Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

New Attendance Policy

Here's the new policy that will be introduced at the all store meeting: Kronos will be taking over. 17 days advance schedule New late/early in will be moved back to 6 minutes. Flagged for mispunches, late and early ins. 7 callouts in rolling 12 month... —  read more 

MST struck by COVID

Houston store, Never heard from store management, but two down with COVID, one being tested, another one out (don’t know status. They were around other employees in the break room. Store does not social distance, people still come in with no masks... —  read more 

I'm done

I feel sorry for the folks I leave behind in my store but I finally found a new job and I'm not going back there ever again. For months I've had to do the job of three-four people because we were that short staffed while the manager kept promising... —  read more 

Really poor pay raises

I understand that the pandemic has changed a lot, that a lot is different now and I am happy that I still have a job. However, generally speaking, it is very unfortunate that after 15 or more years of work the pay raise is so small, almost not worth... —  read more 

Lack of Leadership

We have an outbreak in our store. I blame the Store Manager and every leader all the way up to Marvin. Nobody took it seriously. Nobody wore masks, just used them as chin straps. No cleaning. No social distancing at all. One of the... —  read more 

January restructure

Management at my store has made comments about yet another restructure coming in January they are very tight lipped about it the only thing they would say it mostly is about the back end operations anyone have any more info

Dirty Deeds

I wonder if standing in puddles of urine in the employee men’s restroom due to overflowing urinals, is conducive to fighting Cv-19? It amazes me with the collective filth in our stores (oh the salesfloors look great! Mustn’t make SM look bad to the... —  read more 

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Encouraging others to leave

Constructive advices are always welcome, but I don’t understand those who come here to leave a post saying ‘we should all leave the company as soon as possible’. I mean hey, we all know what tough working conditions we have here and I believe we are... —  read more 

Scheduling cashiers problem

There are abnormally long lines in my shop. It’s chaos all day long and this company doesn’t stop unpleasantly surprising us day after day. The problem is that management obviously doesn’t care and doesn't schedule cashiers. Do you also have this... —  read more 

I stopped stressing

I know a lot of us are overworked, understaffed and not given enough hours to complete the work list we’ve been given. I understand how it is because I’m in the same boat. But here’s the thing. I quit stressing over that entire BS. I’m giving it... —  read more 

Long term disability

I had to retire after Heath issues made it impossible to continue working at Lowe’s. Pray that you never need your LTD coverage. Lowe’s contract with Cigna is a huge scam. Lowe’s should be ashamed of themselves for offering LTD coverage from the... —  read more 

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