Topics regarding layoffs at McAfee

Topics regarding layoffs at McAfee

When will this end?

Looks like every day we hear news about more layoffs. I'm starting to wonder when exactly is this going to end? It's already nerve-wracking to know layoffs are happening but to have no idea when it will end? That just rubs salt into an already... —  read more 

Bombshell news...

Entire Argentina office is being shut down, other layoffs across many departments and geos as well.. What the f— is this company doing in the name of short term financial numbers?

You'll be okay

I heard about the layoffs and had to check in. I was laid off last year and while I know it's not the same situation as this time due to the pandemic, I still believe firmly all of you will be okay. There are still available jobs out there, many with... —  read more 


I t looks like the last of rounds at McAfee were based on the number of years you were with the company. Cut the employees that were hired during the time when the number of employees with technical skills were in short supply. McAfee had to pay more... —  read more 

OK, That's It

Well, it's kinda hard to grow revenues when the company hasn't really invested in any of its homegrown products in several years. Instead, McAfee borrowed a ton of money from Wall Street, using some to buy Skyhigh Networks (getting into the cloud... —  read more 

When will it be over?

When will this latest McAfee reorganization finally be over? It would be good to know so those of us who were not affected by it can finally breathe a sigh of relief. This constant worrying and stress is starting to affect my health, and I know I'm... —  read more 

Not protecting everyone for sure

McAfee has been committed to protecting everyone “even before it was called cybersecurity.” Chris Young sits down with Mercury News and shares his thoughts on the future and where we’re heading. Well, not protecting its... —  read more 

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Wow. It's like crickets over here. I'd have thought McAffee folks would have something to say. Maybe they're over on the Intel site.

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