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You are not an Executive, "Captain".

Okay, so now that we have officially started, we have no Email, no access to input "Wellness Checks" and are schedules are not to be aligned with the Executives schedules....yet we are still expected to do the same duties??? I'm just happy I didn't... —  read more 

Reviews and Raises from 2019???????

Anyone have any clue when store colleagues are supposed to get our review and/or raise from LAST YEAR?? The upper management got their bonuses but what about the store associates?

Cobra Payment

As part of the severence we recieved the lump sum but the document also talked about a lump sum for cobra. Does anyone know when that will be deposited?

Review process for 2020.

It was announced the other day that the new scorecard would be based upon a certain proportion of sales, survey scores, and star rewards. Fine. However–it was also told to us that this would be our own personal reviews. I can't tell if the manager... —  read more 

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Haven’t gotten Severance pay

Is there anyone who hasn’t gotten their Severance pay? I got the email about the amount I’d get, I remember sigining something on Insite in my messages not too long after-and that was it-never got any other email from Macy’s-what I signed isn’t in my... —  read more 

Severance while on Unemployment

I'm in NY and received my lump-sum severance...I'm assuming this means I can't claim benefits for awhile? Anyone know how this all works? Tried calling but couldn't get through.

My Stylist position

Dose anyone know any information about my stylist ? It seems that my MBA function or override dosent work ??

What is happening with furloughed

I’m starting to get really angry. I believe there are still about 12 people still Furloughed and there is Zero information on when we go back. Everytime I call the store ( if I get through) it’s oh 2 mores Weeks. I’m starting to wonder wtf is going... —  read more 

Black Friday/Thanksgiving

JG's response to closing on Thanksgiving: (i'm paraphrasing a little bit) "If we close on Thanksgiving then Black Friday will be even busier" Ok then why not both?????

A complete mess

How can any colleagues from Macy’s or Bloomingdales be self motivated? When upper level executives realize that the most important part of the inventory are the associates the company might succeed. Frankly I am in disbelief how executives can... —  read more 

Macy's is a shell of what it once was

It's a damn shame that a company that I took so much pride in working for has become what it is today. I could rail on how poorly mismanaged stores are, but what's the point. The company will continue to fail and close stores and layoff hardworking... —  read more 

read the comments words out share holders have spoken

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Mall is done It’s a show down between Macy’s vs Nordstrom now JCPenney is up for sale

Growth Projects?

I think i know the answer to this, but just want to see if anyone can definitively confirm... what is to become of growth projects that were supposed to take place this year? My store was slated to get a backstage

Commuter Benefits Stolen

If you have money on your commuter card, you better go take it now. I was laid off in February and haven't been on the train in months. I went to use the card and it had zero balance. I was told the money was returned to Macy's. Macy's told me they... —  read more 

The only way Macy’s can survive!

The only way Macys can survive is if you get rid of the greedy CEO and Board of Directors who are Pillaging the company for their own financial gain.

Hot as Hell!!!

The air conditioning is horrible in stores! They tell customers they are turning it up to filter the air out to protect for covid but that’s b—s—. When was the last time any of the filters in the vents were even cleaned?! And they shut the ac off... —  read more 

a disgrace!!!!!!!

It is horrible how long you must wait to talk to employee services! There are still colleagues still suspended, colleagues who have questions about their employment, and colleagues who have other questions. Taking some form of HR out of the stores... —  read more 

Great....what else is "new"

So Store's incentives are coming back and People Leaders are now having to write "Goals" for their 2020 reviews in February... How about trying to keep your employees motivated, stop giving bonuses to the Upityups, keeping your employees safe and... —  read more 


Just found out a coworker tested positive in my store. Management won't tell the staff, because the employee been out for a week. I found out through another employee. I am annoyed because I had a interaction with this employee a day or 2 from their... —  read more 

4 wall Store Managers received bonuses

I know it was a tough job deciding who to keep and who to let go... And also having to work the entire period during the pandemic... But I also think bonuses are in the same category as raises and should not be applied to our store managers when... —  read more 

Severance WAY less than stated!

Received my severance deposit this morning. Even after taxes, the net amount is about $700 less than it should be. Anyone have any insight into this? Unless they broke it up into multiple payments, I don’t understand it.

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Support hours...can someone explain them

Since they called back our stores support and let the rest go (some very good, experienced employees) we can't get the job done. The store is a mess, fitting room racks every where, non stop penny, missed markdowns, stockrooms filled, new goods still... —  read more 

Fall lay-offs?

Does anyone have info on fall lay offs? I hear from a previous ast supervisor that they were cutting more in fall...who is left to cut?!!

Does Anyone Know?

my job as a vm was eliminated.. i was offered an ovm position. NOT a fit, doing wellness checks, markdowns, salvages, rtvs, go backs, barely any visual... watching our beautiful G door going quickly down the tubes. some mannequins still dressed in... —  read more 

Unavailable Days

Can someone please update what they know about Unavailable Days? They are up on the PTO request. We are being told we cannot use them because it's not allowed. Is this true?

Visual Captain's Role

Just read the Visual Captain's duties.... I think whoever put this together has obviously not been inside a store lately. Store's are trashed, staffing is bare bones and although you are a "Visual Captain" you are part of the GLOBAL Support Team... —  read more 

What's old is new again.

Bringing back TIPS trainings....really? Someone on top needs to know that the retail landscape is completely different now. Knock knock's the 90's at the door!

Our Health and Safety Standards

Let's go down the list, one by one and see how much of this is true. •Hand sanitizer available- Yes •Masks required- NOPE– not enforceable by employees or managers •Increased cleaning in high touch areas- Well, if you consider 1 person in a... —  read more 

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