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Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Contact your congressman

If you are an Lowe’s associate losing their allowance/spiff, Contact your Congressperson about the lies Lowes has told you. Also TV, newspaper, talk radio anyone you can. Let’s not go like sheep to the slaughter

house of negativity more and more negativity

Cut Cut Cut.Take away take away take away. The projected share price for lowes stock January 2025 is 190 per share. D E shaw the activist investor group who got involved with lowes is the major force behind what is happening with Lowes. The only... —  read more 

So the real story...

RTM is a rolling change maybe up to 4 months (they will Be given a 4 week heads up) then will be moved to a csa 4 on the floor if they want. LNS loses title only. Some stores will split pro and lumber and add a supervisor. Some stores add a Oslg ds... —  read more 

RTM, Specialists Garden Confirmed!

RTM , specialists garden confirmed. Pro services supervisor some stores by volume maybe splitting into 2 , other specialist for now stay as it is but just for now , PSE will be out second quarter 2020

Position Changes

No more RTM, no more LNS, no more PRO service department supervisor, losing install coordinator.

Lowe's W2

Need information - where can I download my Lowe's W2. I was let go last year, I have no access to Lowe's systems. Not sure if I can get an online copy somewhere. Please help.

My 2 Cents

Changes in 2020... Company is rethinking HR in stores. ASA will see more responsibilities along with higher pay in 2020. What a slap in the face to the HR managers that left only to bring in less qualified to perform the same task.

The Master Plan

They're going to make changes that go directly to more profits (cut manpower) to drive up stock. Then sell and bail. Just like J.C. Penny. Notice they (Penny's) are closing more stores again. When you only aim to please shareholders, you... —  read more 

Lowe’s Is In A Time Warp

Under the Marvettes one day at Lowe’s is one month in normal space/time. Yes folks, all the money saved from the store cuts has really been spent on a warp engine. You can be off one day and return to find a whole month of normal space/time... —  read more 

Cash office

Cash office is cut dow to 3 hours and the rest of the time on the sales floor. How long untill they eliminate the position all together?

Lowe's is horrible to work for

Don't get me wrong, things were never perfect. But in the last couple of years, it went from bad to worse. Now I have a feeling I'd be happier flipping burgers at McDonald's.


Hello overnight traveling team.... Goodbye......?

Untrained employees

I have found that there are more people that make eye contact with customers now than when I worked at Lowes a year ago. But if that employee has no clue about drywall, doors, hardware or pretty much anything - then why are they there? The top... —  read more 

Tax Info

Former Lowe’s employee here from last year’s LP purge. I went onto the taxform.com website for my W-2, but it still only mentions the release date for last year. Any word on when the 2019 forms might be available?

Asset Protection

Was wondering if anybody had any information as to what's is to come with AP. As we all know the new structure is not working. Are they going to add some positions back, more cuts, who knows? Srapm here and I know the dapms just had a meeting.



Treat us as you want to be treated

How about having the young overpaid young smart mouth non working hands in their pockets disrespectful punks carry the shift not asking for the day. This is the future if Lowe's they might as well stay at home and have Lowe's send them a check for... —  read more 

Another Outsider

From, you guessed it? Taco Bell. Holy Chalupa! Chief Brand and Marketing Officer. Marissa Thalberg.

Lowe's Business Plan

Do you think Lowe's has a long-term business plan or is Marvin and his merry band of Marvettes just making this up as they go along?

Constant Change for the Sake of Change?

Everyone at corporate seems to think everything is broken and needs corrective action. The result is silly meaningless change. Considering they also seem to think everything at the store level costs too much, it’s no surprise that the ship is... —  read more 

Post ID: @OP+12UKyk0K

Any way to anonymously report...

a Store Manager who always leaves 15 - 45 minutes early every time they are scheduled? Does Corporate even keep track of whether or not salaried employees are working the hours that they get paid for?

Cabinet and Appliance Specialists gone

Along with the new changes, Appliance specialists are being replaced by Pacific Sales, yes, 3rd party! Also cabinet specialists are being replaced by in house Vendor reps. At at least with the vendors and Pacific Sales, applications will be accepted... —  read more 

Adding 53,000 Jobs

Lowe's to hire more than 53K this spring https://www.retaildive.com/news/lowes-to-hire-more-than-53k-this-spring/569767/ Lowe's on Thursday announced it plans to hire more than 53,000 full-time, part-time and seasonal workers this spring... —  read more 

positions eliminated end of fiscal year

The specialist and pro positions are going away to be replaced with the position of area sales specialist. The number of associates in the new position will be reduced, the number of new specialists in a store will be determined by store volume. ... —  read more 

Us marble

Just so you know the OP is right https://www.themorningsun.com/news/remus-company-emails-employees-that-it-is-shut-effective-immediately/article_3a906258-2f1e-11ea-b410-df0b5372d204.html

Us marble

Us marble has ceased operations as of Jan 3 2020.i don't have the link. But Google the morning sun mt pleasant no. For the story

How will the last allowance week work?

Save a last minute change, we know the allowance is being eliminated. This ends effective February 1st but what happens to the last week? The pay check on January 31st is for the period ending 1/24. So will they pay the one week allowance ( week... —  read more 

Ask Yourself

2 Basic Questions. Do I trust the current leadership or the lack of going into 2020? Do I have a future here?

Another roll-out, another failure.

https://newsroom.lowes.com/news-releases/lowes-yardi-partnership/ So, here is yer ANOTHER roll out w/ zero communication or training to associates. I found this by doing a Google search for "current Lowe's news". Its a good idea, and might... —  read more 

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