Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

We are being set up to fail

I might be paranoid, but it feels like somebody wants to see Macy's fail. I thought this was just the case in my store but it seems to be happening all around. The best people, the people with the most experience are being let go and those who barely... —  read more 

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Was wondering how it's going with NCR at the start of their 3rd year? When we were contracted out at MST we were told it would be faster and better service so how's that "business" decision going?

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Is anyone else's Backstage just out of control? I mean we are receiving at least 120 boxes of B.S. merch six days a week. Who's buying all this garbage? Because shoppers certainly aren't. We have so much our VPSM told us to merchandise it into the... —  read more 

Saturday Observations

Disclaimer: Don't work for Macy's. St. Louis area this past Saturday, rainy day, but fairly nice temps. Midrivers Mall, a B class mall located in the suburbs, that seems to be holding its own for the most part - time will tell, though the pandemic... —  read more 

Another brand leaving She said she want better “ quality “ control over her brand. Yep it’s official Macy’s sells junk


I have been hearing that the company does not offer a severance/buyout anymore when they eliminate your position or close the store. Is this true?

56 store pilot

So Macy’s only shows a recent profit of $160 million Now they are doing a pilot in 56 stores. My guess is this pilot will be a job crusher so they look better on paper and work their dying herd more to death

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Made the decision to leave

Gave my notice and will definitely not be looking back. Going to a job that hopefully will be able to appreciate everything I have to bring to the table. And even if it doesn’t work out, it’s got to be better than here. Anything’s got to be better... —  read more 


Now that reviews have been occurring , will you be able to advise what rating you got (up to 5) AND then what percent of a raise you got, if any. This might relate more to central than stores (nor sure if they have same 1-5 scorecard). Curious... —  read more 

Constant complaining

There's nothing Macy's employees will not complain about, apparently. First you complained because there were no raises and now you're complaining that raises are too low. I don't think there's anything this company could do to make you less... —  read more 

Never good enough?

I can’t stand my manager anymore. No matter how hard I try, I’m not good enough for him. I try not to take things very personally, but it’s very difficult considering I care about this job (at least until I find something else). It’s not that I... —  read more 

I hope we close!

I'm so tired of my store. There isn't a decent person working here! Everybody is lazy and expects others (usually me) to do their job. Managers are nothing but bullies who have their pets who can scroll through their phones the whole day and do... —  read more 

What a wonderful feeling

when you give notice.... What a relief.... I wouldn’t feel better even if I got a raise (which I didn’t). I finally managed to get rid of this joke of a company that doesn't deserve even those employees that put in minimum effort. I’m sure that even... —  read more 

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