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Garden center cell phones

Was in the columbus county NC lowes everyone in the store especially garden center was on there cell phone. Rather it be phone in hand or ear piece or standing around in a group with a water hose talking.

401ks soaring

Lowes near 170 and potentially could hit 190 before year end. I think Lowes will be losing a lot of experienced people that are still heavily in lowes stock. Of course now you can only contribute a max of 25 percent to lowes in 401k. My opinion... —  read more 

Store closings

About 200 stores to be closed early next year. Employees in the closed stores will be compared to those in nearby stores and the goal is to remove the poor performing associates. The stores being closed have been planned to be close enough to other... —  read more 

lowes fort mill sc

lowes is a hostile work place, if you go fishing or drinking with your buddy, you can stay as long as you want, when nibby was in charge all the top executives sold there stock after Lowe's announce 50,000 layoffs, how are these people not being... —  read more 

Accrued vacation etc.

I understand you lose any sick time accrued if you leave the company. What about vacation or personal days? If you have 40 hrs of vacation accrued so far and you leave do you lose that as well? I know you lose vacation time if it isn't used by the... —  read more 

Nice knowing you !!!!

Lowe's is trying to get rid of all the specialist. You can make your budget and miss getting one credit app. or a PSE lead and get written up for not making your numbers. Nice ride Lowe's but I'm out. Less stress and more money 💰.... PEACE OUT

No rest for the weary

For weeks it seems that as soon as those doors open our teams are hitting the ground running until end of shift. We are seriously understaffed and it seems to be the norm, which is sad. As soon as I am done with a task or assisting a customer I’m... —  read more 

Pack Down List in IRP app!

Anyone else doing the pack down lists that DS scan during the day on the downstock app? I work in hardware we had 20 irps this morning 40 in the downstock app that was complete. Why 70 holes today in just that short amount of time? Managers are... —  read more 

Broken System

Let’s face it, the pandemic has driven the s sales numbers through the roof, and the stock numbers are at an all time high. It’s all “window dressing “. Internally the stores are extremely understaffed in all areas, and the associates are beaten... —  read more 

Bonus for all BS

So let me get this straight Marvin. We work our asses off to make sales and get max payout but you turn around and give it to all?! Its rude to the people who work with no staff and still get max bonus to give it to everyone! Give us more than!!!... —  read more 

No clocking in or out behind CS desk!

Are any other stores doing this? Was told not allowed to clock out back here. In fact this person had said no one allowed back here. So how are people supposed to get their returns? Is this a company wide thing via staff meeting or certain stores?


Rumors are that in South FL market there’s an outlet/Merchandise Distribution Center coming to the area? Will this centralize the delivery system similar to depot? What does that mean to store level delivery coordinators, install coordinators and... —  read more 

It's all over

This is the end of the line. It was a good run, but was walked out with the rest of the tenured associates that were making over $15 an hour, called a friend that works in a different store and same there.

lowes fort mill sc

sad day in lowes fort mill sc one of the asm is now gone, discount ___________. they called him play favorites all the way, this member must of had pictures of nibby.

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The jokes on you.

What is this, like the 7th 8th 9th hiring event of this year and its barely halfway done. What a joke! I been around double digit years now and this place has become the biggest pile of garbage even bigger than the garbage mass floating in the... —  read more 

Specialist bonus question

So..what's stopping specialists from jumping departments to fudge their numbers. A flooring specialist selling tractors or snowblowers or the plumbing guys taking fridge sales from the part-time closers. This happens quite often in our store... —  read more 

New Specialist Incentive Scam

That didn’t take long now did it? Corporate already RAISED our Sales Per Hour Target! In some cases it’s been doubled depending on your department. Can we at least get some Vaseline to go with the new incentive program?!?!

Constantly understaffed

Are we the only location that has been constantly understaffed for the past several months? The number of customers keeps increasing - even with the COVID-19 numbers also going up - and yet we are getting no help. Some of us have to cover several... —  read more 


One of the worst parts of my week is listening to the smug self righteous arrogance of Joe and Bill. The disconnect between them and what is actually happening in the store is massive.

Not Qualified

Just hired a new appliance cabinets and mill-work super and he only knows about one of those departments and got hired from MST. Why would they not hire a more qualified person for the job?


Is it fair that our new store manager that came from Target is only hiring those who worked with him at Target. He’s not giving anyone a chance in the store who has experience. Won’t even interview them, only previously employed Target employees... —  read more 

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