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Macy's the staffing nightmare

As a compnay our "flex" associates are averaging 28-40 hrs a week and stores in my district still can't handle the work load. It has felt like Xmas all year due to this. I love it when district level managers visit , see the workload and make pretend... read more


Points are going away...what is taking its place?

The sad reality of mid level managers

So, if you are a MTM or an OAPM (literally the two worst jobs in stores at Macy's), then you are supposedly an executive employee and such exempt from over time for hours worked in excess of 40 each week. For MTM's, we usually work anywhere from 50... read more

Pension Payout

For those that have been with the company where we have pension payouts, does anyone know how secure this fund is. I was laid off and have been given an option to leave the money in the fund with monthly payments made to me for as long as I... read more


Has anyone seen this? Scam or legit? I can say from my experiences with the company a lot of what is outlined in the link is true and happens daily. Especially with salaried executives... read more

Option 3

Are there any option 3 employees? (20-30 hours) I was option 3 for 7 years but upon returning from maternity leave 6 months ago I am suddenly scheduled between 28 -37 hours. Management is saying I'm not working my minimum, they also said option 3... read more

No coverage

I work in tbc and we are short staff while running 2-3 people per day when you have to have 2 open and 2 closer with block schedule we have 2 open and 1 closer or 1 open and 1 2 closer tbc lead gets the worst schedule open but off Wednesday and... read more

You want to know what a neighborhood store is?

You want to know what a neighborhood store is? It's all of the merchandise crammed into less space, all of the work, with a bunch less people to do it. It's only one checkout on each floor, it's trying to get sales people to do the tasks of support... read more

Neighborhood Stores no longer on hold

Just got word that the neighborhood store changes will start pushing through this summer (June-August). At least for our location. Knowing now how they plan to butcher our store with walls blocking space is honestly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard... read more

Peace to all on This Easter Holiday

Wishing a peaceful Easter to all. For those that are enduring hardship due to job loss, know that for every door that closes another opens. For all my colleagues and friends with IT, (MST) you deserve better and will find better positions else where... read more
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Coming soon?

Has anyone heard 2 fresh managers 2 floor managers 2 membership managers? Rotation of shifts? Comingsoon?? Wire had it briefly then it's disappeared Funny?


Check out Macy’s response to amazon’s comment for retailers to raise their wages. Laughable not all colleagues got bonuses. Shameful corporate greed.

HR ??

Does anyone else that this centralized HR system is a joke . I come out of a building where we don’t have a physical HR rep. We have to use the online portal or phone call to communicate with a HR rep. Feels like people on the other end of the... read more

Fine Jewelry / Complex / Stock.

This whole Jewelry strategy has turned into a joke. The department is completely over staffed for a commissioned department and you have non commission leads selling too. You cant make money. Having to ring 150,000 to get more than 2% is crazy... read more

Growth 50 / 100

While I understand a focus on key high volume stores. Doing nonething for the others makes no sense. You do not need to do full on remodels, reconfiguring the entire store. most stores really need new carpet , new fitting rooms, new lighting and... read more
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Too Many Trunk Shows in Fine Jewelry

It used to be a special event where once a year LeVian or Effy was brought in for a special trunk show. We could talk it up and build excitement because it was a rare event, available only once during the year. Fast forward to today, where now trunk... read more

Northgate Store Closing Early

Don't know if anyone else saw the announcement about closing the Northgate store in Seattle a year earlier than than we were originally told. We heard that several other stores in the Northwest were told that they are closing later this year or early... read more

The Future of Macys... The Directors cut..!

Just over a year ago I decided to leave Macys as a high level Dir. In the e-commerce. But first the backstory. E-commerce had been growing since my arrival by 32% year over year for 5 years. During that tenure there was a big push to streamline the... read more

Who is entitled to severance?

When Macy's closes a store, who is entitled to severance? And how much is it - for those who receive it? Is it a week per year like in most other places or something different?

Plenty of stores are closing

The retail apocalypse is having it's impact on Macy's too, we just aren't doing press releases like the other companies. Lucky for us that so few people want to work at Macy's anymore since we ask so much of our employees, we were told we could take... read more
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Watch out

Just came from a meeting where concerns were raised about IT support, regarding outsource. These guys were let go due to pay scale and benefits. Never mind the job they did......they were targeted because of years of service and pay. So warning to... read more

neighborhood stores, visual?

What does the visual position look like for neighborhood stores? Is visual eliminated and just done by sales staff? how is the visual roll transitioning?

Neighborhood 100 doors?

Does anyone know when the stores who are truly going to be a part of the Neighborhood 100 strategy will get notified? I know of some stores but not there are some still waiting . Will it roll out in phases ?

Don't count on security

Several groups of Senior Directors and Store Managers (all of whom were VP's just a week ago) realize and discussed the changing culture at Macy's. We no longer have the once a year announcements in January, we no longer have the 11 months of job... read more

No store cuts this year?

They are not cutting the stores or districts this year. Only Regional level and above is being cut. Where did you hear this? Is this a guess or is there something concrete behind it? It would be really nice to know that we can relax and enjoy some... read more

More store closures predicted

This isn't news to many of us who work at Macy's. Things have been going in the wrong direction for a long while now, and something's got to give. "Expect More Store Closings at J.C. Penney and Macy's"... read more

VPSM Title change?

I have heard that the VP is being dropped from the VPSM title. Any truth to this? I mean, it was over used anyways. Also heard pay structure changed for them? Would assume bonus structure?

RB Harrison gone

Sad to hear RB was let go. Smart guy! The two stooges, Jeff and Hal are nuts. They are too busy running around with VR headsets on ! Like really Guys! Fake figures too. Sales are not being generated from these. Customers hate them!!

Beware of "Streamlining"

From the Press Release today: Macy's launches multi-year productivity program to fund reinvestment in the business; streamlines management structure Annual comparable sales growth of 1.7% on an owned basis; 2.0% on an owned plus licensed basis Annual... read more

Who got fired?

Whose salary got turned to savings?
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