Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Nothing will change

There are many of us who don’t think this is a bad company. As long as you can overlook the entire BS and just treat it as a job that you get paid for. I know there are a few who come here to vent and it’s actually understandable. But for those who... —  read more 

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Does more $$$ mean more stress?

Anyone accepted a promotion into a management position that they regretted? What was the difference in stress levels and functions? Most of all, was the increase in salary worth it? Were you treated differently by your coworkers because of the... —  read more 

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Time for a Union

List of things for union to fix once established: 30% pay raise across the board(inflation is ki----g us) 5% raises every year Fixed schedules Guaranteed number of hours for PT workers More staffing Defined roles (no covering... —  read more 

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Best employers

In case some are wondering why so many people are leaving Lowe's to join our main competitor: Home Depot is among the best 25 employers in the world. Lowe's is nowhere near the top 100. The fact that it even made the top 200 (barely) is shocking in... —  read more 

Teaming Up

Home Depot and Walmart teaming up. WOW ... What is Lowes going to do about deliveries ? Sink or swim. .. Sink if it's not returned to in- house delivery. If the customer complain enough about in-house something will get done by Lowe's... JB Hunt... —  read more 


Curious to hear from PSE’s that we’re recently laid -off and the circumstances. I was forced to relinquish over COVID as numbers that were beyond my control. Adding to this was a new clueless DMIS. Looking forward to hearing your experience. TIA —  read more 

Lowes Blows

1) Third Party Delivery: a disaster, 2) elimination of Hr: inept Managers can't even get a schedule rotation correct. Vacation days don't get approved in a timely basis. 3) Elimination of Plumbing Spec, results: nobody knows how to sell fixtures... —  read more 

Its time

The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect the protected Post keeps getting removed. So much for freedom of speech and posting facts. Just not the narrative they want... —  read more 

New company, different rules

I worked at Lowe’s for 5 months and after gaining some experience, I found a new job. Here I was subjected to extreme micromanagement, in the beginning there were a lot of objections to my work because supposedly “I didn’t know anything about that... —  read more 


Make sure you do AP4Me and pick out an outfit for your own Starman. It’s the most professional thing you will do at Lowe’s. After all, corporate treats us like mo--ns.

Sink or swim

I believe that the feeling that all new hires have is - sink or swim. My friend's daughter got a job in the store where I work and I, despite my best intentions, can't help her much. How can she know how to do work if no one shows her? It’s awful... —  read more 

Hiding COVID

My store is in district 1282. We have a ton of COVID in the store and their hiding it. Tons of people have it but not if you ask management. They want you to tell them if you have it but they wont tell you if the employee you work with all day has... —  read more 

Working overnight

I am interested in the experiences of people who work overnight because I am thinking that it would be more suitable for me to work overnight. The day shift no longer suits me for some private reasons. Is it too strenuous? Is it much worse than a day... —  read more 

Run Away

I’m about to run outta this place, and never look back. Miserably hot sales floor, terrible scheduling with the ridiculous “customer centric” rotation, low morale, new ASM’s that are lost and overwhelmed. A totally disconnected and far removed... —  read more 

More layoffs coming?

Has anybody heard anything about more layoffs being on the way? I think if they mandate vaccines it won't be necessary, enough people will quit rather than be forced to get a jab. But if there's no mandate, then I think we might be looking at another... —  read more 

Pandemic bonus

Just heard that we are again going to be receiving a bonus for our service during the continuing pandemic. Once again the part time employees will be getting half of what the full time employees get, Apparently the risking of our lives is only worth... —  read more 

The gutting of receiving

Just found out they’re taking most of receiving for Marvins tool rental one receiver going to the floor another going to tool rental department that leaves one person in receiving plus a clerk way to go Time to get the he-l out of here

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