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Watch out

Just came from a meeting where concerns were raised about IT support, regarding outsource. These guys were let go due to pay scale and benefits. Never mind the job they did......they were targeted because of years of service and pay. So warning to... read more

neighborhood stores, visual?

What does the visual position look like for neighborhood stores? Is visual eliminated and just done by sales staff? how is the visual roll transitioning?

Neighborhood 100 doors?

Does anyone know when the stores who are truly going to be a part of the Neighborhood 100 strategy will get notified? I know of some stores but not there are some still waiting . Will it roll out in phases ?

Don't count on security

Several groups of Senior Directors and Store Managers (all of whom were VP's just a week ago) realize and discussed the changing culture at Macy's. We no longer have the once a year announcements in January, we no longer have the 11 months of job... read more

No store cuts this year?

They are not cutting the stores or districts this year. Only Regional level and above is being cut. Where did you hear this? Is this a guess or is there something concrete behind it? It would be really nice to know that we can relax and enjoy some... read more

More store closures predicted

This isn't news to many of us who work at Macy's. Things have been going in the wrong direction for a long while now, and something's got to give. "Expect More Store Closings at J.C. Penney and Macy's"... read more

VPSM Title change?

I have heard that the VP is being dropped from the VPSM title. Any truth to this? I mean, it was over used anyways. Also heard pay structure changed for them? Would assume bonus structure?

RB Harrison gone

Sad to hear RB was let go. Smart guy! The two stooges, Jeff and Hal are nuts. They are too busy running around with VR headsets on ! Like really Guys! Fake figures too. Sales are not being generated from these. Customers hate them!!

Beware of "Streamlining"

From the Press Release today: Macy's launches multi-year productivity program to fund reinvestment in the business; streamlines management structure Annual comparable sales growth of 1.7% on an owned basis; 2.0% on an owned plus licensed basis Annual... read more

Who got fired?

Whose salary got turned to savings?
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Store level layoffs?

With the (much needed) culling of the management yesterday, I'm thinking we might hear about store level layoffs sometime really soon. Has it ever happened that we were spared when it came to Macy's attempts to cut costs in the past? I do hope this... read more


What are a the calls and announcements today??

What the hell are you doing to Macy's Jeff?

You owe yours employees (what you have left), an explanation. You layoff HR, MST, store Managers to name a few. Have you seen the stock price? Proud of this Jeff and Hal......oh, that's right, Hall dumped a million plus in our Stock in... read more

Does it make sense to consolidate further?

I don't see enough progress in the stores. Staffing is slim, standards continue to slip, and the product assortment is not compelling. I'm curious to hear some ideas. If you were the CEO what actions would you take to get things back in order?

Deleted posts

Interesting that some recent posts have been deleted? Too much truth?

We need to focus on customer service and experience

Macy’s needs to focus more on “Customer Service” and the “Customer’s Experience” rather than pushing their CREDIT CARD! Instead of making a BIG freaking deal out of a colleague getting 8 credits in a day, how about a BIG freaking deal for the way... read more

Field Service may come back in-house

Look what happen when they out sourced facilities maintenance to SRI about 20 years ago. Only lasted a few years before it went back in house. I'm going to miss my many friends in MST

Take your package and don't ever look back

As former MST laid off last year...this is completely unsurprising. The only shocking part is that it didn't happen sooner. Face it folks, Macy's is penny wise and pound foolish...why pay for technicians to fix your stores when you can blow your... read more

Field Services Outsourced

Internal announcement today that all of Field Services has been outsourced to NCR. Around 350 are losing their jobs. Not sure if NCR can do the job Field Services did, I always had a great relationship with that team.

Why do you stay at Macy's?

It's obvious that we are failing on all fronts and I don't see us recovering any time soon - if ever. I'm still here mostly because of the people I work with, I am probably in one of the very few stores that have great teams all together, but even... read more


Anyone hear of the new Omni mgr position.

spring budget

Spring 2019 Transition Overview  Transition to new leadership and colleague targets will occur through a multi phased approach starting January 11 through March 8.  Specific budgets and details will cascade on January 14 Target Logic  Staffing... read more

Macy's end of the year b---s---!

It's the end of the year where Macy's tries to make the yearly sales number by having daily conference calls about budgets and hours. Only letting stores spend to budget and not on credits from programs thus creating backlog for every store and... read more

Receiving changes

I work in a district where 5 stores receiving schedule were changed on the days of a truck. Normally the shift on the day of a truck would be 6a-3pm it's now going to be 12-9pm. Not a big deal since it's retail but they had us sit down with the... read more


what does RTM stand for? are they cutting the MTM's in certain stores?

Store layoffs

Anyone hear if management in stores will be severanced out this year? MTM's? Figured with the restructuring of ap/ops from last year and them taking over some of the mtm's role, this was the writing on the wall.

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