Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

How well do they know us?

I came to the conclusion that Lowe’s doesn’t know their workforce at all. If it wasn't so, they would appreciate their good workers more, but no, it happens that the worse ones do better here than good ones. What has become the most important here... —  read more 

Motivation - zero

Is there anyone else who has struggled lately to find motivation for work? The atmosphere in the company affects me so it has become very difficult for me to do my daily duties. I try to find anything that would motivate me to get through the work... —  read more 

Is the pay worth it?

How many wish they could find something better but have chosen to stay because they can’t find anything that pays comparable to what you are currently receiving? I’ve been looking for a while and have received numerous offers from other companies... —  read more 

Mostly limited to retail?

I was a cashier here and after I was laid off I am getting desperate because I can’t find another job in this industry. I’m already getting desperate because I can’t find another job. I tried to get out of retail, but I don’t have much choice because... —  read more 

Lowe’s is Un American!

Everyone who gets a lame title at Lowe’s thinks they are on top of the world. Look at the scheduling coordinators they all work from under the desk to get to the top. Place is all favoritism it’s a communist company and very unamerican and Lowe’s... —  read more 

Target on my back...

I haven’t been working at Lowes for a long time so I don't know how things function here normally. It so happened that a few months ago I made a small mistake which my manager remembered well and I haven't been at peace since. For the... —  read more 

Full time job

I’m trying to find another job, but all I can find are part-time jobs. There are certainly fewer jobs in retail than ever, but is it possible that there are so few full-time jobs among the options on offer? Has anyone managed to get a full time... —  read more 

Remember when?

Lowe’s Gave turkey to all employees for thanksgiving Overtime was a thing Retire Rich was a motto Commissions for specialists was a thing Department manager was a stepping stone Full time was the normal situation Prizes for health tracker... —  read more 

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The perfect job?

Reading the posts on this forum, I got the impression that there is a perfect job, where everything works great and there are no problems like in Lowe's. It's as if everywhere is good but here. Well now I wonder where to find that job where there is... —  read more 

Micromanaged to the max?

I worked as a cart attendant and voluntarily left that job because I could no longer stand so much micromanagement. It was really not clear to me where they got so much energy from overseeing me and my work, it was just unbearable. I don’t know... —  read more 

Covid Bonus Is A Joke

Why bother!!! After taxes the $300 is $190. The Pandemic is worse now than last year and Marvin does less and less for us. There is also less cleaning/sanitizing, carts aren’t cleaned at all!!! It’s all just a show for the public, media, and Wall... —  read more 

PSE’s Changes

Thank you Lowe’s for screwing over your loyal PSE’s! If you are currently a PSE whose store made the cut- GET OUT NOW!!!! Please go Find another job- this company really does s— and continually p–ps on the people bringing in the money and then... —  read more 

Family member with COVID

So, one of my kids has a confirmed case of COVID and is in my house, according to the doctors I need to quarantine but Lowe’s only pays if I have a confirmed case? So I still need to go to work and potentially affect my co-workers? Confused

Blue dot program

Am I the only one that thinks the Blue Dot program is a joke. Why does Corp not see it’s a total waste of time. Tools is counting 6 items 5 times a day. There is no value at all to the effort Our tools are bring stolen every day They remove... —  read more 

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