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Start Now

Start a LinkedIn account Start networking Start your resume Start receiving job posts from LinkedIn, Indeed etc. Start now it takes 6 - 12 months to find a new job Hopefully you will not need to find a new job but Just incase you will be set up and... read more


Macy’s is a company with two executive problems and one solution. On one hand, the company has spent the last ten years recruiting talented, aspiring, young executives from colleges and universities with the promise of providing an environment for... read more

Two executive problems and one solution

Macy’s is a company with two executive problems and one solution. On one hand, the company has spent the last ten years recruiting talented, aspiring, young executives from colleges and universities with the promise of providing an environment for... read more
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Macy's Layoffs 2018

Layoffs always happen, you cannot change that fact. Accept it and focus on work. We are not safe here in Cincinnati.


At the register we are now being forced to ask customers their phone number and email addresses at the end of each transaction for Plenti accounts. Is Macy’s going to ditch the Plenti Rewards program soon in favor of the new platinum, silver Macy’s... read more

The Macy's Sideshow of Seasonal Employees

While regular employees sit on pins and needles fearing for their below-the-poverty level positions, the Macy's National Hiring Event took place late last month across stores. Literally, anyone with a pulse who passed the initial computer screening... read more

2018 cuts

Heard the other day that there will be major cuts in 2018 all around. Of course, some positions will be combined and new ones will be created during the restructure. SM's will own their business more and will be the primary contact for everything... read more

Macy's out of touch ...I'm speaking out!!!!

Macy's is out of touch with the truth and no one wants to listen. I have been working in for Macy's for a long time as an executive, and have witnessed the raise and fall of the company. Let's review People,Product, Presentacion and Process... read more

Macy's loyal customers are dying out

Macy's truly loyal customer base is the baby boomer . . . and their aging, near-retirement children. The prize for Macy's and ALL RETAILERS are the Millennials. Millennials aren't shopping at Macy's in the way that their parents or grandparents did... read more


So I'm a bit new to this site and I've read through all the latest active posts. I'm curious why there are so many people here who step into discussions to cheerlead Macy's? I got here because I'm seeking information about layoffs that may be coming... read more

Great hope for Macy's

Dear present and past employees that have posted on this site.....Macy's has offered me many great opportunities in the 38 years I have been with this company. They have put food on my table, contributed to my medical plan, paid the mortgage on my... read more

Wedding & Gift Registry Layoffs are rolled out

Not a surprise that this area received some cuts this week across the country. This business is a struggle for the top to wrap their heads around. Millennials aren't stocking a registry at Macy's like their parents or their grandparents did, and... read more

IT Layoffs

90 IT layoffs today. Mostly John's Creek and California. Minimal in Lorain.

Another new return policy update

Just announced, new return policy for most merchandise is within 180 days from purchase date. There is a one month grace period where we will still return items but after this one month the system will block the return but we all know we can do a No... read more

furniture goes online

Well, well, well...looks like good ol' Macy's is going to start selling furniture at the click of a button. A quick look at our website shows the following headline... "Great News! You can add furniture & mattresses to your bag & check out in a few... read more


Is Plenti going away by the end of the year?

Nothing to buy at Macy's

I work at macys and never buy anything. Our product is tired, redundant and predictable..... The same thing every season. If I see another INC tacky tee with a plastic black stripe on the front or shoulder I'm going to scream. We carry no premium... read more

Executive Schedules

Executive schedules will soon start being made by MSP in test districts. Is this because they plan to make executives hourly next year?

Treat your employees better

Don't get me started with how bad a company Macys is to work for here it is : Working for company over 14,years. Commission v Draw employee. Women's shoes. Have not ever received a raise!!! That's right folks. Their reasioning is we make commission... read more

Macys hits all time low

Macys All Time Low I can not Believe that Macys is asking their employees to donate their PTOs to the victims of Hurricane Harry.This multibillion dollar company cannot pay their Houston employees ??Why doesn't The CEO and major stockholders donate... read more

Still entertaining offers for company?

In the past month, anyone been on the floor when a series of executives have walked through with another series of people who are allegedly from Hudson Bay? There are rumors of Hudson Bay execs walking through stores with site management teams. Has... read more

Hubris, paranoia and the talent drain

Macy's was going to hit the wall because of Amazon, etc. at some point but things could have been much better. Many experienced folks could see both issues and opportunities being ignored for the last 10 years. Many of the basics of running a sound... read more

Management with no skills

I've never seen so many sales supervisors take over Macy's ,no clue ,no training , don't no anything just walk around thinking they are somebody for management and assistants store managers have no people skills No Hi...No good morning... read more
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Layoffs ripple effect?

Anybody else worried that while Macy's announced layoffs are only gong to hit senior leadership positions, it's only a matter of time before it starts a ripple effect that will catch all of us? It's a bit suspicious to me that the only ones who will... read more

New Loyalty Program in October

The associates will have to start thanking the customer for being a Gold or Platinum Macy's card holder. It begins when the customer starts to swipe her card. Better coupons will start printing for the most loyal customers as well. Associate training... read more

No pity please

I was one of hundreds of SM's whose job was eliminated this past January. I had a tough time job hunting when I realized I was too young (and financially unable) to retire, yet too old to be a viable candidate in today's market. Cut to the chase... read more

Layoffs Info - Furniture logistics at Macy's

Any information on furniture logistics layoffs? I can personally attest that our furniture sales are a fragment of what Macy's has sold from the last several years prior. Everyone I work with is getting mad and frustrated at shorter hours, less pay... read more
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Macys Reorg

Just got through a town hall they are cutting a lot of high senior leadership positions. For now it is not effecting associates but we know everything has a trickle down effect on the rest of us.

Evolving Market Space = More Store Closures

During a recent regional visit the boss discussed how the company will be closing another 100 stores. She explained that in order to stay competitive we need to shrink our brick and mortar footprint to a level appropriate for the evolving market... read more

Incoming layoffs at Macy's

the reductions are: Fitting Room Recovery: Reduction in workforce for select locations Wedding Gift Registry: Reduction in workforce for select locations Cosmetic Associates: Reduction in workforce for select locations Fragrance Associates: Reduction... read more

Charlottesville Email from Jeff

I don't understand why Macys has the time to write emails about political bull... no sh-- Jeff that you Don't support Nazi's and the crap that happened there. They sit and waste time chatting about that crap up on the ivory tower while we report our... read more

Fitting room team

Not sure on timing but in next few weeks. Company is eliminating all fitting room recovery teams. They’ll be offered severance from what I heard this morning. Timing depends on any other cuts they are still deciding on.

Well nothing again

Well it looks like store closures are gossip.. what the hell.. earnings are out and stock is dropping.. what is this company doing..

what is to come!?!?!?

as somebody mentioned before, the woodbridge store in nj has a checkout area. they have removed all the registers from the departments except jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and have a large checkout area on each floor. if a customer is looking for an... read more

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