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One of the worst parts of my week is listening to the smug self righteous arrogance of Joe and Bill. The disconnect between them and what is actually happening in the store is massive.

New sales bonus for Sale Specialist

Anyone else notice that after October it will end? Seems like a way they are phasing out The winning together Bonus without causing a uproar of unhappy associates. THOUGHTS...???

August 11th Specialist Meeting

Anyone hear that there is mandatory sales specialist meeting on August 11th? We start new program on the 1st. Why wait 11 days for meeting? Thoughts?

Constantly understaffed

Are we the only location that has been constantly understaffed for the past several months? The number of customers keeps increasing - even with the COVID-19 numbers also going up - and yet we are getting no help. Some of us have to cover several... —  read more 

Not Qualified

Just hired a new appliance cabinets and mill-work super and he only knows about one of those departments and got hired from MST. Why would they not hire a more qualified person for the job?

Coming back to Lowe's for part time

I am considering coming back to Lowe's part time. I put in my 2 weeks notice after working full time for over 14 years less then 90 days ago. Will I still be in the system and be able to keep my old employee number? Also, is my seniority gone? I... —  read more 

Lowes Layoffs 2019

Make a prediction and tell us what you think about Lowes Layoffs in 2019 -- Thoguhts??


Is it fair that our new store manager that came from Target is only hiring those who worked with him at Target. He’s not giving anyone a chance in the store who has experience. Won’t even interview them, only previously employed Target employees... —  read more 

Any truth to this?

I’m hearing the elimination of flooring, plumbing, millwork, appliance as home decor specialists. Pros go any and pro desk specialists and cabinets remain for now with no decrease, just title change. The phaseout will be gradual and employees have... —  read more 

Masks: Make a decision,Marvin

You cant have it both ways. You cant be open for business, and ignore public health mandates. You cannot expect and require us to put ourselves in danger ever minute because you are too chicken sh– to enforce something designed to save all of our... —  read more 

Lazy Associates

Is anyone tired of working their butts off while certain associates with in the department just wonder around and be a social butterfly. I'm a Specialist and I couldn't tell you the last time my associate has done any task with in the department... —  read more 

Limited workers

These seasonal employees keep getting worse and worse. Think they come in an run the place. Anyone else mean to the ones who think they are here to make friends instead of work.

The latest stupid idea

My DM just forced my store to clear everything off the top shelf in top stock. Sounds good for about 10 seconds. People from all over the store came to my Dept and cleared the top shelf The moved it to 3 different depts, 12 different... —  read more 

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On LOA and my job is gets posted!

My husband is out on leave. He got hurt but it is not a workman’s comp thing. He’s been out for 8 weeks and will be returning in about 2 weeks. He’s now being told that they are posting his job because something changed and now they only have to hold... —  read more 

Sales Specialists Announcement 8/11/20

Specialists schedules have all of us scheduled from 2pm to 3pm this day. I’m scheduled off and was told I had to come in. I have heard they’re cutting some of the specialists positions!

“Talk less and do more”

Funny to read this as his hand picked White VP made comments about small handed contractors and never a word mentioned. Easier to jump on the band wagon than “do more” 'Talk less and do more': Lowe's CEO Marvin Ellison says corporate leaders must... —  read more 

EGO.... Chevron Corp Why?

Am I missing something here,Depot drops them for a reason we pick em up? Confused were chasing number 1 in Home Improvement,they don't think something not working or will. Lowe's says will make it work? Too much covid money to play with.... what's... —  read more 


Since Lowe's is Home Depot, when are plants moving to pay by scan and getting rid of the LNS position?

PSE/PSI Program to End

Marvin talked about in the latest Round table but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it coming. It is no longer profitable and the number of lawsuits and overall complaints about the program has sky-rocketed. Time to put it out of it's misery... —  read more 

Lowes Layoffs 2020

Post any information about potential or actual Lowes Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?


My 401 hit a new milestone yesterday - $500,000. I hope everyone is taking advantage of this benefit from the the company.

Overtime pay lawsuit

The lawsuit, a PDF of which can be viewed here, accuses Mooresville-based Lowe’s of not compensating its non-exempt hourly managers for work performed while those employees were off the clock. The company has “maintained a policy and practice of... —  read more 

Can freezer door be removed to fit?

Our doorway to where we want to put this freezer is 1 1/2 in too small. Is removing the door and putting it back in an option when getting a new freezer delivered?

Marvin Ellison is Clueless

Another Friday, & another Marvelous Podcast to listen to. What will he tell us he’s cutting today? Or perhaps, it’ll be about more choreographed store visits. You can rest assured you won’t hear anything innovative or differentiating. Perhaps he’ll... —  read more 

Receipt Surveys

Has anyone had their manager call them and tell you to get surveys done, the ones on receipts? We are constantly called upon to take surveys on any receipt we can find or any phone order receipt. Of course give all 10s, even though there is no way... —  read more 

$300 payout

Which check is the $300 payout suppose to appear on? If it's the 17th, I wonder why its not showing up.


So, I can confirm the rumors that Lowe’s is deliberately cutting back on full time associates. I saw an email that my store manager left open on a computer in one of the offices. It was about approving some recent postings of positions in the store... —  read more 

What's selling the most in y'all's stores?

Is it home decoration or hardline stuf where you see the real demand? Are they both swamped. I can share what's happening with mine, but I'm wondering if it's consistent across stores. Anyone else seeing supply chain issues on appliances... —  read more 

ASMs are toast

Worked through corona and now losing my job. Huge profits, what a corporation

Associate tests positive.

So our money room associate just tested positive for Coronavirus and they (management/corporate?) Determined that NO OTHER ASSOCIATE was at high risk so no one else was sent home to quarantine and our store is operating like nothing happened. Is... —  read more 

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