs

Here c-m layoffs, Here c-m layoffs Right down layoff lane. Melvin got pink slips for all us little Lowes pips And he hates us all the same. Melvin KNOWs we all cost him money and that makes his layoffs right. So stop yer work, for this heartless... —  read more 

Nothing to fall back on

For those of you who have an alternative or can quickly find a new offer, it is easy to make constant complaints. However, I don't have the luxury of simply getting a better offer, and I have nothing to fall back on if I lose this job. I know, I'm... —  read more 

Do they even know

They must know how we feel, right? You wouldn't even need to read this forum to sense the general atmosphere at Lowe's. Are Marvin and the rest really that blind to this situation or do they simply not care?

Christmas Card from Marvin

He can take his card and shove it. At least send us a 1 year membership for Jelly of the Month Club. As a corporate employee, i get those dang emails from Marvin about hourly associates getting additional bonuses and what do we get…. Nothing! Since... —  read more 


The Chipotle down the street from Lowe’s starting pay is $16.26 in California. That’s for cashier. I can’t imagine Lowe’s paying that for an entry position. I saw 5 people working in Chipotle. 2 cooks, 2 cashiers and I think a manager. In lowes... —  read more 

What a company!!!!!!!

8 weeks and counting. No unemployment and no disability. Not a penny!!! Everything is pending. They are quite adept at playing the game and that comes as no surprise. Big pay cut in February 2012 followed by a broken agreement in February of 2020... —  read more 

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