Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.


What’s the deal? Are they going to finish rolling this out? They held off in Q4 for the remaining stores and haven’t said a peep since. Do we need them? Are they going away? Anyone hear words?

I really hate this place.

Coworkers su-k. Management has no consistency and always pick favorites. Standards are lower than ever and it always seems like company is being successful despite their silly programs and backwards ways of doing things. Meeting was a disheartening... — read more 

bye bye

well yesterday i got my final. what happened to 1st notice? having 4 prior management, i think they just want to get rid of me like some other really good employees. i am garden cashier. some guy ran out of the door with a mower, i’m looking at him... — read more 

ASM'S cut to 1 a store?

After 12 years, I walked. I already heard that stores will be cutting the ASM to 1 per store, and the DS position will be eliminated. Again. 9 years? ago they tried this. It didn't go well. I'm fine with it all. Most ASM's are worthless... — read more 

Another nail in the coffin

With the transition to My Lowe's Rewards, I can't tell you how many credit cards will evaporate once the $100 credit is removed from a $500 purchase... Just 5%, free shipping, points, isn't going to do it for many people.


At the start of November, my management team discovered I planned to submit my two-week notice on December 29th, with January 12th being my final day. Instead of expressing regret over my departure, they immediately announced their intention to fill... — read more 

Marvin is a Hack

Marvin Ellison is the most heartless, morally corrupt CEO in retail. I’m sure none of the many of his family he employs received the dreaded “notice”.

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Shoppers everywhere have been complaining about self checkouts in all retail companies. In fact, a lot of retailers are reevaluating self checkout and some have started to consider removing them. What does Lowe's do? Add more self checkout. Lol!... — read more 

Expect a Reorg…

Full disclosure here, this is just my opinion after working for this company for over ten years. I expect the company will enact another reorganization, most likely at the end of the fiscal year. I make this statement after having watched several... — read more 

ME is a joke of a CEO

He's clueless about what's going on with the working folks. He has no idea what we have to deal with every day or he simply doesn't care. He doesn't get the everyday grind and the challenges we face on a regular basis. It's as if he's living in a... — read more 

Manager firings

Just lost our manager here in Arizona, was walked out on Monday. I've been told of three, have no idea of any others. Given the coming slowdown, I would expect many more on the hot seat in the weeks and months ahead.

Tide Turning

2024 I feel low Tide for Lowe’s. Everyone get on the boat and shove off before you are stuck. Experienced specialists will be fired and replaced with DEI dummies for $16 and a EBT card each month.

Employee survey?

Does this survey determine store manager,Asm,and Dept.Supervisors bonus? Or does it just determine your own supervisors in your department. They say it anonymous so shouldn't your opinion reflect every member of management from your store and bit... — read more 

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