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So, I can confirm the rumors that Lowe’s is deliberately cutting back on full time associates. I saw an email that my store manager left open on a computer in one of the offices. It was about approving some recent postings of positions in the store... —  read more 

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3rd Party vs MST

So 3rd parties are given 8 hrs to set a bay and store MST are given 2. Seems far huh!

What's selling the most in y'all's stores?

Is it home decoration or hardline stuf where you see the real demand? Are they both swamped. I can share what's happening with mine, but I'm wondering if it's consistent across stores. Anyone else seeing supply chain issues on appliances... —  read more 

Associate tests positive.

So our money room associate just tested positive for Coronavirus and they (management/corporate?) Determined that NO OTHER ASSOCIATE was at high risk so no one else was sent home to quarantine and our store is operating like nothing happened. Is... —  read more 

ASMs are toast

Worked through corona and now losing my job. Huge profits, what a corporation

How are appliances and overall sales doing?

Imo i feel that the currnet sales surge is just pulling from future sales. Noticing that sales are starting to slow down back to somewhat normal levels should be interesting to see what happens in Q3 and Q4. Also is anyone noticing appliances are... —  read more 

Should I call OSHA?

My store is a danger. First, we are in a state that requires everyone to wear facemasks, esp employees. But hardly any of them do. They take them right off as soon as they go into the training room, or as soon as their shift ends, or if there are no... —  read more 

Department Supervisors are worthless!

Why did we bring DS back into the departments? Our ASM's do perfectly fine. Department Supervisors are lazy as hell overpaid POS. They do nothing but point and delegate. Anybody can do that. Or they spend all day counting inventory useless task. What... —  read more 

Delivery Drivers

Oregon Lowe's stores going 3rd party effective 7/15/2020. Big mistake!!!!

Can freezer door be removed to fit?

Our doorway to where we want to put this freezer is 1 1/2 in too small. Is removing the door and putting it back in an option when getting a new freezer delivered?

3td Shift arent worth anything!

I'm a 1st shift guy who has came in the last several days and tons of freight still on the floor. Boxes put in front of the shelve on the floor in the aisles. Not to mention managers have informed me they fired 75 percent of their night crew the... —  read more 

Hours Already Cut, Layoffs Coming

With the merchandise shortages we’re now experiencing. Plus the drop in customer count. Marv will begin laying off employees by the beginning of Q3. We can’t get appliances and customers are canceling orders. Stock cabinets are on back order until... —  read more 

Customers allowed to operate Fork Lifts

Are customers allowed to run the lumber forklift to load up their own pickup truck with a skid of mulch? Seems the keys are left on the lift making it easy for customers to operate on their own.

OSHA Violation?

Are customers allowed to operate Lowe’s power saws to cut their own items?

ZEBRAs and ADA law

I am 75 years old so I am covered by ADA. I REALLY need a Zebra for me to do my job. Yes I can walk back to terminal in dept every time a customer asks me a question but that causes me to not be able to assist every customer. I am... —  read more 

Another huge swing and a miss for Marvin

Yet another ridiculous email sent from those tone deaf id–ts. How DARE he have Joe, of all people, send out any email companywide, let alone one having to do with charitable work. So you have the white racist dude tell us about charity? And he... —  read more 

Racism 1143

Just to let you know what type of company we work for. I am an ASM at our store. Recently a white ASM made many negative comments about a POC DMs hair. Such as “is it real? Can I touch it? Why is it curly naturally?” This DM has also received a... —  read more 

Delivery drivers

Delivery drivers in Indianapolis going in peoples homes without masks? Is this standard every where or just here?

Systemic Hypocrisy

This company and our CEO know no ends to their hypocrisy. I am offended by Marvin’s letter to all of us to address the protests. He says he knows firsthand the issues, and that they are going to be working to provide leaders with “resources”. .. —  read more 

Delivery Drivers Gone

Just got word that all delivery drivers in the area have been canned. Offering severances and lower jobs to transfer to.

Most Unethical Business In The World

I'm not sure if it's retail or Lowe's in general. I can't wrap my head around it, but for some reason retail is the most unethical business I think anyone will ever have to deal with. I am a war veteran in a 13 year committed Lowe's manager. Today... —  read more 

The Video is Awesome

The lady who took the video of the overcrowding and unsafe conditions in white marsh did a great job in helping the employees get their frustrations out. Even though the Lowes Nazi's kept deleting the post and also tried to get youtube to delete... —  read more 

Overworked, not appreciated, and QUITTING!

The company provides good benefits but the expectations required of your position are like a huge carrot dangling in front of your face that you can hardly reach. Several times, you are the only employee watching 2/3 departments, by yourself, and... —  read more 

be realistic cut the c-ap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working on 20 i am one of the lucky ones that didnt listen to the so called experts all the so called expert store managers that said diversify spread your money. And oh by the way the reason marvin capped the lowes stock 401k contribution at 25... —  read more 

I've been with Lowes for 6 months as a ds...

Everything is wrong here. I have been in retail for 16 years, a manager for 10. I stepped down from my last company for a 40 hr job. I started a week before Black Friday. Coming in as a ds, I was never even shown how to do an invoice. I figured it... —  read more 

Hostile work environment

I know we’re all feeling it. Customers are crazier than ever. Yelling at associates for long lines, not wearing masks properly, etc. We’re all busting our asses running from one end of the building and back, just to be here for their... —  read more 

Double the profits and zero cares given

Since the start of this pandemic Iv been Told I should be grateful that Iv had a job Told to stand outside and be berated and cursed at by customers because they've had to wait 5min outside in line and because they think I make the corporate... —  read more 

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