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Any news on what will become of salaried sales managers this go round?
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Has anyone had feedback or success dealing with the new HR programs when “opening a case” just isn’t good enough? While MyHR has made it slightly easier and more accessible for all people leaders to preform common/basic HR functions for colleagues... read more

Arizona center cuts

The Arizona center eliminated all non-escalation call leads in the entire center. All backline positions were terminated. Per upper management, severance will NOT be offered to backline reps due to the (temporary/seasonal) customer service position... read more

Q2 Path to Growth Incentive

Any idea when this will be paid? Will it be this Friday? Will Insite be so slllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooww again? $250M forn HR systems upgrade that is c-ap.

Macy's shares plummet

The honeymoon is over, Q2 earnings do not excite many. Back to the drawing board Jeff. Maybe you will need Lampert's help.

No store closings?

Is anybody else shocked that there have been no store closing for at least several months now? Unless I missed something, that is. The way we are going, I was convinced we'd be learning about new closure weekly, if not daily. I guess we are doing... read more

Question for Jeff and Hal

Jeff, as you stated in an interview this month, you noted that you have been with the company for over 30 years. Why then are you targeting long term skilled employees? Employees that have helped shape this company, just as yourself. Employees that... read more

What do you do?

What do you do when your supervisor completely throws you under the buss with a verbally abusive customer? Even if the situation was completely the customers fault and he was fully aware of it? And then he just expects you to accept it and move on... read more

What happens if we are acquired?

I had a customer today that told me we are being sold to Seats owner. What happens? Do we close or stay open during the sale? I really need my job! Does anyone know how this works?

What happened to mtm desktop

Desktops were reworked for August 1st. Did anyone notice the disappearance of mtm desktop.?Or if you found it can you tell me where it is? Seems suspicious. They are messing in things that are not broken. The information in the visual desktop has... read more

Is Fine Jewelry going away??

Has anyone heard a rumor that the "Fine" Jewelry portion of the Jewelry Complex going away? We have been a Total Complex for a few years. They have just combined ALL of cosmetics, so now all counters are responsible for all counters "PRE sale"... read more

Request code

Has anyone else received a request code when you went to sign into Insite? My Macys account was hacked yesterday and today this message!!!!

If you owned Macy's

Ask yourself this question, if you owned Macy's? Unfortunately, Macy's and all retailer's are catering to this world. Ask your grandparent's what they did on Sundays when the stores were closed? When stores closed early on Saturday? They spent time... read more

Macys west credit center

Macys is eliminating back office jobs at west. Billing representatives are becoming phone agents. Any position that does not have a equivalent w level are being let go. Hal is vistiting on Thursday. I guess too see his dirty work or maybe see who... read more

Is it true?

Someone posted earlier that Eddie Lambert is coming to Macy's, is this true? If so, in what capacity?


Has anyone heard the rumor that Birmingham Brookwood Macy’s is closing?

Christmas Hours/Holiday Schedule

Does anybody know if we will be opening on Christmas Day in the NE area? Also, are all the managers working again on Thanksgiving day? ... Just a thought :-(

Last Act is a joke

So someone who is getting a discontinued shoe that was once $98 for $33 wants a discount for a slipping sole. That's the cheap shopper we're bringing in now. I'm in a top 100 store mind you.

CEO on the run

Jeff visiting Northwest G50 Doors last week was run out of one store by Union members. Negotiations for new contract not going well. Macy's wants to open on Christmas Day and Easter, take away PTO days, freeze some of the wages. They chased him in a... read more

Purchasing - Cincinnati Re-Org

Purchasing gone pretty much. Central ordering to stay. Stores on their own to get tracking and other info through Bunzl, Grainger or Staples.
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The Q3 Bloodbath

Since we're halfway through Q2, I thought we could use a thread to post rumors of the coming unpleasantness that happens every July.

Company in Decline!

Hello Jeff Gennette are you alive! The company that you are supposed to turn around is falling apart! Tech support is in India . Hr team is over worked and has no idea what is going on. Buyers have never visited my store . We have so much of the same... read more

Macys insite

What is going on with Insite? I have been with this company for many years and never had a problem.I have been trying to put my Vacation and unavailable days in for 3 days! How can a company like Macys have such bad tech issues? Very poorly managed... read more

To the consistent posting complainers

My goodness. Yes the store closings are horrible. But do you really think we are going to survive with 100s of underperforming stores? And continuing to do the same. We ran the same ODS for 8 years with the same product from season to season. No... read more

The new system, ladies and gentlemen

In our store they cancelled our 8 specialist positions, and replaced us all with 3 shop captains from unrelated areas. Then they did this "Total Store" crap where no one stays in a department long enough to learn anything, and told the Shop Captains... read more

Not paid in guam

So I am part of store that got incentive I see my paycheck posted on insite, its great I check my balance at the atm in morning I didn’t get paid, it’s almost 5 pm still haven’t been paid What the hell? Why is this so hard it’s second quarter we are... read more
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Path To Growth

Has anyone seen their PTG payout amount? How much do you work, what's your position, and how much was it?

Visuals assistant

Does anyone know or heard anything about bringing back visual assistants to those of us who only has a VM?

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