Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

RIFs End Of October

Does anyone know if there will be RIFs at the end of October? Have a few buddies in departments that have unusual departmental meetings Tuesday-Wednesday next week. Been with Marathon 5 years and last month were the first mass RIFs I have seen.

Disingenuous Supervisors

Many supervisors at Garyville and Texas City told severed employees that their selection was made by Findlay. This is false. Your supervisor made the selection to cut you. He / she may have been given a number of people to cut, but your supervisor... —  read more 

Done with this

They don't need to lay me off, I've decided to leave on my own the first chance I get. This company is a joke. I'm sick and tired of nepotism that runs rampant and all the bulshit politics that accompany it. My advice to everybody is to leave before... —  read more 

"The MPC" Case Study

Mikey has a big mess that Gary and Greg left behind. I agree with most of the comments that I have read. This will definitely be an excellent case study for Gary’s "The Ohio University", when all the dust settles. Including in this case study, I... —  read more 

Marathon layoffs

Marathon was a super outstanding small company that turned itself into a terrible big company. They should have never bought all those extra oil refineries out west several years ago - a disastrous bold move that everyone but me jumped for joy over... —  read more 

Don’t Blame Hennigan

I am more worried about the company than ever! Marathon Petroleum failed In this recent round of layoffs to do what it needed to do. The company needs to get more competitive. To do so, it needs to change they way it has always done business. This... —  read more 

Too Ambitious?

(Disclaimer - I've been TAP'd) I wonder what Gary H thinks now about his ill-fated decision to merge with Andeavor. Was he trying to keep Elliott Mgmt away? Did he really think it was wise to buy ten more refineries and get involved in the... —  read more 

Goodbye and good luck

After 15 years at Marathon, I was laid off yesterday. I will miss my job, but I'm okay with what happened. It was a good run, done with great people who I'm proud to call not just my coworkers but my friends. The package I received is fair and it's... —  read more 

Political positioning

As a long-term employee I feel that the truth needs to be said. If I put my name on this post, I would certainly face retribution so I'm posting this anonymously. Our culture has changed into a complex storm of political positioning of people... —  read more 

Really Marathon?

So with the current problems going on in this country, this big company can’t help but terminate at least 2 of their already dwindling minorities they employ. This is after creating teams and wasting employees times on how they can improve diversity... —  read more 

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