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October layoffs

I've heard there'll be major layoffs in October at HQ - does anybody know more about who will be targeted? My husband works there and he's been a nervous wreck for the past several weeks. A few months ago he had job security but now because of the... —  read more 

Ski Resorts

So just got word that they will be mothballing Ski Resorts since of the covid-19 and such dramatic loss in revenue and reservations. We started out fantastic early snow, great economy. Now total 180 no one would have ever thought. Been in sales many... —  read more 

Where's my money

I have been laid off from my job at Residence Inn Marriott, and have yet to receive my paycheck. What's really happening here. I've contacted my supervisor and I keep getting the run-around. Who do I need to speak to.

Zero Hour Schedules

Soruce below. This may be helpful for non-Marriott hotel employees, who are being put on ZERO HOUR SCHEDULES: Restaurants, hotels, and other companies across the US are laying off workers or severely cutting hours as the coronavirus pandemic... —  read more 

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Will get better

Everyone is in the dark until yesterday, I do not want to complain much but this is somewhat unfair. We are the people who do grunt work everyday. I feel like Marriott has too many "talkers" who focus on initiating meetings rather than doers. Too... —  read more 

SF / Layoffs Are rampant

In San Francisco, the W San Francisco, Suites at Fisherman’s Wharf, Harbor Court, Hotel G, Hotel Drisco, Inn at the Opera, and the Donatello, along with the Oceano Hotel & Spa Half Moon Bay Harbor, all confirmed to The Chronicle that they have... —  read more 

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Very uncertain time

Corp execs offered little clarity to us in terms of prospects. Marriott is a good company but suffers from too much bureaucracy, which is especially fatal during crisis. It is way too hierarchical to be agile and nimble.

We will get through this

It’s rough and it will get rougher, at least in the short term. If you are struggling with bills, reach out to the folks you owe money to – people are accommodating nowadays. Hunker down for a while, we’ll ride this out – they are working on a... —  read more 

One Million Hotel Jobs Lost

The American Hotel & Lodging Association and the U.S. Travel Association estimated that 1 million hotel jobs, or about 45% of the industry's employment, "have either been eliminated or will be eliminated in the next few weeks."

Corp Office Layoffs

It could have been handled better. Do not want to trash anyone, but after all this time spent with the company they could have treated folks better.

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Work at Marriott

I am about to get a job at Marriott. Just wandering how is the company culture? Did they have any layoffs recently? I will be working on the reception desk.

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