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More of a deconstruction than a reconstruction

This article mostly praises Marvin’s efforts at the company and, conveniently enough it doesn’t mention any of the downside of the changes, but I found the title of the article to be a good representation of what’s happening at the company, of course... read more

Do they know?

Do the new department supervisors know that they are now front line troops and not “executives” hiding out in offices? At my store they don’t seem to know this, especially the ones that were “demoted” from service managers. We are still understaffed... read more
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HR mess up with Severance

I figured I would start a new thread, just in case. For any of you that have not received your Severance Packages yet... be warned. I called the HR number and was told I was never taken off the books. So technically I am still employed. AND NO... read more

Loss Prevention 2 Week or 1

Can everyone post how many hours or weeks equivalent of severance pay they were offered in the severance package. I have a feeling that they are varied, my amount was for way more than it should be as far as weeks equalled out. Did anyone get 2 weeks... read more

Hypocrites Living it Up On Our Backs

Our SM shared videos & pics of the Vegas meeting. I couldn’t believe the vulgar display of ego and money being blown! You have to see to believe. The SM’s get a brief taste of how the privileged live at corporate daily. So when you attend the store... read more

Lowe's can't become great like this

when you do things on the cheap you can NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL!. Egads lays it out pretty thoroughly. You want to go from good to great.....ain't happening on the cheap. And to suggest that we are even a good company at the moment may be a bit of a... read more

Subtitles on Marvin’s podcasts.

Having noticed that the subtitles on Marvin’s podcasts are often incorrect, I have a few suggested edits. With = wit Going to = gonna Get = git There are several others, but out of respect to the speaker I think the subtitles should match the words... read more

LP Inventory Bonus

I just received the severance package in the mail. It doesn't say anything about the yearly performance bonus. Since some of us aren't still employed with the company, do we still get it? I thought staying through Feb. 1st was all we needed to do... read more

Are your stores dead?

Ex employee with no axe to grind, but was through a couple of Lowes in central MD this weekend talking to friends and the parking lots/stores were amazingly empty. In timonium and white marsh I might have been the only person in the store. I did see... read more

Sounds like a plan, Marve

People use to shop at Lowes because it was the place they fot help. Depot wasn't the store where no one helped you, but they had everything. Lowes was the store where they guided you by through your project, but it wasn't the place for the contractor... read more

Brother can you spare a dime?

Here's why Lowe's can't win at the Pro desk. Many long term tenured contractors have credit with Home Depot that started over 15 years ago. A majority were handed large credit lines to do business with HD when GE Capital was literally giving money... read more

Non compete clause

I'd be curious if anyone has ever had repercussions with a non compete clause. How would Lowe's know you are employed somewhere else? I'd really like to know this as well. Is there a way for them to find out?

Good option for employment

I would strongly suggest some of the many other outside sales positions available with building materials/installation companies. There are a ton of openings, especially in metro areas, on Indeed.com. Former DSM here, I've been on the job hunt... read more
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If you can’t beat ’ em, copy ’em.

Marvin Ellison, the new chief executive at Lowe’s, says his plan to fix the floundering home-improvement chain includes a few tricks he learned from his days as an executive at Home Depot, according to analysts to whom he’s spoken. “He’s going to... read more

2019 Will Be The Worst In A Decade

2019 will be the first year of the Ellison cuts and changes. This year will either make or break Ellison and his buddies he surrounded himself with at corporate. I predict his plans will fail abysmally. What’s your opinion???

Lowe’s national hiring day

If this wasn’t so tragic I would find it funny. A lot of companies lay off their longtime employees, but I haven’t seen any that have the nerve to advertise that they are some sort of pioneers or leaders in hiring at the same time.

Sales specialists are still needed

Someone says sales specialists will be gone by end of 2019 because of the false that all customers research everything before they come into the store. It is the opposite here because many of the customers do not research anything online. Also, in... read more

New Lowes merit badges

The new Lowes merit badges, the ones with years we’ve been with Lowes and the ones with the stars for customer compliments? Straight out of Home Depot, only thing is they get after 3 compliments we have to get five, same bonus as well. Marvin outta... read more

Glass door app is bogus c-ap.

I left a review on Glassdoor title fire ceo before it’s too late. Then I listed the issues he has caused etc. was polite and respectful. They never posted it. They did post the salary I added for them at the end. Many other posts have been put... read more

Installed Sales to be eliminated

Corporate is in the process of phasing out installed sales. Wrapping up current lawsuits and looking for logistics solutions to end contracts with contractors. Any installed sales employees will be moved to sales floor for 30 days, and then will be... read more

Larry Sone , Where are you now?

Lots of folks use this forum to vent , I get it. But when will the remaining faithful rise up and say enough of this corporate tear down. We have all invested parts of our lives to Lowe's only to see our hard work and dedication, mocked, belittled... read more

Rip Cord Pulled!!

Out. Pulled the cord. Issues with the jump: No HR to tell No manager above SSM to tell Tried to call Market person with no answer It took 4 hours and 13 minutes after initial attempt to get it done. Hoped for man to man face to face but wound up as... read more

HDE Rep Weighing Options (PSE Related)

I am a high performing Home Depot Exteriors SC and you may have heard the rug was pulled from us this week. Before the day was over the local PSE sales manager called me to offer me what he said is his best store. The former rep who left to work for... read more

Merchandising Service Assoc

I'm thinking of putting in for one of the merchandising jobs for the set schedule but was wondering if anyone knew the pay range of the position?

New scheduling

Just curious, but Lowes provides tuition reinbersment. So how is someone supposed to attend school and not have a set schedule? This makes no sense at all. I guess I'll have to provide my professors with this info. Lmao

HR meeting?

Anyone else having a big HR meeting in their district this week? So close to Vegas, what could it be about?

Any truth to this?

ALL FT'ers should be worried because ASM's in my store told us all today FT'ers will be gone by 2019 end. Can anybody confirm this?

Should I worry?

Our shipments have halved in the past month. I can't figure out why or what's happening - and my manager is tight lipped. I keep thinking we might be headed for a closing, but there have been no other indications nor any announcements from Lowe's... read more

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