Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Topics regarding layoffs at Marathon Petroleum

Field workers

Another field worker leaving…I know he’s just a number to Findlay but it could have been prevented. Maybe eventually Marathon will wake up and realize the value of the people that work for them…but we all know that won’t happen. **disclaimer... —  read more 

Quiet Quitting

Don’t know about anyone else but the term quiet quitting is the way to go for alot of us. If you don’t know what it is google it. No suck assing, bare minimum (if that) and just coast. If you disagree with people doing this you are either a new hire... —  read more 

Mass exodus

More and more of my colleagues are leaving. Even those who seemed to be comfortable and satisfied here are leaving. Is it just me or is a mass exodus in the works?


Curious…What have you received from putting in your efficiencies? Don’t say “we get to keep our job” so that’s enough. “Saving” Marathon millions only to get satisfaction of being a kiss a-s.


The people that the MOC now employs I would not even call real replacements, most of them anyway. How can someone who doesn't know what he is doing be a replacement for a person who was a role model employee? How long will it take for the... —  read more 

Anyone seen Gary?

Just curious if any of the Findlay folks have ever run into Gary post-retirement or heard anything from the guy? Would be interesting to know his thoughts on the poor purchases of MW and Andeavor, or the performance of MH.

Ray Retiring

SEC filing shows Ray is retiring effective in September. Should be interesting to see who fills that. Wouldn't be surprised to see Hennigan bring in someone external who wants to cut cost further and care even less about safety.

MPC is a big joke

Nobody wants to work here anymore. We can't get anybody with any knowledge or experience to join. We've been waiting to backfill three positions on our team for SIX MONTHS! That's six months of us having to cover the extra work. If they think this... —  read more 

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