Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

People are getting fed up

We are having trouble keeping people at our store. Can you imagine how bad it must be for them to just walk out when there is no guarantee of another job? Most of those leaving are older employees who are sick and tired of the joke that are our... —  read more 

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Black Friday Virus

Here comes the charge of the infected, acting as if nothing is going on. Restaurants and bars closed for indoor dining. Schools closing. Governors ordering restrictions on Thanksgiving gatherings. Lowe’s will be full throttle and wide open for those... —  read more 

7 he meeting

My ASM just told me he has a 7 he class/ meeting today. He asked me for a copy of the dash 7 and a daily business folder along with section 5 and 8. I asked him what it was about but he couldn't tell me. Anybody heard anything?

Hours being cut?

Why am I hearing about possible hour cuts? Please, somebody, tell me that's not true? Why is it even being considered? We are barely managing to get anything done as it is. And we all know we'll need more seasonal employees soon anyhow. So what's the... —  read more 

Thanksgiving holiday

Have any other stores been told that we are working 4 (10hr) days the week of thanksgiving to “make up” for being off on Thanksgiving (which is a set holiday day and store is closed). Does anyone else see this as a warm up for next year (Lowe’s... —  read more 

Long term disability

I had to retire after Heath issues made it impossible to continue working at Lowe’s. Pray that you never need your LTD coverage. Lowe’s contract with Cigna is a huge scam. Lowe’s should be ashamed of themselves for offering LTD coverage from the... —  read more 

Something's got to give

I don’t know if it’s a scheduling issue or if we just don’t have the manpower but we are running on empty here. We’ve got stations and registers understaffed and with all that, what exactly am I supposed to say when customers complain? We can see... —  read more 

Squash the Election Talk

As I walked into work today, I was informed by an ASM and a DS (I’m also a DS) that any talk about the election even just asking if you watched the news last night is to be stopped and “treat it like union talk” this is no skewed towards one... —  read more 

It’s coming...

Flooring specialists, millworker specialists are soon going bye bye. Heard from a source that the company is quite pleased with how the plumbing specialist and pros change went. Now they want double down.


Why would Lowes schedule full time employees different times with different days off? Knowing the store opens the same time every week and with the same amount of hours in the 24 hr day.

Photo Bomb

I’ve heard our new District Manager is being very sneaky and taking photos of employees in other stores , trying to catch them off guard. He’s taking advantage of his anonymity to “blend in” like a chameleon. I find this to be very creepy and I... —  read more 

Threat Management

That new culture being brought into the stores is all about managing by threats. Lowe’s used to be a fun atmosphere, and we all worked hard to achieve the goals for our store. The mood is so negative now. You can cut the tension in the air with a... —  read more 

Master of Disguise

The new DM in our market came into the stores wearing a wig and secretly took photos of associates and the desk areas. This is the new culture the Turtle is bringing into our markets. You can’t make this stuff up. Ridiculous!


Our Appliance warehouse is opening in Pompano Fl, December. What’s going to happen to the Delivery Coordinator?? ASMs have also said Installation office is going away along with The install Manager and coordinator, anyone know about this ? —  read more 

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