Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Macy's Inc.

New hires

Macys seems to be hiring absolutely anyone who applies. This could include folks with no skill set, no work ethic , anti social behaviors and no reliability. Long term reliable staff are subjected to working with them while managers avoid coaching... —  read more 

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Switching tags

When we return merchandise and then after they leave, we notice they have switched the tags, has anyone ever voided the transaction?? It had been happening a lot lately. I want to void it but I’m sure that would cause more problems.

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On 34th fufillment sales

Working In fufillment , our team has noticed we have not shipped out any of the On 34th merchandise since we got it in , maybe one piece. It also does not appear to be selling on the floor. How about other stores?


Is it easy to get rehired at Macy's? I am thinking of leaving in a month or two to focus on schooling and was wondering if it is hard to get rehired?

So many returns.

I’m curious if you guys have someone doing go backs that are the returns at AYS?? Like that is their only job, to do go backs from AYS. We are completely overwhelmed with all the returns and can’t always do the go backs so we get backed up. I have... —  read more 

No coverage.

We just lost an employee in our department and they said they will find someone internally because they can’t afford to hire someone outside of Macy’s. Like what the he-l is that. They continue to say that they have no hours. The coverage just makes... —  read more 

It's Coming...

MACY'S: ".. “we experienced an increased rate of delinquencies .. the speed at which the increase occurred for us and the broader credit card industry since our first quarter earnings call was faster than planned. .. We're working closely with our... —  read more 

Anonymous HR tip number

I’m seeing a lot of posts regarding unethical behavior from store leadership. If you don’t feel comfortable doing an in store solutions case, I wanted to share that there is an HE number you can call to anonymously report things like this... —  read more 


what the protocol for people gossiping in the store such as captains and stock managers saying stuff to customers about current and former employees?

Salary question

Is there any chance there is a sales manager or two here who would be willing to share what your salary is? No name, location, or anything else needed, just the number.

Chief’s realignment

Rich, Elisa, Matt , and now Dennis …. 3 unexpected Senior Executives departures and 1 planned. Who’s next? Marc M by August - stores are being run into the ground and I anticipate Jeff leaving before February. Tony making moves and space for his... —  read more 

High time to get out

When every aspect of a company starts to decline, starting from the top and going all the way to the bottom, it's time to get out. That means the company is in its final stages of life. Sad...... but true, and hopefully everyone working at Macy's... —  read more 

New closing list?

I’ve heard rumors about a new closing list coming up and I’m curious about which stores are on them. I think I have a good idea which locations are getting the axe this time. Honestly there are a good 50 to 100 stores that I can think of that could... —  read more 

“miracle” on 34th

Can anyone tell us if the saving grace clothing by line is selling at your stores? How is the customer reacting to the replacement of their favorite brands? Michael Kors is the new Ralph Lauren. Fit and fabric we are being told is the same, but it’s... —  read more 

The push to sell On 34th

As you all heard through your Theatro earpiece this week the company is having a big campaign to sell On 34th ahhh yeeaahh . Also in the message was the push to sell all company brands. Which could be pretty easy if they all didn't stink. People if... —  read more 

Open on Thanksgiving

Just finished up a big corporate visit in our store this week and our DVP was in from CA and told us that we would be open on Thanksgiving this year. Anybody else hearing anything about going back to Thanksgiving hours?

Backstabbing is awful

It's not that I have a lot of experience in retail, but I can say that so far I've never experienced as much backstabbing as here. Was it always like that? I don't know how to deal with so much toxicity anymore. I need this job but I have to leave... —  read more 

Working at Macys

I woke up this morning to a reminder that my job is not my husband, my child, or a dear friend who checks in to make sure I'm doing well. I was not hired to be a parent, a superhero, or a miracle worker. Therapy taught me that I needed to be more... —  read more 

Insite issues

Funny how insite hasn’t worked properly for several days! Haven’t been able to see schedule or myday for the 3rd day now! Our tech team is doing a phenomenal job! Aren’t they? 🙄

New Private Brand

Uhmmm, this is the new private brand we're launching in August? Really? Just got several racks and folded programs in all I can say is, well, "If you ain't got nothing nice to say aboit it, then just mind your p's and q's". What is this company... —  read more 

MOS procedures

Does anyone know if it is ok for leaders to take stuff home that was keyed out as MOS? We have always had to throw stuff away and now leaders are doing MOS and taking the stuff home. Really confused!!

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