Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Lowe's reputation

Despite the fact that Lowe's is in panic that something that could damage the company's reputation will reach the media (this is my opinion), the reputation of this company has already been damaged a long time ago. Perhaps it would be better and... —  read more 

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Unionize Lowes

If 9 stores @ Starbucks can get unionized in Texas so easily then why is it so hard to do this at Lowes - it only takes one to get the message across that the managers from DM levels - including MST - MKTHRBP to the store manager are racist cronies... —  read more 


LTR in Receiving upgrades to auto processing. The foolish process of printing tally sheets and watching a lazy Back End Clerk process for HOURS has finally come to an end. All that time WASTED, inputting silly B/L numbers and endless “N/A”, it was... —  read more 

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One of the things that drives me nuts is how Lowes preaches safety 24/7 and yet they couldn't care less about fixing forklifts, Ballymores, or replacing broken ladders, racking and aisle blockers.

did done dirty

So, a week before going out on STD leave for hip surgery i get terminated. The regional HR guy had no clue of what happens with my existing STD claim. Called 1 HR Lowes and nobody at Sedgewick or shared services knew what happens next I guess it's... —  read more 

Lowes is bottom of the barrel

I mean c'mon maybe 10 yrs ago but now it's just a dead end job. When family or friends ask where I work I just say I'm unemployed and looking..know anybody hiring? Why suffer the embarrassment? WE CAN DO BETTER PEOPLE.

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What's likely to happen

Rumors that are likely to come true: Back end/receiving clerk deleted 3rd party flatbed Kitchen cabinet specialist deleted Reorganizing of management (Fewer ASMs, different departments covered). PSE deleted (Many stores have already deleted this... —  read more 

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Buh By Taco Bell Lady

Saw an email about changes at Corporate. Looks like Marissa is being given the chance at "Other Opportunities." Looks like what she was doing is easily being folded into the duties of another Corporate entity, who has been with Lowe's for quite a... —  read more 

Double Standards

I am a store manager and when the weather is bad, we are expected to drive specialty sales and installs. We are told by DM's that there are no excuses for missing plan. Then Marvin comes out and says we missed company sales due to a late spring?... —  read more 

read this melvin

"Starbucks has a problem," Rachel Demarest Gold, an employer-side attorney at Abrams Fensterman, LLP, told Yahoo Finance in a phone interview. "By the time a workforce gets to the point where it's in an election for union representation, the company... —  read more 


Is Sedgewick any good? I heard they are difficult to work with. I will be having surgery soon and i expect this process to be a mess. Any thoughts/advise?

Why we need to Unionize

We need a cost of living increase, real raises, better scheduling and more associates on the floor. For too long this company(especially under marvins "leadership") has pulled all of the resources out of the stores to either make the numbers look... —  read more 

Marvin and the Marvettes

District Managers are all a bunch of overpaid, arrogant bottom dwelling sewer rats. They bring absolutely nothing of value to the store. Nothing. So they should leave and get paid….nothing. You hear me, you are NOTHING! Leave! Get out of our store... —  read more 

Baltimore Mgmt is a joke

If you go in to any Lowe's around Baltimore, they are just a disaster. When you listen to the employees, if you can find one, all they do is b!tch and moan about how miserable they are. I do business all around Baltimore, but each store has the same... —  read more 


When will marvin realize he's a complete failure? All he can do is destroy. Was he ordered to do this? I've had enough. Burger King called me and wants to hire me as their condiments specialist starting at 33.06hr They are right across the street... —  read more 

Time off requests....

Been with Lowe's for about 3 years. New SM came in a year ago and for some reason all TOR never get looked at. Some sitting for months.... They won't even talk to you about it or reply to an email concerning TOR. What the he-l do they think? It's... —  read more 

Home Depot better?

I was just looking at the Home Depot section on this site. They have hardly any comments. Most of them aren’t frustrated as the ones on ours are. So what has Home Depot figured out to keep their people happy that Lowes hasn’t ? Does it just prove... —  read more 

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