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False overages at Lowe's

Yeah, it's a fun little tactic called "false overages". Essentially, the inventory manager has a running number that shows how much money in inventory you are short or over, so the store manager and LPOSM are constantly updated on how much inventory... read more

Sudden changes

So, the "new" hr manager came in and immediately my corporate rotation became simply a guideline and I previously closed 5x a month and now 2-3x that. Because the store will not hire additional employees, I guess the coverage for the store for my... read more

Cooking the Books

We just finished our inventory, and kinda odd the numbers don't add up. We are missing a lot of stuff, that the system shows we have, and I am talking big items. Maybe this is how Lowe's cheats on taxes!!!

EEOC complaint

I was recently let go as a specialist. Ever since the restructure they kept the former dept manager at that time a CSA 5 in his original department. From February on he became very hostile and my ASM let him walk all over me despite my complaints... read more

Amazon looking into purchasing Lowe's

Just saw on CNBC that experts are saying that Amazon and Walmart are looking into possible acquisitions of some major retailers, with Lowe's being high up on the list. Makes sense, especially with Lowe's move into internet fulmilment.

What happened here?


Getting rid of thousands without official layoffs

Untold story is the thousands of department manager jobs eliminated. By giving them temp CSA5 jobs and not interviewing or hiring them for other positions, the 10,000 most experienced people in the stores are being forced to leave. The company's way... read more

Pricing/Credit Coordinator Gone

It was announced, via email, that our pricing and credit coordinator was leaving (and won't be replaced). The Admin ASM will assume some of the credit duties (passing out signs and making announcements to change the signs) and the Sales ASM some of... read more

Lateral move

I was part of the restructuring and the other day I did an interview and was told I the job would pay this amount and I asked why it's such a big cut I was told I was going from being a specialist to being a CSA.i haven't been a specialist since... read more

Service Managers

Part of Niblocks comments about Service Managers. Basically saying we f#@ked up and will hire part time associates who know nothing about home improvement......In the first quarter, we identified an opportunity to drive more traffic with improved... read more

CEO bemoans disruptions caused by layoffs

Really? It is absolutely shocking that layoffs have caused disruptions in the company. “In the second quarter, comp growth was constrained as a result of disruption caused by changes to our store staffing model earlier in the year, which became more... read more

cpo to take over specialists jobs

Doing details and contract builds will be going to CPO this November. Installers will send them all the details and they will do the build. Specialists will be relegated to selling in the aisles. CPO is doing great (LOL) give them more work to screw... read more

Earnings miss

Once again store sales are up but profit is down. So with so many salaries being restructured, associates on skeleton crews, where is Nib squandering the money? Private company jets- check, Excessive stock compensation for himself and a few cronies-... read more

New Attendance Policy

Here's the new policy that will be introduced at the all store meeting: Kronos will be taking over. 17 days advance schedule New late/early in will be moved back to 6 minutes. Flagged for mispunches, late and early ins. 7 callouts in rolling 12 month... read more

Company Meeting in Salt Lake City

Store managers from around the country will be meeting in Salt Lake City, UT. This is happening this week. Wonder what awesome news will be coming out of this. Hang on to your vests everyone.

My 401k is for a lawsuit

Team up, use that money and win more! Where's my gambling people!? You do realize this goes from a 90/10 lowes if it's just me and a 99/1 if it's many... let's make some money!

Go back to basics

I Believe in one thing Lowes needs to do is make the Hardware / Tool / and Lumber Dept's together in one area so that customers and professionals don't have to run all over the store to buy what they need for doing there jobs. Also have sale person... read more

Why don't more men shop at Lowe's?

HD smells like sawdust, sweat, and lumber, but Lowe's smells like flowers and fragrant bath fixtures. HD has 15% more men shopping there - DIY is driven by men's purchases as statistics show. Is this why Lowe's will always be runner up? Lowe's s---s... read more

Market 1219 CHAOS

So far this summer many of the original service managers have step down. Two Store Managers have been fired over inventory. I know I speak for most people that phase one has done nothing to improve store operations. Long time store manager at the... read more

Cuts are coming ...

They just have to much information leak before the time, those leaks affecting the stocks price plus the bad performance on sales. for now the company control one more uncontrollable expense , Lowe's deliveries. Insurance , maintenance, and the... read more

Abusive Relationship - Therapy Needed

Lowe's store associate is like being in abusive relationship. The tone & unfriendly attitude from store management is terrible. Crappy schedules, daily work load, stupid/petty management, understaffing, no training, talked to like you are an idiot... read more

HD CEO Kudos

This AM CEO HD gives store sales associates the credit for Outstanding 2nd QTR results. U would never hear that at Lowe's!!

It's the weekend

And call offs and no shows are rampant. Add to that floor associates being pulled for deliveries. It's chaos!

WE team

Does your store have a WE team (weekend associates who have no fixed department. We do and ours are being reassigned to departments. One guy was assigned to appliances and was a no show, said he was out on deliveries, drivers said no not with them... read more
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Store meeting

Any thoughts on the upcoming store meetings? I expect ours will be the same old same old; cold pizza, warm soda, awards and recognition for a-- kissers. Two hours of wasted time out of my life that I'm never going to get back.

Can we stop helping Amazon close our stores?

There are a lot of things wrong with Lowe's today, but this one can actually be helped... Just read an excellent article that asks why Amazon keeps getting subsidies from local governments to open distribution centers, when it ends up costing every... read more

Customers see Understaffed Departments

Lowe's is like a B movie--"Workplace Gone Bad". What Lowe's calls Store Management is a Clown Act--arrogant & privileged. Customers see Understaffed Depts, one long Cashier line, sales associates frustration & gives them more reason to shop Home... read more

Why is it...

Why is it that some employees are running around helping customers while others are just standing around?

Latest layoffs on the news

The latest Lowes layoffs were on the news; no where did I hear it mentioned that executive bonuses were cut. Oh snap they weren't while the hard workIng Lowes employees lose their jobs corporate continues to live the rich life.

Most cuts have already happened

We've already had most of these cuts, just not all at once. We already got rid of the install office, reduced our delivery drivers, got rid of a bunch of specialists and the majority of full time people. The part timers hired are either very... read more

Why working hard doesn't matter at Lowe's

There is no incentive to work hard - the harder you work, the more work you get. If you're lazy and just cruise around the back aisles for most of your shift and disappear during down stocking, the managers do nothing to you. So why work hard? It... read more

Driver layoffs

As a 22 year former employeer back end Support Manager that managed both a inhouse flat bed drivers and a outside XPO delivery service there is no comparison. The XPO service consisted of illiterate,nonspeaking rude drivers. KEEP IN MIND Lowe's does... read more

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