Topics regarding layoffs at Loyola University New Orleans

Topics regarding layoffs at Loyola University New Orleans

More layoffs at Loyola

Things are definitely not looking up here at Loyola. We were told Monday that 25 full timers are being laid off, with five more being switched to part time. In all honesty, this only seems like a band-aid solution. We can only hope something more... — read more 

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12 faculty members to be laid off

Not good news. At all... 12 professors will be laid off by Loyola... Total 60 are laid off... Loyola University is going to reduce its work force by cutting 60 positions as the institution continues to search for new ways to cut costs, according to... — read more 

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More on Loyola Layoffs

Struggling to plug a longstanding budget deficit, Loyola University has laid off more than two dozen staffers, or about 6 percent of its full-time employees, and will temporarily curb its contributions to employees' retirement plans, school officials... — read more 

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Placed on probation

After years of financial turbulence due to dips in undergraduate enrollment, Loyola University of New Orleans has been placed on a year of probation by its accrediting agency... — read more 

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Waiting to find out what will happen during the next stage of these budget cuts is very frustrating. At least during the first round, employees knew what was being offered. The secrecy for the second round is ridiculous!

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3 options on table.

The 3 options that have been mentioned are: Sallary cuts up to 5%, cutting of 401K benefits and mass layoffs. The layoffs appear to be the most likely scenerio. Many people on the staff side are looking to jump ship.

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