Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Nepotism redefined!

This company will literally promote the most unskilled people imaginable because their grandaddy worked in Findlay while ignoring people with real talent that don’t line up like yes men.

Just a reminder

As the company stock hits new highs every day, just a reminder that they restricted you (the poors) from fully participating (25% 401k limit) in this price appreciation fueled by the billions of dollars of buybacks. However they did nothing to change... — read more 

Martinez explosion How many people have to get hurt or die for company leaders to get serious? Our leaders do nothing but shift blame. tell us to do better... — read more 

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Marathon Stock

Remember that one time last year when the company said they're going to limit purchases of Marathon stock to 25% in our 401K - for our "protection"? Notice that limit didn't apply to the C-Suite and their stock based compensation, while we break... — read more 

Remote Work

I've heard of a few more people being allowed 100% remote work. I know the details of a couple of them. What's the secret to getting leadership to grant full time remote?

Engineers Keep It Going

As an engineer, I may be biased, but we seem to be the only group capable of running this place. I’m happy to see more and more engineers taking management positions since the most successful/profitable groups are run by us. My only issue is that are... — read more 

Move or stay?

I started at MPC about 2 years ago at a legacy MPC site. I’ve been asked if I’d like to relocate to a legacy Andeavor site. I’ve heard that pay increases and progression opportunities are better in legacy Andeavor groups. I don’t understand how this... — read more 

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