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Is Macy's in breach of contract?

If my signed severance package says one thing, and then Macy's does something else, is that breach of contract? Specifically, I'm thinking of the promise of a partial bonus and 401k match, with an indication that the payouts are in March and April... —  read more 

North Star Forget Fund

If anyone has thought about a grant from NSRF? Forget it. Even IF you qualify... $500.00. Time to make stone soup.

Sick Pay/PTO being Cancelled

All of the sudden today I heard someone saw that their schedule was blanked when They were using sick pay and pto to make up the rest of the 40 hours to get pay and then when I went to pto history it shows it was cancelled same with what They wanted... —  read more 

Emergency Pay

Just heard we can only use 1 PTO and the rest have to be sick days while we are getting the emergency pay so what happens after next week

Just curious

Do you think Macys is going to reopen this week? Its suppose to be on the 1st, somehow I don't see that happening maybe the week after or around the 15th.

40HRLY non salaried Execs

What is the deal with the 40HRLY Non salaried execs not being allowed to come into work and help? They are the ONLY ones in the company that aren’t getting a paycut and DO NOT HAVE TO WORK! What the f_??? I am a salaried sales manager working my... —  read more 

5 months of cash left for M Hopefully we will be back before then

Five Months of Cash?


From Moody's downgrading to junk bonds Mar 26 6 pm

Macy's will need to "refocus its efforts toward prioritizing the preservation of liquidity and delaying its strategic plans to improve its operating performance," Moody's said. Weaknesses in Macy's credit profile "have left it vulnerable to shifts in... —  read more 

18 Days Cash Burn per WSJ

Anybody see the front page of the WSJ today? 18 days cash burn.

Uncertainty, and optimism

Yes, the future of Macy's is VERY uncertain at this point in time. In contrast, the future of the world as we know it is just as uncertain. Who would've guessed two weeks ago that we'd be where we are right now? The entire country shut down. The... —  read more 

CEO's Email: Furloughs & Layoffs Are Coming

Dear colleagues, I love this company and our incredible people. And I look forward to the day when this crisis is behind us and we can resume our normal lives. However, today’s painful reality is that COVID-19 is taking a heavy toll on our... —  read more 

There goes 2019 bonus!

We want to acknowledge that the COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on our colleagues, communities and our business. Macy’s Inc., like many other companies, has been impacted by the crisis and we have had to make some difficult decisions. ... —  read more 


By now JG email has been seen by everyone. It’s totally scary. When you look at the economy you’ll see that it’s not just Macys, it’s everyone. Macy’s is doing whatever it can to survive. This is going to be the rock bottom of the economy. I say turn... —  read more 

Send me home

The dvps/rvps tell the store managers no more than 2-3 to a building. That is not happening! We have 6+... working 8-5pm. No protective measures being taken! Our store manager is crazy. They gave us a paper to show the police that we have a right to... —  read more 

Unsafe work conditions

send me home. if I ask, I’ll be blacklisted with limited future. the store managers are ridiculous. wish the rvps and dvps would come to the store and be exposed. we have no preventative measures happening. we are working 7+ and close all day. i’m... —  read more 

28 hours disaster pay

NON-EXISTENT. We only got 16 for FT. Other companies have paid their employees full pay for at least a few weeks according to news. Guess they are saving it for JG bonus!

Nieman Marcus bankruptcy

Nieman Marcus

Macys Permanently Closed in Hicksville, New York

Macy*s in Hicksville closed on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 due to COVID-19 when it was supposed to close on Sunday, March 22nd, 2020. I feel really bad for also the workers also the store was very unique it had 1956 Armor Traction Elevators and Pelle... —  read more 

April 1st

Do you think the stores will open on April 1st or be pushed back? I checked on insite and there was actually a schedule for some part of April. Of course there is a schedule for this week as well under the reports button. What does everyone think?

So what happens Now?

Macy’s market.

If you go to Macy’s jobs. You will see line cook and Starbucks jobs. I think they will be starting to convert hum drum stores into the new concept ASAP. Problem is I doubt any mall will be open for next 3 months. Plus I think if you’re being paid... —  read more 

Macy's Dividend

As expected, M suspended it's dividend today, however the dividend declared for April may be paid. In addition, 2020 business reports....etc.....may not be made public. This news, not unexpected, will certainly impact the stock price. UGH.

We Hide The Hurt Behind A Smile

Jeff, it was good to see us taking action in response to the corona virus, closing stores and taking care of our customers, hourly leaders and colleagues, directing corporate, regional, and divisional executives and staff to office from home so that... —  read more 

Will we ever be able to recover from this?

We were down as it is, having to close all the stores seems like the final nail in the coffin to me. I think a lot of businesses will not recover after the coronovirus crisis is over, especially in retail. I'd like to think I'll still have a job... —  read more 

We are not closing, looking forward to returning to my job!

I work for Macys and they are doing their best to keep customers and employees safe! They have kept all their employees in the loop as to what to expect, and we are being treated fairly! We are not closing, looking forward to returning to my job!

We Closed @ 6pm til 4/1

We are being paid for 16 hours plus hours worked for first week, then 28 hours per week after that . We can use PTO (sick/vaca at vaca rate) up to 40 hours. We were not allowed to wear masks or gloves. We ran out of hand sanitizer but were given... —  read more 

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