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Y’all need to get out now! As one poster put it, it’s the Titanic! As a FORMER 25+ career person who was forced out because of a STUPID store manager who just started in the store prior to COVID, y’all are a number!!! They don’t care. I lost my... —  read more 

Macys is a conveyor belt

Macys is a conveyor belt. They sell you on the job. The culture the benefits the discount. But as you go thru that Redundant computer training that doesn’t prepare you for the Actual job And as they throw you to the lions. You will notice... —  read more 

Holiday hiring= joke

Now the big m has announced 6100 positions that they will be hiring for the holidays...after laying off more than 3200 positions, this is a joke! Of course they will only be hired at minimum wage, good luck to those associates...hired in at minimum... —  read more 

Leadership and Development

There is no coverage as it is on our floors meanwhile we are being asked to make time for leadership and development... can some one tell me when is there time for that ?? How is each of you managing this ??

Stores Closing

Last week, it was announced that two stores in Dover, DE and Littleton, CO are to be converted to dark stores. During the all colleague meeting last Wednesday (or otherwise recently), have any additional store closures been announced?

Everyone Must Watch ! key notes here 1: CEO makes disingenuous remarks 2: stand alone stores wont work..." wishful thinking" 3: dept. stores are in declined " dinosaurs " and not " relevant " 4: not doing anything... —  read more 

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Thanksgiving Day Parade

Anybody else really happy that Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year will be much more subdued and cost much less (at least I assume it will?) That way, the money that would otherwise be spend on something frivolous can be used for something... —  read more 

Wellness checks?

Did you guys see on in sight that we now have to call a manager after we've clocked in to tell them our temperature instead of having it check at the door? Just curious if anyone's store was actually doing temp checks at the door in the first place?... —  read more 

Macys stock only 150 macys stores do really well out of 800 stores.. they are pushing their blue mercury to expand. so there you go... closing more stores is the only option

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I hesitate to even post this... I don't want to give any ideas, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Macy's forced some of us to work on Christmas day doing fulfillment and curbside. Any non-Christmas celebrbraters out there who would work... —  read more 

lack of tourism again? thee old lack of tourism... well couldnt they just order it on line?> or maybe your stuff is just unappealing... and people want curshart c-ap? ha ha... —  read more 

What’s the difference?

I’m looking up jobs on Macy’s jobs. I see a lot of loss prevention jobs. What’s the difference between asset protection manager vs assistant asset protection manager vs Captain asset protection ? Isn’t it all the same job ?

Macy’s Jobs

Stores are hiring for the same or similar positions like the ones that laid off employees had. If you want to work there again you have to go through the hiring process. If you get hired again and were laid off 90 days or less before the new start... —  read more 

Face Mask (not) Required

Had some kid today take a red sharpie and add the word "Not" to our "face mask required" sign at the mall entrance. Ironic life hack, all you need is a little hand sanitizer on a paper towel to remove sharpie. But anyhow, the kid is right. Face Masks... —  read more 

My shoe manager

They just laid off my shoe manager which she worked thru COVID. My impression is no more runners , no manager. Stock room is a disaster where no one organized it. Only to open new boxes and stack them. So anyone know where shoes is headed? May... —  read more 

Kalama ?

I notice on Macy’s dot dinosaur while rummaging thru no name brands and unheard of. I found you can make monthly payments thru something called kalama ? Why not just put it on your Dino charge ? Or regular credit? Did big ole M loose their credit... —  read more 


Why are we offering curbside pickup on thanksgiving? What happened to being closed. No one else is offering this, do we really think this is an advantage ?

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