Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lowe's Cos.


With the migration of Millwork to Central Quoting coming soon, waters heater installs sold through corporate ,migration from M2o to then new system, more Appliance sales online etc., etc., I’m thinking more Specialists are going to be given that... —  read more 

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Here is a good one

Sent my son to Lowe’s to get a chain saw, bar oil and 2 cycle oil additive. I said ask someone who works there they will hook you up with the right products. Nope he stood around for 45 mins waiting for someone to help. Then the kid who looked high... —  read more 


PSE thinks specialists should handle his f-ups, complaints and replacement parts orders because “he doesn’t have a co-ordinator”. Give me a break! As a Millwork Specialist without a CSA in the department, and a do-nothing Dept Mgr, I make half the... —  read more 

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Customers leaving

I totally understand customers who decide to go somewhere else. I just wonder how many long-term and loyal customers this company loses on a monthly basis? Loyalty and customer relationship are built over the years, but it takes very little for... —  read more 

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Lowe’s keeps the stores way too hot. Customers complain, and they aren’t working in this heat fir eight hours. Mustn’t run the energy too high!

Buck Breaking Store Manager

I am one of the few black guys that’s works at my store. I work in plumbing, but my male store manager is always making se-ual remarks, wants to wear a female cheerleader outfit at store meetings, and calls me “cute”. I need this job but I feel like... —  read more 

Lowe's is toxic

Why does Lowe's management think it's okay to treat employees like trash and to belittle them at every turn? No person should have to go through the treatment we undergo here daily. This place is toxic. No matter how hard you work, you will still be... —  read more 

Store policies

Come work at our store our management doesn't follow the Lowe's policy they have their own rules and regulations we got two people that broke the rules and regulations . They will not do anything about it because we think they are playing favoritism... —  read more 

Corporate visit

So our regional VP, district manager, and a whole crew of other corporate folks were in to visit today. They walked around the store, didn’t help a single customer, and made a work list several pages long. We are already at half capacity and now... —  read more 


Why does management get a pass for everything but we have to be flexible and do what’s needed because of mistakes with staffing? Why can’t management be the flexible ones? Why can’t we hire managers who are not short sighted and will staff... —  read more 


I have made 13 years as of May we all can see the good times are gone from staffing management bonus commission etc. Wow I have decided to go in with faith part time will be good for me I have other goals and things going when its time its time don't... —  read more 

Then and now

When I worked for Lowe’s I was so consumed with work that I became constantly fatigued. Any interests I had outside of work fell to the wayside including family and friends. I was always angry or moody because of how much was expected from me to be... —  read more 

What we deserve

It’s not unreasonable to expect healthy and balanced conditions in our work environment. In fact - we all deserve it. No company is ever perfect but for employees to thrive and be capable of productivity those things are a huge necessity. From... —  read more 

This word...

I've noticed has been widely used in Lowe's land lately... de·ba·cle /dāˈbäk(ə)l,dəˈbäk(ə)l/ noun plural noun: debacles a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco.

Memorial Day Sales

Customers ask “What’s your big promotions for Memorial Day”? I say, “Not much, we are out of everything!” or “You can buy two appliances and only receive one damaged”. “Check out our extensive Scratch and Dent Third Party promotions!”


Third Party Delivery: the last impression of the Lowe’s experience that is left for the customer to witness. A complete and utter disgrace. No matter what kind of service, expertise or professionalism we might give the customer in the store, it is... —  read more 

do not call AR

It is not worth to report something to AR. They will always talk to the AreaHR and it will get leaked out to others who told and why. Then the SM will be very sneaky but find legal ways to retaliate. Trust me - not a good idea to call AR

Rich Get Richer

Anyone else feel like we are working ourselves to death in the understaffed, hot, stressful stores with impatient customers and no inventory to sell (Appliances)? I sell it, pull it, load it. I might have to start manufacturing the damn things too... —  read more 

Any thoughts

Just wondering....Are the specialists in your store working the registers to make their numbers. There's a couple or four here that works the registers all day two or three times a week

A living he-l

I know it’s hard to believe but I really enjoy my job. I like the customers I meet and for the most part I like my coworkers. But there is just one that stands out who makes it difficult for me and I can’t understand why. I am always courteous and... —  read more 

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