Topics regarding layoffs at Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Is SmartNIC still around

Its an obsolete product carried over from an mediocre acquisition. Technology is decade old at best. Even MS doesn't use Windows based solutions anymore in azure infra. Where is big $$ coming from to feed fat-cat Directors VPs Managers and other... —  read more 

SPBU layoffs...

In the next three months, they will identify redundancies with IPBU and layoff quite a few. Already decision hasb been made to go with standard core... waiting for confirmation from MSFT...

Have layoffs started already?

Somebody said yesterday he knows of three people who were laid off by Marvell last week, but I haven't heard anything about layoffs already starting? What's going on? Was this an isolated incident or have the expected September cuts already start an... —  read more 

Open a location in New Jersey

I see many job opening on the Marvell website. Has any of it's executives thought about opening a location in Northern New Jersey. There are many ex-Alcatel-Lucent, ex-Nokia, ex-AT&T, ex-Verizon, ex-Qualcomm, ex-Broadcom, ex-Cisco, etc. employees... —  read more 

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Deal with Cavium

now that the deal with cavium is official, which side the heads will roll ? i think there is enough distinction of expertise in both companies but somewhere someone has to let go to improve the financial status for years ahead, right ?

My team

There's a lot of animosity towards the old Marvell CEO and while some welcome the more business-oriented direction the new management is taking, not all new people feel welcomed. Although new management is trying to hire talent and people who are... —  read more 

We had it coming

Marvell had the opportunity to turn this around when those two egomaniacs stepped down in April, but choosing those who lack an experience in this field, and who are based only on short-term results couldn't end up differently. I wish I could say... —  read more 

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