Topics regarding layoffs at Masco Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Masco Corp.

I wish we knew what's going on

I'm getting really tired of constant threats of our plant closing and constant cuts in hours. If you are going to close the plant than just do it! Stop using the possibility as an intimidation method with your workers. And how exactly does Masco... —  read more 

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Corporate layoffs (2015)

Installation and other services to be spun off - Masco Contractor Services, Service Partners to go. This should all be done by mid newxt year (2015). Approximately 50% of folks in Taylor (Corporate) will be let go. Not sure what groups will be... —  read more 

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Clueless upper management

There are a lot of wrong things at this company, but the one that frightens me the most is the fact that there isn’t a company in the business that is solely run by decisions made only from reading excel sheets more than Masco. Anyone who ever... —  read more 

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Micromanagement at it’s finest

I don’t think that there is any company in which the employees are faced with such a level of micromanagement like at Masco. From what I’m seeing company-wide lower management tends to go into every little aspect of the work, to a degree that... —  read more 

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Bad pay, low morale

Are there any people left who enjoy working at Masco? This place used to be so much better. I actually liked my job at one point but now it's just not worth it. Pay has gone from bad to worse, management has gone from worse to the worst, and employee... —  read more 

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