Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

All In Or All OUT

Either you make customers wear masks, or you drop the employee mask mandate. Can't go both ways. Bring your stupid signs back out, and put the fckg screens back up you id--ts. Reduce the store hours also.

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Duplicitous Mo--ns

It's funny how the ones who are saying ,"Lowe's can't make me get a vaccine", are the same ones who are saying, "Go ahead and wear the mask, it's no big deal."

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Masks again

Well we now have to wear masks again. How stupid. Company shoukd make it simple. Either get the vaccine or yiu can't work. Give those people 10 days. Those who got it shouldn't suffer cause of those who are keeping the virus alive.

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First weekday of the new quarter so first thing in the morning huddle they mention AP4ME. Instead of having enough people on the floor to help customers they worry about such garbage. And they worry why people are leaving the stores in droves. —  read more 

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Delegate to the Back of my A-s

So the Store Manger delegates to the inexperienced ASM’s that now permeate throughout the markets, who rely on the Department Mgrs. who either have no CSA’s to delegate to, or they try to throw it on the shoulders of the Specialists who get pulled in... —  read more 

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Just looking busy

At first I was really bothered by people who pretend to be busy all day while I work hard, trying to help customers, trying to my keep my job, etc. Now I'm just trying to look busy. Why? Because it's not worth the effort at Lowe's. Here, if you... —  read more 

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D-mb Third Party Imps

These little third party delivery Tatoo looking mid-ets, are a bunch of lying, unattached, careless mo--n’s that trash the receiving area with appliance boxes and beat the he-l out of the appliances while destroying door moldings and ripping... —  read more 

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Strike While The Iron Is Hot

To strike while the iron is hot is to act decisively and take an opportunity when it arises. Yes it is time to stand up for all the BS and send a message to Corporate. Take off Labor day, call out sick. We all deserve better.


I wish management was smart enough to promote those that truly work their butts off instead of these dead-weights just because they’re “friends”. In my opinion so much more could be accomplished. But the sad truth is that many of our top performers... —  read more 

I'm ready to walk away

Anyone’s SM riding their employees because their DM came down hard on them? Not sure what is going on but our SM has been driving us to the brink of exhaustion. His attitude towards us has worsened and while I understand where he is coming from we... —  read more 

Overnight team is terrible

The overnight team don’t put new inventory in the right departments. They put top stock wherever they want and management knows this and won’t fix it. It’s hurting our sales when sales associates and internet fulfillment associates can’t find... —  read more 

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Don’t Worry!

Stop worrying about all the knowledgeable associates leaving or getting fired. Lowe’s is hiring new people. But if course there is no one left to train them. Stop worrying about the schedules. Soon most customers will stop coming and you won’t need... —  read more 

Morale...what Morale?

I've worked in retail for a long time and I've never seen morale so low. Working conditions are awful, people are quitting daily and everyone is frustrated with Incompetent store management. It's really not the managers fault as they are only... —  read more 

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TAPs are useless

I’m hearing the TAPs will be gone before the end of the year. They are some of the highest paid talent people and quite worthless. CTA is also horrible right now. Lowe’s HR in general is a mess. Wide open doors for lawsuits

Load up on Glassdoor

I recommend loading up negative comments and posts to Glassdoor. It is great to post on here too, but Lowe’s leadership will see the reviews on Glassdoor. Load em’ up!! It is anonymous on Glassdoor too.

"Does anyone work here?"

Today in my store: Electrical: no one scheduled after 2 Tools: no one scheduled after 1:30 Hardware: no on scheduled after 2 Cabinets: no one scheduled until 1 Inside Lawn and Garden: no one scheduled after 12 Lumber: non one scheduled after... —  read more 

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