Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Who is protecting us?

The other day I had a horrible situation with a difficult customer. He behaved absolutely terrible. I wouldn’t want to sound pathetic but that person brought me to tears. However, what was most difficult for me was that this company did not protect... —  read more 

I gave myself a deadline

How long have you been thinking about leaving? I gave myself a deadline to get out of here by the end of next month. I have made that decision from the moment I was told it was my fault that customers walk out of the store. In reality, it’s... —  read more 

Red Vest

The red vests are targets for customers to yell at down the aisles. I had one whistle at me and I waved as I disappeared around the corner. I love being rude to as----e customers. (Which is half the customer base now). Do you hear me Turtle? I’m RUDE... —  read more 

Rumor has it......

Rumor has it there will be more district staff changes as Lowe's gets more advanced in technology and centralization, the less need for the traveling clown car to show up at each store. It is about time!

Central Warehouse Delivery

The appliance nightmare is about to end for receivers. Central Warehouse Delivery is set to go online Q1 2022 in a Midwest Region. Only a dozen or so SKUs staged in the store. No more Pullers. No Del Coordinator. Probly the end for BE Clerk as... —  read more 

Dept Supervisors PMP

With the DS PMPs coming up around the corner, anyone actually think they may give us a raise that would help balance this insane inflation rate we are dealing with? My raise never even covers the increased cost of my health insurance year after... —  read more 

Lazy managers

Seems like they are all lazy. Ask them for help with a customer issue and all they do is refer you to your department supervisor. And half of mine I've never seen move anything, even a small box.

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Under the radar

I admire people who manage to work under the radar. They don't do sloppy work, nor do they work extra hard... they just achieved some fine balance and manage to work without a lot of stress here. My manager is a fan of chaos and that is why... —  read more 

Sick Out

Since employees of other workplaces are doing sick outs to get a raise. Why can't we do the same at Lowes... We all have to do it. Lowe's can't fire everyone.. Because you can't have customer service without Csa's. This is a rallying of the troops... —  read more 


Is the only quality required from Lowe's managers to know how to yell at everybody around them? I swear, I've been here for three months and I'm yet to see a manager actually doing anything other than yell at other people. Even about the smallest... —  read more 

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