Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Its supposed to be open!!!

Well I thought this was supposed to be an open forum for talking about the stupidity of Macys and its policies. I have however noticed that my thoughts have been taken down while those who have been critical of me have not. I find that sad and a bit... —  read more 

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Anyone else struggling?

We can't get our goods put away fast enough to keep up with all the trucks and merchandise we're getting slammed with. We've run out of space in the stockrooms, we've run out of fixtures to put on the floor and the biggest problem is lack of people... —  read more 

Short End of the stick

I went to my fav fast food place all the time on break when i worked at the dump formally known as middle class retail store macys.. I decided today since i haven't been to this restaurant in a long time i would stopped by and see how things... —  read more 

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AP Scorecard

We recently had our monthly AP meeting and our AP mentioned that while they were making the external goals, the internal goals were not being met and attempted to blame the leadership team for not bringing up issues or calling for suspicious... —  read more 

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"It's just retail"

I get so annoyed by those who try to justify everything that is wrong at Macy's on the pretext that it is retail and that it is difficult to work everywhere in retail. What a disgusting lie. I had to move and that is the only reason why I started... —  read more 

Hounded for donations

What other store is getting hounded for donations every time the company is promoting some charity? Usually its the local chapter of United Way, The Big Give Back etc. Our managers will buy food, take over the associate entrance and the breakroom... —  read more 


With everything that has been happening with limited ap staff, few managers, belligerent customers... and the newest stabbing of an employee at mall of georgia macys (fine jewelry department), do you feel safe at work? Me? Not really.


bed bath and bankruptcy just laid off 20 percent of corporate offices. they are also closing 150 stores.. comcast is also laying off 10 percent of its fleet. Macys has a giraffe named Jeffrey to jump around the store and stock rooms full of junk. ... —  read more 

Inventory Levels Sky High

Just had a visit from our DVP and he was surprised at how much inventory we had in our stockrooms. He kept asking why we couldn't get our trucks unloaded and placed when there's almost no room left in the stockroom. Anyone else have toys filling up... —  read more 


DEI training is OPTIONAL people. Dont let them force you to do it. The more stupidty you agree to the more they will try and force down your throat. I refused to do it and you should do the same!!!

This company is so slimey

If you were going to cut my hrs yiu could have told me BEFORE ISM STARTED!! As usual the lies continue. I know have to pick up additional shifts to make up hrs cut. That means I have to work 7 days a week to make to afford my health insurance now... —  read more 

Manager from he-l

My manager calls me on vacation, gave me he-l about me taking time off in the summer. I was just denied an unavailable after putting it in weeks ago. I’m being tortured and HR does nothing about it!!!

Macy's Livingston Mall

According to operations manager, Macy's in Livingston, NJ will be closing by April 2023, the date of the lease expiration on the building. Macy's has decided not to renew the lease on the building. This due to numerous factors such as the store... —  read more 

Enhanced Part time 2

Enhanced Part time is the end of full time and Benefits. amazon just laid off 100k people. hyperinflation coming faster than you think. old full timer will be laid off or canned by the magic of macys ! they will be out chasing rainbows when... —  read more 

Seasonal Workers

At my store, we already have seasonal workers and as usual most of them are getting better hours than regular associates. They are asked “When CAN you work?” and therefore, most of them are not closing.

Enhanced Part time?

anyone know what Enhanced Part time means? I notice all the "new" jobs out on Macys is all Part time.. kinda know what gonna come next... so long full time been here a minute old timers !

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Men’s Department

As a guy who used to really like shopping at Macy’s, Macy’s men’s department has really suffered lately! The suits and overall dressy apparel have really shrunk. If I go get high in clothing like that I usually end up at Dillards or Nordstrom. The... —  read more 


I’m curious what the process of the renovations are? Most stores are still very original and dated. It may go as far as turn certain locations around completely. The completely Renovated locations are very nice and actually pretty shoppable! —  read more 

When are they laying off?

Other retailers and non-retail businesses have started layoffs, either from over-estimating the post-pandemic rebound and/or inflation pushing consumers away from apparel. When are layoffs coming for stores and corporate? Is there anyone left in... —  read more 

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