Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum


The people that the MOC now employs I would not even call real replacements, most of them anyway. How can someone who doesn't know what he is doing be a replacement for a person who was a role model employee? How long will it take for the... —  read more 

Anyone seen Gary?

Just curious if any of the Findlay folks have ever run into Gary post-retirement or heard anything from the guy? Would be interesting to know his thoughts on the poor purchases of MW and Andeavor, or the performance of MH.

Ray Retiring

SEC filing shows Ray is retiring effective in September. Should be interesting to see who fills that. Wouldn't be surprised to see Hennigan bring in someone external who wants to cut cost further and care even less about safety.

MPC is a big joke

Nobody wants to work here anymore. We can't get anybody with any knowledge or experience to join. We've been waiting to backfill three positions on our team for SIX MONTHS! That's six months of us having to cover the extra work. If they think this... —  read more 

Pulse Survey

Make sure to fill out the survey and speak your mind about the issues that have been raised on this group over the last year. You can be tactful while still voicing your grievances. Supposedly it's anonymous, but in case it isn't, remain civil and... —  read more 


I’m sure there will be quite a few people commenting negatively however after the recent years it needs to be considered. Things in Findlay are what they are and that is a completely different world as the field. The more time that goes by the more... —  read more 


Seems to always be an opening posted for internal audit. Are people quitting the company or rotating to another department, or gettting that elusive promotion?

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