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Receiving changes

I work in a district where 5 stores receiving schedule were changed on the days of a truck. Normally the shift on the day of a truck would be 6a-3pm it's now going to be 12-9pm. Not a big deal since it's retail but they had us sit down with the... read more
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what does RTM stand for? are they cutting the MTM's in certain stores?

Store layoffs

Anyone hear if management in stores will be severanced out this year? MTM's? Figured with the restructuring of ap/ops from last year and them taking over some of the mtm's role, this was the writing on the wall.

Macy’s in 2019

Left a few years ago and thought I made a mistake seeing the stock improvements in 2018. That was until the holiday results were released. Macy’s still needs to close doors. It doubled in size after the May merger. Closing 100 more doors in markets... read more

DM Elimination

Im seeing lots of open DM positions on taleo. I know most jobs are on freeze until February...but could this be an inkling to the DM’s being phased out?

AST and AYS merger

Are the AST and AYS departments combining? Any details or information would be greatly appreciated.

Macy’s faced its problems

While reading this article on the reinvention of Macy’s and its stores I gotta admit that it looks to me like the company did the right thing. Store closings and the uncertainty that came with them were hard on everybody and I’m sure that, at some... read more

Twas the night after Christmas

Why is this a reply? Reposting from @WMXIyUA-3nsi to make sure more people read this. It's perfect! Props to OP! Twas the night after Christmas and in every store, the focus has shifted from Santa to the Hunger Games once more. Come January just a... read more

The writing has been on the wall for several years now

The writing has been on the wall for several years now. There is no loyalty in brick and mortar retail. Find another job now. Why are people surprised? Or are still in denial? Move on with your life. I left or was laid off from Macy’s 2 years ago... read more
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It is not looking good for next year

I have worked for the company for 20 years and this is the first time that we are cutting hours the week before Christmas. The store manager is super frustrated as our Magic (service) comments from the customers complain about the condition of our... read more

No denying layoffs

It’s so funny how management addresses the rumors re building changes but completely passes over lay-off rumors, which are the ones everyone is freaked out about. The truth is members of management have leaked the info and have confirmed that 40-50%... read more


Has anyone heard rumors of what is to come in January? Announcements? Closings? Restructuring? District consolidations?

Macy’s is on a good path of debt reduction

Debt reduction is going in a good direction for Macy’s these days and the culmination of this practice came in an announcement from the company that stated that a large portion of earnings, that were made during the holiday season, is going to be... read more
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Thanksgiving Pay

Every year since Macy's has been open on Thanksgiving we've been paid time and 1/2 for working it. I just looked at my paycheck that I will get on 11/30 and I only got straight time. I hope this is an error and not Macy's being Macys.

Path to grow

Congrats to the stores that made 3rd quarter plan And hopefully most of us make 4th quarter But does anyone one know when 3rd quarter will be paid out ?

Maybe a little consideration for the employees

You cannot compare retail to first responders, seriously ? How about Macy’s shows a little consideration for their employees and have them enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. And, no, the customers that came in on Thanksgiving we’re only... read more

Who wants to bet?

The customers who were here for Black Friday will never be back to the store (until next Black Friday, of course,) I will bet anybody that right now. Not a single one of them. It's the same thing every year. Which poses the question, what's the... read more

Employee First

I also feel Macy’s is no longer what the store was. Very sad. We are now on the same tier as discount stores, no prestige in any way shape or form. Opening Thanksgiving is absolutely a nightmare, Macys should think of their employees first, but we... read more

Another Thanksgiving shot to Hell

I hope this is really anonymous or I'll probably get fired for what I'm about to spew. I just sacrificed another Thanksgiving in order to sell c-ap to foreigners that they will get for free with the rebate. Even though it's free they still want to... read more

Store Closures

Anyone seen a list of stores that will be closing in 2019?
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Smaller than 25. Million doors.

Kudos to all the stores who have set up for Christmas (under 25 million) We don’t get the recognition that 25 and up get. NewYork forgets we exist when they give out those awards. We never get our deliveries in time to even qualify. We get bare... read more


I was part of the February 2018 layoff when my full time position was eliminated and shifted down to part time which I didn't take and left with the package. Now low and behold they are making the position full time again and having trouble filling... read more

The wrong way to implement changes

mplementing "changes" since 2008. They involve firing experienced folks, many who have been through multiple mergers, down times, good times etc. and knew how to manage change and hiring the inexperienced and sycophants and installing a reign of... read more
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Who will fall victim to Gennette’s shakes

This is an excellent article for those want to get familiar with the plans of our CEO to give the company a new business direction and restructure it in order to meet the new and more challenging market demands. If you read between the lines, you... read more

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