Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.


We are being told we can't work past 40 hours. Those who are likely to go over gets sent home. In our store, we have one support colleague whose schedule drops down with 40 hours guaranteed while the rest of us gets 28 to 32 hrs. This colleague... —  read more 

This is ridiculous

Jeff needs to realize shopping habits have changed since COVID. WE are open 3 hours more than the mall, STUPID. No customers after the mall closes, plus we are sitting ducks for the criminal element and no security to walk us to our cars. A hundred... —  read more 

Flex Holiday

What is the policy on usage of flexible holiday? Are you able to work 40 hours and also use a day for flex Holiday on same week? I have been told by a coworker that they were able to before. When I tried using a flexible holiday but ended up having... —  read more 

Tell me what you want...

Hey all, I know how much you all are committed to Macy's. It shows in your posts. Breaking up is hard to do. I wish we were making up instead of breaking up again. IN-N-Out starts at 19.25 an hour and doesn't suffer from yearly layoffs. If you're... —  read more 

Layoffs in January

Are there gonna be layoffs in January or what? I mean, we had no hours during the holidays and I heard they didn’t make money, we will find out the budget after inventory numbers are finalized. But still, I would think there would be some layoffs. —  read more 

Macy is a Image company

Macy is a Image company not a retailer.. its all about the feel good giving to "got your six" veteran yet they give no vet discount. give to Ukraine which doesn't buy anything from macys or has anything to do with them give to BLM and promote... —  read more 


Still doing inventory a week later. Store has over 50 rods of no tickets. Trying to get tickets and scan them. Store was not prepared for this inventory. Ism is the worst thing ever to happen. Their is no accountability. Most of staff for the... —  read more 


In my store we are still doing inventory. We have over 50 rods of no tickets that has to be reticketed and scanned for inventory. I guess ism is really working . This inventory was worse in years. My store was not prepared for it at all. Ism ki---d... —  read more 

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Inventory readiness

How is everyone feeling about inventory? I’ve been literally working myself to death for the last 3 weeks getting stockrooms ready, and I just pray that I make it through 5 consecutive overnights. I am running out of steam at this point. Scared for... —  read more 

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