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Corporate is anti customer service.

Wall Street and the investors must take notice. Marvin and Joe must be removed. Corporate says everything we do should revolve around customer service, but the changes and cuts they make prove otherwise. If Marv and Joe cared about the customers they... read more

Marvin is just more of the same

The company has been taking away perks year after year and Marvin is just more of the same. Problem is when you cut from a company that has already been gutted there is nothing left for workers to give. I get that Lowes need to be profitable. I get... read more

Veterans Discount Being Quietly Eliminated!

Confirmed: The phased elimination of the 10% Veterans Discount has begun. It’s now 5% off any item with a promo. Final step is total elimination! Get ready for some pi==ed off veterans. Another failed move by Ellison & company. You don’t make a big... read more

A Joyless Place to Work.

I have worked for Lowe’s for many years now and I have never seen morale this bad. In my store we are so under staffed it’s ridiculous. People keep quitting or disappearing without even bothering to give notice. We are all micromanaged to such a... read more

CEO bad at math. Sorry Marv

This week's CEO pod cast has Marv doing a Math lesson about gross margin. Only problem is his math is totally wrong. No wonder we are losing money. If you buy something for $5 and sell it for $7.50 thats a 33% gross margin not 50%. I wonder what... read more

Fired for not saying hello?

Lowe's "leaders"pretend to be a customer and sandbag as many random unsuspecting associates as available and if they donot say "hello" then they are summarily fired in the next few days.

Shopping experience

Went to buy a fan in Indiana store yesterday. Took 15 minutes to find the fans. The aisle labeled fans had no fans. They were one aisle over in an aisle without any similar items. Sign for that was grill parts. I asked the first employee available... read more

Who’s enjoying their MOD app!?

Let’s all take a moment to express our feelings on the latest effort by the corporate simpletons to micro manage all of us to death. Yes, we now have a new MOD app that can be used to monitor us all day long. So when you see your managers wandering... read more


Lowe’s has struck again! FPS position is being eliminated.

Merchandising Service Supervisors

Merchandising Service Supervisors are next to go. They are trying to get the In store merchandising employees to work off an app. It will all be coordinated from the MSM. Be prepared, writing is on the wall. Corporate communications don't even... read more

Last year of Pse as we know it...

I believe Lowes will turn Pse in Depot 2.0...why not when we have done that to everything else. Pse has been a very successful program, but hey why stop copying now Marv? Oh God Bless.

Lowes layoff site strangled to death.

Post anything truthful. Obvious or negative about policy and it’s going to get pulled. Post something inane and you’re all good. It’s like Lowes board has an internet maintenance committee.

Distribution network coming

it will all be o.k.when INNOVEL takes over their distribution. customer service will improve. sales will go up. everything up up up

New Motto: Do more with less

Marvin and co, the reason we underperform is due to lack of help in stores...and what help we have is overburdened with unreasonable tasks and jobs expectations. But hey, do more with less is your motto.


Where everything takes 5 minutes and they stick all the leaders that have no clue what they are doing. This program has more bullc-ap involved in it now than ever. Scan this barcode, scan scan scan. How about downstock and make sure bays are full and... read more

What a Disaster

Former Texan ASM here, laid off in January 2017. I went to my old Lowe’s to pick up some small maintenance items for my home near closing on Friday evening. I Was absolutely shocked in the poor condition this store was in. There was freight left... read more

New Lowe’s Board Members Elected

Like this guy. This description is form his own online biography (modest man) Mr. Batchelder is a revered activist investor. He co-founded Relational Investors with Ralph Whitworth in 1996, and the company now manages over $6.5 billion for some of... read more
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Deleted messages

Saw people complaining about messages getting deleted here, so got interested to find out how and why. Found this thread on another board (seems the Ford guys here were wandering the same here @ZaqhPPO ), these two posts sum it up pretty well: I've... read more

How things have changed...

A few years ago, putting on the red vest you knew you worked harder but we’re paid more than most other retailers. You had decent benefits and great employee discounts. Special Orders barely over cost. Now Lowe’s pays less than some fast food... read more

Ellison purchases 10,000 shares of Lowes stock

https://www.barrons.com/articles/lowes-ceo-marvin-ellison-just-bought-stock-51559144695 On May 24, Ellison made his first open-market purchase as a Lowe's insider by paying $950,538 for 10,000 shares. He reduces the amount employees can buy and makes... read more

Contractors? Pro's? Read this!

If you are a contractor or have a Pro account, you may want to know Lowes hires Pro Specialists with zero experience, and has no training program. Thats right. Lowe's used to have something called RED VEST READY training program where the newbie was... read more

Now when I put on my vest, I am ashamed.

I literally get sick now when I put on my vest everyday. I am ashamed, and constantly have to apologize to customers on behalf of my coworkers, managers, and Lowe's even when I have done my part perfectly. There used to be a time when the vest went... read more

Pro is a failure, and corporate knows it

Im sorry, but all the talk about pushing Pro are all lies. I was hired as a Pro Specialist, and we work 0% at pro per week. We are never at the desk, at the phones, and contractors have all given up trying to get service. We are glorified cashiers... read more

Anyone thinks any of this was a good idea?

I'm yet to see a positive comment about all the changes (and supposed changes) implemented in the last several months. Is there ONE person here who thinks any of this was a good idea and will end up helping Lowe's in the long run? Just one person?... read more

Merchandising Service Supervisors

Merchandising Service Supervisors are next to go. They are trying to get the In store merchandising employees to work off an app. It will all be coordinated from the MSM. Be prepared, writing is on the wall. Corporate communications don't even... read more

The REAL way Lowes is "pushing" Pro.

Youve all heard the commercials, youve all received the emails from Marvin. On how Lowes has invested into getting Pro business? Well, here is what they have done to better serve the Pro customer: Rolled out the program where the Pro Supervisor... read more

Lowes Forum Topix

What happened to our Topix site for Lowes? I am getting 'topix forum does not exist' - why is this? Who brought it down?

M.S.T. Program @ Lowe's

There are too many layers of management in the MST program (including mine), The focus of what resets are to be completed has changed as late as a Thursday afternoon and required to be completed by Friday, The MST's have had 47 injuries since it... read more

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