Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Women shoes Florida.

Just found out that we are switching to hourly effective Feb 1st. Haven't spoke to the store manager yet as of what kind of compensation I will receive, I'm guessing that will happen this coming week. Has anyone spoken to their manager and if so how... —  read more 

No friends

Remember no one at Macy’s is truly your friend. At this point any will throw you under the bus for their own gain Trust no one and do not let coworkers in your personal life or social media


Are there any other stores out there that does not have a Store Manager but have a "Store Mentor " ? My store has gone through several and the newest one is pretty much a demon. Has only been to the store 3 times since tbe beginning of 3rd Quarter... —  read more 

Solutions In Store

Is it me or is "Solutions in Store" a joke. Why is it that a previous HR MANAGER that worked for the company is working for S.I.S. ??? I was under tbe impression that it was a 3rd party??? So ridiculous. 🙄

Any info.

Besides commission in the Shoes Department going away, any other news on what else might be happening behind the scenes? Sitting on pins and needles as we approach the big shakedown that happens in February.


Former here .. i just login into to get my w2 forms which in the past has be free.. now if i want to download my w2 forms i have to pay Macys 20 dollars for past 2 years of w2 forms. not only does this seem illegal but its just down right dirty... —  read more 

Waived Wellness Check

Has anyone else experienced the following situation ? A colleague was advised by HR that she had trace contacted Covid. She was told that she had a choice to work or not, and if she choose not to, that she would not be paid. She was also advised if... —  read more 

They're doing you a favor

I've heard Macy's is closing a bunch of stores and I just wanted to tell people who are affected: they're doing you a favor! I was in one of the stores that closed last year. I remember feeling like c-ap, thinking my world was ending. But then it... —  read more 

Too big to fail

M is too big to fail. We may be shuttering over a hundred stores and just the knowledge of that is enough to make any employee scared, but remember we are trying to accelerate our digital business and everything that entails. Every employee has a... —  read more 

SM sends me in

Most of the time when we have an irate customer my SM doesn’t want to deal with it even though she is specifically asked for. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, I have to drop it and tend to these customers because, as she says it, I have “value... —  read more 

best of comments board

its kind of makes me laugh after reading everyone else post about big ole M yet we do not even know each other or what store but have the same experience's.. so i gather a few comments to post here 1:I’ve only been at Macy’s for 2.5 years and I... —  read more 

What are your plans?

My store is on the list to be shuttered. I knew this day might come but to actually face it seems surreal. Are there others out there who feel as I do? I know I should have a backup plan and I do, somewhat. The thing is, I’ve been with the company... —  read more 

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