Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

MPC destroys whatever it touches

I'm to the point I don't even care who buys us anymore. Working for Marathon has been miserable. They can't even sell a refinery without screwing it up and keeping us hanging for months not knowing what our future holds. Its sad cause Tesoro/Andeavor... —  read more 

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Hey Anacortes

We all know it's a matter of time, so just take one for the team and bring the kenai GM to your plant already. We need someone who actually cares here.


I’m sure there will be quite a few people commenting negatively however after the recent years it needs to be considered. Things in Findlay are what they are and that is a completely different world as the field. The more time that goes by the more... —  read more 


Seems to always be an opening posted for internal audit. Are people quitting the company or rotating to another department, or gettting that elusive promotion?

Not everyone can be satisfied

Since I can’t believe that it’s just their incompetency to blame, I’d rather think that leadership doesn’t really want this to be a great company for employees. Basically, they aren't even trying to make everyone happy because it's difficult for them... —  read more 


Among all the things that I don't like here, the worst is that this company doesn't care about the safety of its employees at all. I can say that I have never worked in a company that cares less about the safety of workers. Terribly. How long... —  read more 

Growing nepotism

Is there anything more demoralizing for an employee than to see someone climbing very easily even though he or she has no talents, just because they have strong connections with some of those in higher positions? It's really frustrating. I have been... —  read more 

operating in survival mode

Even if this company is not in survival mode, I think it operates as if it was in that mode... I just wonder what the future holds for a company whose leadership seems to me to have no vision other than to maintain survival mode for a long time to... —  read more 

Andeavor won

It occurred to me today that although we (MPC) thought we took over Andeavor and were the dominate company, in the end, Andeavor won. the massive paydays the Andeavor talent made when MPC severed them. MPC has shutdown/sold many of the... —  read more 

Very poor leadership

This company has gone down hill. If you work here, you probably feel the same. Mike Hennigan, if you read this, please do some self reflecting. You are the embodiment of the Peter principle. Here is a free tip, on the house: You don't announce... —  read more 

Vaccine Mandate Walkout

I understand a lot of people are worried about their job and will blow this off. However something needs to be done to stop the control over our civil liberties. I’m proposing that everyone walks out in solidarity or calls in if/when we get the email... —  read more 

New hiring initiatives

Anyone else wonder how they pulled off the BIPOC/women hiring initiative? Seems that it clearly violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as well as our own hiring policies. I wonder if a white guy who gets discriminated against by the company... —  read more 

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