Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Christmas Eve Hours?

Why do the schedules for our furniture gallery show open on Sun 12/24 until 7? In all the years that I worked here we've never been open later than 6PM on Christmas Eve. The mall that we're associated with is closing at 6pm as usual.

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Cutting hours during holiday? We are told not overtime, stay on budget. Anyone else getting this message?

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No bags.

This company is just ridiculous. We are pretty much out of bags and they are making customers buy a backstage reusable bag for .99 if they want a bag. How do we not have bags in December. And they are trying to save on payroll. It’s all so... —  read more 

Shoplifter Carry Out

Funniest thing happened in our store on Black Friday. One of the managers saw two customers coming down the escalator from from the home store and they each were carrying a Kitchen Aid mixer. Since they looked like they were struggling to carry... —  read more 

January Hunger Games

Any new info out there for the significant cuts coming? I hear major cuts to the SMM/OOM/MBAs. Of course this is to add hourlies to the floor (chuckle). Heard a cherished position might return to help make stores look good again. Any other news? —  read more 

Let’s Check Out

In our Macys, a smaller door, once a “growth 150 door”, customers still seem very confused that all the registers are gone throughout the store and they need to look for “Let’s Check Out” by an exit, much like they would do at Kohl’s, Target or a... —  read more 

Winter Layoffs?

Has anyone heard anything. Macys notious to layoff dec/ jan. Corporate & Retail. I dont think they did last year (to save PR face) which makes me concerned for this year. Any corporate insight / chatter would be appreciated.

Path to Broke

Our store manager shared that we missed the path to growth bonus for Q3 making it only one quarter this year where we made an extra .25 cents an hour. Last year we made bonus every quarter and most of the time it was .35 cents an hour. Sales are... —  read more 

Brightest Idea..

Whoever planned this out their idea was so bright the bulb burnt out... We finished register consolidation a while back, and home was left with 0 checkouts.. They are gonna have fun on Black Friday with customers dragging items to ready to wear or... —  read more 

Running Out of Gas

Just finished changing the signing from the LPOS to Friends and Family. Two major, back to back promotions running over half the month. Why do we do this? After two weeks in a row of strong value pricing, we can expect to have tough sales through... —  read more 

Customer complaint ...

My "mananger " keeps saying to me "Customer complaint ...Customer complaint ..." and i do not think its really happening... i think she writing in fake complaints . but hey its normal to have 50 people on top on one person ... of course they are... —  read more 

“Big” visit

I find it so interesting the importance placed on corporate visits v.s. the customers everyday shopping experience. For OVER a year we needed painting, carpets cleaned, LIGHTING! And now that we’re having a BIG regional visit with only 1 person... —  read more 

Feelimg Not Suppprted

I've worked in Retail 28+ years. Started in the late "glorified 80's , partied through the "hyped up 90's" and so far surviving the 2000's and above. As of today, I don't think I've ever felt so mentally drained, physically exhausted and just done... —  read more 

September Layoffs

Is September when annual reviews are performed? This year (and last year), it seems like this is the month when some Store Managers have been shown the door, or left voluntarily. I’m in the Boston area.

New hires

Macys seems to be hiring absolutely anyone who applies. This could include folks with no skill set, no work ethic , anti social behaviors and no reliability. Long term reliable staff are subjected to working with them while managers avoid coaching... —  read more 

Switching tags

When we return merchandise and then after they leave, we notice they have switched the tags, has anyone ever voided the transaction?? It had been happening a lot lately. I want to void it but I’m sure that would cause more problems.

*Sits back and eats popcorn.

My Oh My… how the tables have finally turned. After years of promoting the ‘yes man’ mentality, this company has rotted from the core and the downfall has already happened. Now I’m just sitting back and watching the company crumble due to BIG EGOS &... —  read more 

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