Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Engineers Keep It Going

As an engineer, I may be biased, but we seem to be the only group capable of running this place. I’m happy to see more and more engineers taking management positions since the most successful/profitable groups are run by us. My only issue is that are... —  read more 

Move or stay?

I started at MPC about 2 years ago at a legacy MPC site. I’ve been asked if I’d like to relocate to a legacy Andeavor site. I’ve heard that pay increases and progression opportunities are better in legacy Andeavor groups. I don’t understand how this... —  read more 

MPLX is Legendary

MPLX is an amazing company to work for I just wish they would have more flavors of coffee in the office and wish they didn’t water down their soap to save money. MPLX to the moon 🚀

Pay Grades

Can anyone shed some light on pay grades at Marathon Petroleum? What pay grade is entry level? What pay grade is an experienced employee with 10-15 years of experience. Thanks!

Exxon Mobil Raises

"The Irving, TX-based oil giant is raising salaries by an average of 9%, Bloomberg reported. Furthermore, employees who have been promoted will receive an additional 5% increase. Exxon Mobil is also giving restricted stock options to 14,000 employees... —  read more 

Raises for engineers

Human resources has issued a notice. Engineering employees in grades 10 to 13 have been given raises effective November 28th. Document states the following: "HR and Compensation continually evaluate jobs throughout MPC to ensure they are aligned... —  read more 

No more high hopes

It took me a long time to understand that this place will not change for the better. The whole time I hoped that some improvement would happen. Now I'm just wondering what will happen next to make things worse for good employees here...


Just when I thought maybe it'll get better. Nope, here comes the donkey sc----g! Thank you MPC! For giving all new hires and folks under 5 years an extra week of vacation. In the meantime everyone that has 5 years plus SC----G! Guess we shouldn't... —  read more 

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Stuck in the past

In most things, this company is stuck in the past. I wonder why that is? Is the reason that there is no vision? Is the reason that the leadership considers changes for the better too risky?

Worse company ever

Fun to see everyone from Andeavor and Tesoro leaving the MPC toxicity-some sooner than others. Wonder when the Findlay crayon munchers will pull their heads firmly out of their backside and see how they’ve ruined an otherwise wonderful workplace... —  read more 

Plan on ponying up

Inflation is 8.5%. MPC has records quarters and is on track for their best year ever. They better not be stingy come springtime with some weak a-s 3% raises. Time to pony up Hennigan! Heck, it might even help with employee retention - what a concept... —  read more 

Field workers

Another field worker leaving…I know he’s just a number to Findlay but it could have been prevented. Maybe eventually Marathon will wake up and realize the value of the people that work for them…but we all know that won’t happen. **disclaimer... —  read more 

Quiet Quitting

Don’t know about anyone else but the term quiet quitting is the way to go for alot of us. If you don’t know what it is google it. No suck assing, bare minimum (if that) and just coast. If you disagree with people doing this you are either a new hire... —  read more 

Mass exodus

More and more of my colleagues are leaving. Even those who seemed to be comfortable and satisfied here are leaving. Is it just me or is a mass exodus in the works?


Curious…What have you received from putting in your efficiencies? Don’t say “we get to keep our job” so that’s enough. “Saving” Marathon millions only to get satisfaction of being a kiss a-s.

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