Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Meeting with the ASM and DS.

I was recently called into the office by the ASM and DS to discuss why I was not taking lunch and getting overtime every week. Well of course the real answer is that we are severely understaffed and I am taking care of the customer. They told me I... —  read more 

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Hey Team

What Constitutes a Team? By definition a team is a distinguishable set of two or more people interacting toward a common goal with specific roles and boundaries on tasks that are interdependent and that are completed within a larger organizational... —  read more 

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Merit Badges Are A Joke

Since Marv & company took over the merit system is strictly a b-ho-e lickers game. The SM’s have a select few associates walking around with their vests covered. They look like the General of military command. Then they all rush to post their photo... —  read more 

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Good SM do not stay very long?

Does it seem to you that if you ever had a good store manager, that he/she left very quickly and that in their place, as a rule, came a worse SM who stayed much longer. I worked in 2 stores and the same thing happened in both of them, when a good... —  read more 

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Who am I kidding?

There is a part of me that still loves my job. I love working alongside my coworkers and assisting customers. I hate the stressful environment caused by lack of staffing, mismanagement and being overworked. I’ve been working for a long time; have... —  read more 

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Store Operations

Store operations have hit an all time's just pathetic! Not sure if it's just me or my store, but everything is chaotic... nothing makes sense anymore!

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No News is Good News

I've noticed that there hasn't been any significant news in a some time. No manager restructure, no specialist eliminations, no ridiculous policies to be implemented. Is it possible the Marv and friends are trying to stay on the down-low, are they... —  read more 

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There is a new DMIS in N-TX that does not know what a ‘Detail’ is! Someone please help him understand what a ‘detail’ is!

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I thought it was amazing that our leadership went on the low down to give everyone the email address to forward communication to them anonymously so that they could stop all the extra double triple quadruple emails that we receive on a daily basis. ... —  read more 

Leadership teams

How many locations have leadership teams that show no motivation and lack the qualities needed to inspire their employees? How many have proven to be uncaring, unmotivated, and have traits/characteristics better served outside of the retail industry?... —  read more 

I bet

I bet the original founder of lowes would turn over if he could see how these turds in charge have decimated his once honorable and respected buisiness.

Working for Lowes

Does anyone remember when it was difficult to get a job at Lowes? lowes could pic and choose who was best to hire. Now it seems like if you can walk in the door and are breathing you're hiredl. SAD

Up to 17

So there's a sign " $17.00/ hr" for new hires plastered at the Pro desk. This isn't sitting well with the lumber kids making $12 to 13/HR. Nice work Marvin, you dum dum...

New "Project Fee"

No more install office, no more assigned "production" office coordinators, calls to the installation call center are answered by low paid employees who are just reading screens and emailing stores asking to do things.....but despite the complete... —  read more 

The departure

I agree with the threads on here. Sick to see this place go downhill and sabotaged like its been. What gets me is all the people you have known and worked with for double digit years, leave like the ending of the movie oceans 11. Smart no doubt, but... —  read more 

Love Lowes

I love working at Lowe's. Everyday, I walk into the Appliance Department to get inundated by pleasant, patient and considerate customer's. We have plenty of product in stock to sell. A well staffed front end is ready and willing to help pull and load... —  read more 


Some one needs to call the ethics hot line about Marv. Oh that's right Marv doesn't have any ethics.

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