Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

I guess everything stayed the same

I left over a year ago after finishing college. Came back to see if anything has changed and from what I’ve read - the answer would be no. What I cannot understand is if you see the company as a sinking ship and can see the “writing on the wall,” are... —  read more 

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If you want out

Amazon is hiring seasonal workers right now. In my area, the starting pay is $18. The bonus is that a good chunk of seasonal employees transition to full time by the end of the season. It's not a guarantee, but if you're truly unhappy here then I... —  read more 

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Job searching

I work here as a cashier and I have been looking for a new job for almost 3 months now. It's a little depressing when everyone says that a new job is easier to find than ever. Yes, I could get a job at a company that is no better than Macy’s, but... —  read more 

Upcoming Reestructure

Changes in the horizon OVMs eliminated (Tenured OVMs to be placed in Director level jobs) Everyone else will go back to a restructured sales manager role. New Manager role in which each sales manager now has to merchandise their own department... —  read more 

Rude customers

"Customers are always right", but c'mon... do we really need to tolerate even the rudest customers? I feel like a punching bag in this company. I tolerate it all just so I could pay the bills. Macy's does nothing to protect us even from... —  read more 

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Macy's .. Wake up

If you manage to hire someone for 11 or 13. They will leave you in 2 days to a week because they will get a call back from a $15 an hr job. You'll stay understaffed until you shutter your last door unless you make some big changes...

My mall walk

My recent mall walk as a eye opener.. there was 5 stores closed in a row and the entire mall was dead.. this is a 3 level mall that was very busy in years past. Starbucks was closed and boarded up. and that says to me " mall traffic" microsoft... —  read more 

Board of criminals

Board of criminals just added to more clowns to their roster.. some balloon making clown from micheals and another clown from zipcar .. great..! yawn....! looks like a small shake up in who really steering the ice berg

Good advice

get out of retail all together.. find a desk job and forget macys .. macys will always be a gaslighting company . you are just a number to them a meaningless number . go work for starbucks they need help.. you wil be treated better and could be... —  read more 

Captain positions?

Anyone know if captain positions are going away? As of right now open Captain positions are not being filled. This screws me because I’m pretty much the only selling captain because the others are either inept or on leave.

Do you ever wonder?

I’ve often wondered if anyone from Corp has ever tapped onto this site and either thought we need to look into this, correct things and make things right or if they just glanced at it and thought “Let them eat cake!”

Look for clues

two malls in my state have closed their very busy starbucks.. why that should open your eyes to whats next is because they know whats going to happen to malls within one year. amazon go will launch in 2022, drones also.. you think its bad now... —  read more 

Womens shoes

Women shoes has turned into a dumpster fire.. we got 3 boots in and from holiday season past we would have over 50-60 boots all the styles are old and beat down and forgotten. the boots are low quality cr-ap that i wouldn't even go fishing... —  read more 

Its over just read it Macys is fighting amazon to keep their sign in herald square their flagship store. i guess loosing this is like loosing the crown ..

Welcome to the Jungle

Macy's is a meat grinder and we're all just pork in designer shoes, keeping busy so we can pretend we're not all headed for the sausage factory. It chews you up and churns out a mess that's lucky to function afterwards. Just heard that a great... —  read more 

Best of the Best

Just wondering how the "Best of the Best" is doing now ha ha ha hahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahaha Remember macys only kept the best of the best lol more like the cheapest and laziest

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Who will train new hires?

I am too busy with my work which is increasing every day. I don't know how I could fit it into my daily responsibilities and help someone who has no experience. New people are coming in who are lost and don’t know what to do. Sad. Did anyone at... —  read more 

Salespeople with covid.

When a salesperson has covid they never tell anyone. Its a secret. Then we have to say we haven't been in contact with anyone that has covid in order to work . Then we find out thru the grapevine who is out because of covid....and you were just... —  read more 

Macys Job Description update

Operational/Support Colleague, Qualifications and Competencies: High School Diploma or equivalent required 1-2 years direct experience Strong interpersonal skills with proven ability to communicate and share information with diverse groups of... —  read more 

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This is Macy's

Poor selection, no sizes, messy, dirty stores , no customer service, lack of professionalism…….throwing something else at the wall ie toys to see if it sticks……that’s what Macy’s is training their customers to accept when shopping in their stores. If... —  read more 

Extended Hours

We are starting to have more extended hours in the store even though there aren’t enough workers to have more overlapping coverage. We seem to be okay with closing at 8 during the week and closing at 9 on the weekends can be bad but opening before... —  read more 

Morning Rallies

Any other stores stopped having morning store rallies? I thought that was standard at least a couple days a week. We recently got a very young new store manager and now we never have morning rallies.

Some CSX executives got “annual incentives” on their 2021 reviews

I just found out my peer is getting paid $4K more than I am. I saw they received a “annual incentive” on their ‘Compensation Summary Statement’ to the tune of an extra $4k. Although this will make it so much easier not to help them anymore on... —  read more 

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Fake customer complains

This did not happen to me, but it did to a friend of mine: The customer faked that he had a terrible service and a very negative experience. I trust her completely when she says it is a big misunderstanding and that she's never treated a customer... —  read more 

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