Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

People need to step up

Someone needs to step up against Marvin's cronies and all his friends in the company. I have watched good employees be bullied to quit and forced to move all because a douch is in power that is Marvin's best friend. This sh-t has got to stop... —  read more 

And that is possible too

I do my job the best I can and I do a lot more than one person should be doing here. I’ve never complained before although I’m very often exhausted from work to the point of burnout. And then one day, the manager comes in and says that I am wasting... —  read more 

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Lowes Stockholm Syndrome

Going back to your place of work constantly when you're not working. Does anyone have those coworkers who always "shop" on their day off? We have an ASM who comes every day off to schmooze, brag about his pay and his accomplishments, flirt with the... —  read more 


Bank runs coming folks And yes, corporate doesn't give 2-s-h-i-t-s about you being understaffed..just keep humping it. Oh and Marv is on his yacht laughing like the Joker.

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What if there are more cuts?

Our store is barely functioning as is because there is not enough staff (who actually do all the work). I don't understand how things will continue to function if there are even more cuts?

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Delivery Damages

Hi. I’m a delivery dude. I just dropped a three thousand dollar refrigerator down the steps of a two story deck. Oh well. Go to the store and get another one! You out of it? So, I’m just a delivery dude! Now break down those boxes I left in... —  read more 

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