Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Day of Understanding!!! Really!!!

So Jeff couldn't wait to pounce on Roe vs Wade. So now we are going to pay (Is this coming out of his pocket or ours) to transport woman or birthing people yeah right across state lines to receive an abortion he doesn't say that in his statement but... —  read more 

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Overflowing with fitting room?

How many stores are drowning in fitting room? We can't keep up with it, we have about 200 rods. We're running out of room to hide it. We've also run out of rods for the trucks and they've started throwing fitting room on fixtures in storage areas... —  read more 

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Working Mothers Thread

Any working mothers here? I guess I am looking for some comfort here. I have two girls 2 and 4 and it's really hard balancing things. The SO is working full time and often travelling. I see them grow and I know it'll get better but I am so exausted... —  read more 

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ISM is not going away

The company wants to work out the kinks before Q4. By the sound of it, from what I've been reading, a lot of stores are not prepared. It doesn't look like it was rolled out properly. It was not explained to people correctly and people were not... —  read more 

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ISM is a disgrace!

This is awful! The worst system ever! Over 7 Hours were spent last week with the entire stores leadership team trying to go through the functional assigning people, only to have call outs, no shows, and poor planning about how busy our store was... —  read more 

Final days of sears

does anyone remember the final days of sears? how bad things got? how lack of employees and people who have moved on knowing what was going to happen? How about Kmart? doesn't it all look like macys at this point?

Macys = train wreck

My Macys store is a mess every day. Put away racks are always way out of control. Often mounds of stuff piles up on the wrap desks. New stock from the truck doesn’t make it onto the floor in a timely manner and when it does it’s sloppy. Stockrooms... —  read more 

ISM or Union Vote?

Reading about all of the Starbucks that are successfully organizing and starting unions in their stores. I was sitting in the breakroom listening to everyone complain about their ISM schedules and seeing a lot of unhappy people here on the board as... —  read more 

Why ISM had to happen

ism had to happen to flush out those b-ms who work in the stock room who come in a dodge 90 percent of what they are supposed to do . I worked with a b-m in the back and runner and he wouldnt run at all and said " oh i have to unload a truck" which... —  read more 

New Macy's

Instead of becoming a place where employees will stay longer, Macy's is becoming a place where almost no one wants to work anymore and where everyone is less happy. I personally don’t want to do everything in the store every day and I intend to... —  read more 

Macy's / Sears similarities

Someone here wrote in one of the threads - - - "Macy's is implementing the SEARS business plan." I don’t know how many of you here have worked at Sears, but I wonder if Macy’s reminds you more and more of Sears now?

Manager secretive about ISM

My manager is secretive about it. I tried to ask him some things that interested me about ISM, but I didn’t get an answer. Now I wonder if it's just my manager or are they still very secretive about this issue?

Holiday pay

I have to work Memorial Day. Do we not get paid holiday pay and a holiday for working that day? Normally it would show premium holiday pay but it doesn't show that at all.

Earnings announcement

Macys is going to report earnings tomorrow. If they say they beat estimates, I’m going to assume some seriously creative accounting took place. Anyone who’s been to any Macys store this past year has stepped over the piles of overpriced, out of... —  read more 


I wonder after reading the truths about macys and how everyone tried to get me fired or tried to railroad me out and just being cut in June of 2020 seem like a blessing and after reading all of this i think who ever tried to get me out got the short... —  read more 

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