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List of closing stores

Finally we have a full list of closing stores. Good luck to everybody affected. https://247wallst.com/retail/2018/12/11/a-list-of-all-the-stores-lowes-will-close-in-the-coming-weeks/

PSE/PSI Program to End

Marvin talked about in the latest Round table but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it coming. It is no longer profitable and the number of lawsuits and overall complaints about the program has sky-rocketed. Time to put it out of it's misery... read more

The big window of opportunity

The Analysts seem to be in agreement that Lowe’s moves to shut down unprofitable stores, shut down Orchard Supply Hardware, going out of Mexico etc.. were right moves that will allow the company to grow. I know the company came to a point where it... read more

The harder Lowe's tries the deeper it sinks

The company is doing all that it can to stay above water. The harder it tries the deeper it sinks. The entire structure is run by a bunch of id--ts. The psi and pse programs are constantly full of screw ups. Management on all levels, from the sales... read more

Things must really be bad

Lowe's is exiting Mexico operations, which makes me think things are worse than I even thought they were. With all the store closings all around, I'm starting to think we are going to end up like Sears sooner rather than later. Lowe's is really not... read more

It's all Home Depot's fault

Well, more like the fault of Lowe's leadership not capable of catching up to competition. And we see that all the changes made at the top will change nothing at the bottom - the only way they STILL know how to improve profits is through closings and... read more

More layoffs at Lowe's?

With all the announced store closings anybody else worried about more layoffs coming our way sometime soon? Somehow I doubt that cost cutting will stop just at closings, this is Lowe's after all. I hate that I have to worry about something like this... read more

The wrong practises in retail

I work for a Canadian division of Lowe’s and I would truly like to voice my thoughts. Those of us that have worked for this company between 20/30 years are very much aware of this retail market and how it works. We are the peons working directly with... read more

Lowes is Dying.

They are clearly getting ready for a sellout. I predict Amazon will buyout Lowes within 2 yrs.

Mankato Lowe's closing, any more?

Just saw an article that says Mankato Lowe's is closing. Is this a one off or have there been more stealth closings we haven't heard about? Also, the article says employees can choose between a transfer and severance package. Do we know what kind of... read more

Supply Issues?

I went to Lowes this afternoon to get a 30" x 54" blind but they didn't have any and their distribution center doesn't even have any. Is Lowes starting to have the same supply issues as Sears Holdings or are they just having supply issues because of... read more

Marvin visting stores

It is so ironic, how Marvin is so wrapped up in the spot light. And when he visits the stores, he never gets to really see the true operation. It is so covered up by all the delusional employees that want to shake the hand, and have their picture... read more

Information gathering for upcoming PSA expansion.

Would be great if anyone in the product service world could post information learned about the expansion. Seems to be coming soon with regional positions posting by end of week. Title change in progress ( merchandising service associate ) MSA... read more
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More info on changes

Leadership changes coming. You will see many leave because their job just was changed and they are being offered much less money. Some people cheer that hr is gone but it won’t stop there. More cuts coming. Happy new year. More info on incoming... read more

More lay offs 10/02

Just had a meeting and the store manager advised that the company is restructuring and were letting our in store hr manager go. The hr manager has till July of 2019. Very unfortunate situation. There is more expected restructuring to happen per my... read more

More Lowe's stores closing?

Somebody mentioned that as soon as the OSH closings are done, we'll hear about more Lowe's stores being closed. Anybody knows if this is true? And if it is, is there any way to know your store will end up on that list? Any indicators outside of the... read more

All the pros and cons of the new CEO

Just came across this article, definitely worth reading. An insightful analysis of Marvin Ellison’s first two months as CEO, with the the good and the bad moves pointed very accurately, if you ask me. I disagree with one thing though. It’s hard for... read more

In case somebody thought we were out of the woods

We are certainly not. The downgrades apply to the likes of Macy's, Lowe's and Tiffany, but Amazon is spared, according to the report. J.C. Penney and L Brands are particularly under pressure, in light of their struggles to keep sales up, the... read more
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No pay raises in 4 years

This company is a disgrace to work for that's why I'm gone. We have people at our store (#1201Chico, CA.) that have been there since it opened 17 years ago. All of them are over 55 and were told NO more raises or COLA's ever. This company needs to be... read more

OSH closures are a preview of what's to come

Retail is failing, that's obvious even to a child. I think what we are seeing with OSH is preview of what we'll see with Lowe's stores very soon if something doesn't change drastically. The cuts they've been making are saving the money in pay for the... read more

Who’s going next?

More talk about a restructure again! Who’s going this time? 1 SM for 2 stores, ASMs reduced to 1 Ops Manager, Team leads coming back.... Resetting Department Manager structure... Plenty of rumors flying after the earnings conference aired!


I have not seen the first attempt on the store level, of any technology upgrades. This is the main reason LOWE'S is always falling behind, because they drag their feet on everything .

Easy Kronos Hack

The poorly written Kronos app has been hacked into. If you understand some computer language you can hack into the program in order to change your schedule, your time worked or delete any employee you wish. If you would like I can post it here.

All Orchard Supply Hardware stores closing

Orchard Supply Hardware will permanently shut down its stores nationwide by the end of the year, according to a media report. Jackie Pardini Hartzell, the director of public relations for Orchard Supply Hardware’s parent company, Lowe’s Companies... read more

Maybe a union is a good idea

What a shame! All the stores seem like they are going through the same things... truthfully, it's time for a union. Look, the stores all going part time- too many chiefs, not enough Indians that know anything, still the same amount of freight... read more


Hearing that the HRM restructure is going to start rolling out 7-31-18. Any body else hearing this?

Anybody optimistic about the new CEO?

Anybody here actually believes that things at Lowe's will change now that the new CEO is all settled in? Some people at my store have been optimistic about it, but frankly, I think we are in for a whole bunch of same ol' same ol'. Unless he decides... read more

691 freefall

part timers leaving in droves. no one over 10 hours a week. full timers planning to leave en masse at end of august. we are all tired of doing eveyone elses jobs and just getting paid for one.

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