Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Hours a moving target

Ok. We went from a 9PM close to an 8PM close then back to a 9PM close. Why anyone thinks that making the store hours (big ticket) a moving target does anything other than confuse the customer, is beyond me. I get the staffing issues. But this is a... —  read more 

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I work in probably the worst store

The atmosphere is toxic, manager is nervous, customers are few, the place is dirty... such is the store where I work. Sometimes it seems to me that every store is better than mine, even though I know they are all equally bad. I wonder if there is... —  read more 

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Is it just me or is it just a lil’ odd that Valentines home MS merchandise came straight off the truck and was marked down to Last Act? Orrrr that we JUST received mens socks with Christmas lights & candy canes on them…🤣🤔??? at full price??? —  read more 

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Full-time positions

Since it’s quite obvious that Macy’s wants to get rid of full-time positions, I wonder if Macy’s future is completely without FT positions? Maybe they think that everything can work without FT people? If they cut my hours, I'll give notice right... —  read more 

fake reviews

its comical that when you google your local macys you read reviews that are clearly from employees for their friends writing in and not real customers. its like they are trying to get a little pat on the back from darth vader or who ever runs their... —  read more 

Support team changes??

So it is only my store changing some things around or is it company wide? One of the OVM said to wait and things will be changing soon. Im assuming in February, but dont have any information really on what it is.

Insult to Injury

Adding insult to Injury. A large number of colleagues (using Macyspeak so you can recognize me as one of you) have fallen ill with COVID over the past few weeks. The direction is to call HR Services to provide a positive test result to qualify for... —  read more 

Reduced salary

Last year they took away the commission in rtw. My manager had me sign a paper that I was agreeing to reduced my salary by 30 % due to the pandemic. She said that I didn't have a choice. Was she telling the truth ? Now the company stocks have gone... —  read more 

My store is not on the list

Is there anyone else who is surprised that their store is not on the list? My store is not on the list even though it is doing very poorly and it's a miracle that it is not on the list. It’s just prolonging the agony for those who still think they... —  read more 

Smart management strategy?

Late announcements of store closings are a smart management strategy. After all, sharing such news too soon may prompt a loss of sales staff and disrupt the closing sales by their absence. It is a tricky job to keep co-workers on the job while a... —  read more 

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Shoplifters delight

It’s nothing new and I shouldn’t be shocked anymore but it’s beyond comprehension the theft that goes on in our store. It’s almost like our location has to be out there that we’re easy pickings! Of course it doesn’t help that we don’t have in house... —  read more 

So many OVM postings ???

Why so many job postings for the OVM role? From what I read the job is either being eliminated, or splitting into Ops and Style responsibilities. Is Macys just going to fill these jobs in the next 3 weeks to either cut or demote these people?


The small percentage of you pro Macy’s comment’s obviously have no self respect. I guess you enjoy being screwed over by Macy’s. They pay new hires up to 5.00 more per hour than tenured employees. Oh wait the tenured employees will make what new... —  read more 

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