Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Q1 Earnings Will Be Dismal

In spite of all the smoke and mirrors, Store sales have tanked. Hiring is basically non-existent, associate hours are being slashed, and customer traffic is mostly dead. If you’re FT get ready to be cut. If you’re PT you’ll be lucky to get 4 hours a... —  read more 

Unrealistic expectations

Management is getting ridiculous with their unrealistic expectations. Do they really think that people here have no other options than to accept doing multiple workloads? I think they were very wrong in that assessment.


Can someone please tell me why corporate cares more about how clean the bullpen needs to be instead of worrying about all the freight that doesn't get stocked or doing things to help employees in their departments

Open Letter to the CEO

The last few years at Lowes have been difficult, to say the least. When I worked for other retailers, their definition of leaders was true to their word. At Lowes, the CEO talks about leadership but he is so wrong. Leaders build character, train... —  read more 

No raises

No raises ,much less hiring .Job postings way ,way down .Empty stores ,with 1 associate closing till 11 pm or later ,covering plumbing ,Electrical ,home decor ,carts and Millwork .

Get Ready.......

Corporate is giving a discretionary bonus. Wonder what they take to pay for it. Payroll? Positions? Specialist Bonus? They never give without taking something. Melvin should not be trusted.

Blowes James Bond

There is a Regional Vice President who fancies himself a superhero/secret agent. He sneaks into various stores on his hitlist and proceeds to videotape via his cellphone the few associates who happen to be working. His favorite method of taping is... —  read more 

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