Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Now Even Charity is a Competition

Anyone else have their DVP jamming the Big Give Back down their throats today? I transferred into a new division a few months ago and our Store Manager who's pretty cool just told us that we needed to have all of the colleagues complete the Big Give... —  read more 

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Trying to stay relevant

Since online shopping has become the new norm, how many think Macy's has what it takes to remain in the forefront as more stores close over the next few years? I'm well aware this is not just our issue. It would be interesting to see how our... —  read more 

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Could it be the writing on the wall?

So, when customers are already asking if we’re closing because of the bare walls and empty dance floor because of the lack of merchandise and it’s only August! I’m at a “neighborhood” location so down deep I think I’m pretty sure I know the fate of... —  read more 

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So what is the deal with stores being told they need to dedicate several thousand square feet to toys?

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Point of no return

I agree with someone who said the company is past the point of no return. However, does it really need a return or does it need to adapt to change? I think it needs to adapt to change. It is not worrying that there is no going back to the old, but... —  read more 

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What if?

What if Macys shut all its stores and sold off the real estate and bought warehouses and became only a online store.. which position would be gone?

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Comedy Act

I’ll give my store managers a nomination for a Oscar. They put on such a phony show when corporate does it walk thru. They make it seem like they are Enthusiastic and really driven. This act is far far from the truth. They barely do anything... —  read more 

Selling and Support Captain

I see the Selling and Support Captain jobs open all over the place.. most stores have 4 open jobs for this position? isn't this the former lead position? and did they clean house on the old leads that used to work or did they all just quit?

You got what you wish for

Numbers in the toilet? Nobody wants to work there and cant find help? Stuff being stolen left and right? Everyone on the verge of quitting? Cant keep employees and have high turn over? Remember you got rid of everyone ! .. all the talent and... —  read more 

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Nothing but the bottom line

It’s been like this for a while now. We are nothing but a number. Leadership doesn’t care about any of us - even though they talk a good game it’s not true. Everyone is bitter and feels overworked but no matter how much we ask there is no relief... —  read more 

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Protect yourself

There is one thing I am certain of after a few years working at M - people love to share other people’s business and it happens every day in the stores. There is a lot of loose lips which shows a lack of professionalism and maturity. Protect yourself... —  read more 

There's still time

It is not too late for Macys to be an online powerhouse. They blew it years ago by not recognizing and maximizing this potential- management just enamored with their current success and power. Amazon is still a messing, disorganized, disingenuous... —  read more 

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Is it too late?

It is mentioned by many that Macy's is reinventing itself as an online company. However, I’m not sure if it might be too late for that? I hope not, but I'm afraid it is. My opinion is that this company should have taken some steps in that direction... —  read more 

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Where's the Help?

Does anyone else have negative service scores this month? Customers are ki----g us on surveys because we don't have any help in our store. There are so many open jobs that no one will even answer calls from managers because they are always calling... —  read more 

Captain role

So we have a bunch of "Captain's" in our store. Can someone tell me what is the role of the Captain? We have a new manager that is so overwhelmed that she hides from our department. No one ever sees her on the selling floor. It seems like the... —  read more 

Macys closing Early

I noticed after covid restriction was lifted in most places that the mall hours went back to 11-9 now they are back to 11-8 Monday to thurs then 11-10 sat and Sunday I remember yesteryear when i had to close at 9:30 and walk out at 10 on the dot... —  read more 

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New Job titles?

can someone explain what a operational associate is and its Part time? and what is a sales and service captain part time? seems to me they are cutting a lead position in half and Ops/vs is being engulfed to a part time jobs ..

Dropping like Flies !!

My eyes popped out at how many sales manager/captains and store managers and ops/visual are all lurking for a new gig on LinkedIn. is it really this bad at macys now? it seems people who use to be macys zombies are now cutting the chord and... —  read more 

Could it have been different?

This week is my last week here, after many years. I remember a period when it was even nice to work here, when employees were much more valued and respected. In the meantime, all kinds of things happened and now this is a company that people are... —  read more 

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