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Delivery Coordinator interview

I was among the LP staff that was laid off. Well I reapplied for a few other positions and never heard anything back. This week I was contacted and asked to interview for the Coordinator position in my old store. Is lowes delivery services on thier... read more

When will the mass layoffs take place?

Don’t have any info but It’s hard to think that we won’t be seeing at least other big round this year. As the summer is nearing does it make sense to think that May or June are the months when we could see such a round. Has anybody heard anything?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Depot

(To the tune of “its beginning to look a lot like Christmas”) It’s beginning to look a lot like Depot, Everywhere you turn Take a look at the 5 for 10 And the font it’s written in With cluttered lanes and top stock that overflows.. Oh it’s beginning... read more

Delivery hours.

We do roughly 18-24 deliveries per day. I have 3 drivers. A CDL, a box van driver that is back up CDL and a Non CDL, I get told we have to open our trucks up to take 18 boxes and 7 flat beds, but we can’t have OT in delivery. How the hell do you make... read more

1213 DM needs to quit.

He’s a bully. He yells at associates in aisles. He lies. He is always In an unreasonably mood. He calls stores to ask his family members to get special treatment. He is bad for Lowes. He came up with code 5, where cashier waits for 5 customers to be... read more

Thoughts about the lowedown...

Anyone else find the lowedown to be condescending and unrealistic? The dog and pony act is the same every week. New ridiculous goals are the only difference. This is supposed to be our marching orders for the week, yet has become a 45 minute joke... read more

If it looks like a duck.........

Why is anyone doubting Lowes at this point.... heres what they excel at doing: Never be the competition , just copy the competition Don't structure your business to treat your employees with respect and honesty, make stuff up as you go, after all... read more

100 Days? Well, my store is CUTTING hours!

So, I am one of VERY few with power licenses in my entire store. And, its been amping up last few weeks with spring weather in NJ. I am constantly put in a position to either: Take off vest and leave as scheduled or.... Loads the customers, make the... read more

What they are doing is not right

Every store the same. Marvin & Co did a "task force", and spied on AEP's (now called PSM's) and their superiors then fired who they deemed werent doing their jobs. Then, they had the task force spy on stores, to see if Pro staff was where they are... read more

Topix Forums Shut Down

Looks like they shut down their forums. Pretty lame of them to do it without notice. Looks like the news will be limited to here.

Stocking crew head count

Just curious, what is the head count of your stocking crew. We are working 4am till 10:30am monday through Friday. Head count of people. We are a 35 million dollar store. We are getting more freight in than previous years but our crew has not grown... read more

OMG Where are the morals anymore?

I walked in today had to go up to the office to get with a ASM I walk in and our Store Manager has a department supervisor in tears yelling at them? What did this person do to warrant such treatment? I asked them later what it was about. The... read more

I'm confused

Lowes said they closed the Mexico stores because they couldn't compete with Home Depot. Lowes corporate can't come up with an original idea to save their lives. What about Lowes depot?

Paint cans..

I was tasked today with putting all our paint cans at an angle to match how Home Depot displays theirs. The color instruction sheet provided actually had a photo of a Home Depot paint aisle (orange racking and all).. Marvin and Joe... you are not... read more

Part Timers offer full time jobs

Not sure that this is even worth posting but here it goes. Two part timers at my store that were employed from the beginning of the year were offered full time jobs. That seemed a little strange to me, and pised me off at the sam time, as a lot of... read more

Fired after eight years

Was fired today by Lowe’s after a customer complaint. Customer came into store wanted a piece of mirror glass cut then gave the measurement in meters told customer we only use inches or feet customer ask me if I was stupid then started to walk away... read more

Vacation Time?

A question to all of you out there, I am a tenured associate who gets their 3 weeks of vacation I have put in 4 requests now all 30 days out and my store manager continues to deny every request. He will not tell me why and says vacation even though... read more

What will Marvin come up with next?

Looks like the leadership is running in circles, not many things that they planned turned out to be in the benefit of the company. What I’m wondering is what are they planning to do next. Are they going to stick blindley to their flawed visions how... read more

What do you do?

Ever had an ASM who was more than happy to throw you under the buss with customers - even when it is obviously not your fault? What do you do in that case? Is there even anything to do if he is really good with the GM? It's not an isolated case, and... read more

A part of a multi-level managerial corporation

to use that logic asm and sm have no real authority either. youre all part of a multi-level managerial corporation. at each level youre the b--ch of the level above you. the higher you go the more abuse you take to maintain the position you have. the... read more

Changes to 401K

Anyone understand the letter sent out? We can no longer have more than 25% of our 401K in Lowes stock? Am I reading this right?

What happens after the season is over?

Call me paranoid, but I tend to think that they will use that period, when all comes down to perform more layoffs of long time employed full-timers, rather than letting go the newly employed part timers. What is the realistic possibility of that... read more

Great, less workers, same number of managers

How in the world can anybody tell me that is any way of being more productive. They are cutting the full timers, introducing newbies and par timers, while the management stays untouched(except for a few scapegoats). Seems to me like a recipe for... read more

Feeding the seagulls

So when you go to the beach, do you throw food at the gulls to make them go away? So why does Lowes give money to customers who complain about stupid things? As a PSE I saw this all the time. Example: sold a chain link fence installation project for... read more

Any layoffs rumored?

At my store there more talk about potential schedule changes than there is about layoffs. It’s an odd situation not to ,at least, hear rumors. On the other hand, I doubt that they are done with layoffs, so I could resist to ask on this board has... read more

House of cards

Lowes is spending all it’s resources on new tech ( haven’t seen it yet), advertising (like the Super Bowl billboards that we never saw on tv), IT infrastructure (2000 hires not yet begun), and inventory (for pro customers not in our stores). Makes... read more

New scheduling

Store manager is telling us to not worry that this isn't going effect in our market anytime soon. ASM is telling us its coming soon. We have seen some differences in our schedules, and don't have original matrix days off anymore, is anyone else being... read more

Middle Management Needs To Go

This company is being ran straight down the Toilet by middle management Dead Weight that should have been canned long ago! You want to save money Marvin? Look no further, that’s where you should be laying off and cutting. What an overpaid... read more

Forced Overnights

Are any other employees being forced into overnight shifts and back to days due to seasonal prep, resets, and store presentation? My SM knows I don’t like doing overnights but I have been “voluntold” on 18 shifts so far. I was told that it’s the... read more

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