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Maybe a union is a good idea

What a shame! All the stores seem like they are going through the same things... truthfully, it's time for a union. Look, the stores all going part time- too many chiefs, not enough Indians that know anything, still the same amount of freight... read more


Hearing that the HRM restructure is going to start rolling out 7-31-18. Any body else hearing this?

Anybody optimistic about the new CEO?

Anybody here actually believes that things at Lowe's will change now that the new CEO is all settled in? Some people at my store have been optimistic about it, but frankly, I think we are in for a whole bunch of same ol' same ol'. Unless he decides... read more

691 freefall

part timers leaving in droves. no one over 10 hours a week. full timers planning to leave en masse at end of august. we are all tired of doing eveyone elses jobs and just getting paid for one.

Executives shown the door

So, who else is really enjoying the fact that for once those on top who usually make the decisions to get rid of us and cut our hours are being shown the door by the new CEO? I will not lie, I am enjoying this immensely! Still not sure how this will... read more

If it weren't so sad, I would lol at the irony!

A 59 billion a year money making corporation gets a huge tax cut, buys their stocks back and lays crucial employees off. So, where is the promised Trickling Down theory in this? Our corporate wh--e politicians have sold us out and it is as simple as... read more

Lowes used to be a great company...

Lowes used to be a great company to work for but now it's all politics. I destroyed my body for Lowes and gave them all of me. When we failed EOS I was only mgr that the staff called a go to mgr and that I followed thru. But the new store mgr and I... read more


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Sad but true

Our management team hides or buries their heads in a computer looking at non-work stuff. They get mad if they are asked a question. When they had the sign up for service manager training, it was a joke because they already had had picked a couple... read more

More Lowe's layoffs 2018

Hearing they may be having some layoffs next month. Possibly getting rid of some of the high paid people like ASM's. Our store was going to hire several people since we have always been short staffed but now that is on hold. Something is brewing. It... read more


Finally there is some media attention on the arbitration agreements that some of us were forced to sign by Lowe's. I know nothing will come out of this, but it's still nice to see those on top called out for questionable practices... read more

Good luck!

Just wanted to wish you all at the Lowe's good luck with your new CEO. All I can tell you is that us at JCPenney are really, really happy to be rid of him. Hopefully he will be better for you than he was for us, but I wouldn't put my money on it... read more


I'm to embarrassed to work here any longer. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm a very dependable employee. Overall,probably the most knowledgeable. motivated and dependable employee in the store. These managers are IDIOTS. Young kids that think they... read more

change is coming

Spouse worked for JCP. Layoffs and store closings. Stores use to look nice, now they look crummy, just go to your local JCP store if you have one and tour the store. It is not the same look when it was doing better. Funny thing is people think they... read more

How long before next restructuring?

I was just wondering, how long will it be before we see next restructuring at Lowe's now that we have a new CEO? From what I've seen, he is not shy of either layoffs or closings. I'm betting those are the exact qualities that netted him this job, and... read more


Lowe’s hires JC Penny CEO. To funny...

Something has to be coming

Something has to be coming-stores of this size can't keep running like this. It's just miserable. My store is in the same shape. Irp's not getting done, same for cycle counts and down stocking. We barely get new signage up. Sometimes it's not all up... read more


Any outlook on the stocck buy sell

NIblock accepts award for Lowe's

More corporate fluff while niblock and his cronies break the back of the in-store associates all in the name of increasing the per share price at all costs. So much for the servant leadership model. Lowe's is a sad company... read more

Love Lowes

New employee and just love the job. I am trying to learn new things. I rest some negative comments but I have a feeling I will still love my job a year from now.

LNS Specialist

Any news on Live Nursery Specialist? I occasionally hear these are going away but maybe a rumor.

My comment is missing!!

If this is anonymous and nothing bad was written why was my comment removed?! No names nor foul language was used. I read some post on here that are not nice but mine was deleted??? That is odd.

Niblock quote 2009

 LOWES COMPANIES FORUM Training at Lowe's. .Niblock Quote..TD MAGAZINE 2009 Posted in the Lowes Companies Forum SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS  Is it me or you 2 hrs ago Q/ You mentioned earlier that leadership is especially important in tough times. What... read more

Store Morale?

How are things going at your store. Ours never improved after the Feb. 2017 massacre. BUT "ask for all sevens ALL THE TIME"! Yeah, we're soooooooo pumped!

This is our reality now

Yesterday I had to tell a customer that it would be about 15 minutes befor I could help him. I explained that I had 3 customers ahead of him. Two orders of paint to make and to cut 6 blinds. He said he was not going to wait, he wanted to buy a... read more

Is it true? No more Sundays off?

I have a church function to go to and was recently told that Lowe's only has to guarantee one weekend off a month that you do not automatically get an extra Sunday off of month and that if you don't like it you can find a new job.

More positions to be cut?

Is it true that we are looking at more cuts in positions across the board? There's been talk at our store lately, and I'm starting to worry we might be looking at a repeat of last year. I might be reading too much into simple store gossip as well... read more

Bye Felicia

Lowe's announced Monday that CEO Robert Niblock will retire from the home improvement retailer as soon as the company finds a successor. Its shares jumped more than 6 percent in premarket trading following the announcement. "After a 25-year career at... read more


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ASMs Could Care Less

Well, it seems like the asm's could care less or basically don't give a crap. The freight-morons put stuff everywhere but never where it is supposed-to be and no one seems to follow-up and keep track of them. So, we have to clean up after them and... read more

No more nascar

Lowe's, the home improvement chain that has sponsored Jimmie Johnson since his NASCAR Cup Series debut in 2001, announced Wednesday that it won't return to the seven-time champion's car after this season. The company is leaving the sport and will not... read more

Lowe's handled this so wrong

Lowe's handled this so wrong. They kept telling people to find other positions and unless it was a position like 2 steps down or more they wouldn't consider you cause they want to reduce your salary. It's a joke. I am still a CSA 5 and have another... read more

Paid for leads

Is this happening at your store? It was mentioned in the morning meeting that Lowes is paying associates $10.00 for each lead for the PSI/PSE sales people. Not sure it is when the lead is entered or when the sale is made. They made a big deal out of... read more

Seasonal Hiring, Part Time Cuts, and Bonuses

Seasonal Hiring came to a screeching halt at our store. Even though they are still saying they are hiring, they aren't. Big banner outside hanging on the building is just for show. Totally lying to the public to make things look better then they are... read more

"Year of accountability"

Fellow service, support, and assistant management staffers! Have you lately been questioned about knowingly minuscule things that now possibly put your job in jeapordy? I was invited to speak with our store Human Resources lately, and multiple... read more

Lowe's February 2018 layoffs

Credit went today. They offered us a new position. Thanks, Lowe’s. 8 years of dedication and you just screwed me as well as the other who take on my workload with no pay increase. Any more info on yesterday's layoffs? Has anything else been hit? And... read more

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