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Tyler Fading Away

"Things fade away 'till it's over That's what they say" The Tyler office is moving to new space; supposedly to save money and profit from the sale of the 5th Street campus. But it will also hide the fact that we are but a shell of what we once were... read more

The culture of fear

I quit my job at McDermott and went for a better paying job a couple of months ago after a 6-year string and I have to say that it’s much easier to look at everything that is wrong at the company when you look from the outside. The truth is when you... read more

What A Cheesy Company

You can buy McDermott Vacation Days gift cards at Costco for 20% off! A great Secret Santa gift idea! AND McDermott will be running a Groupon special in January.
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Dead end job

No amount of positives can change the fact that this is a dead end job in a nutshell. If you work at McDermott one of the two things will happen to you. You will be laid off or end up stuck in the same position forever. That's it. There is pretty... read more

New Benifits

Not only can we now buy our on vacation time, we can now buy our own STDs. Thank goodness it’s almost BJ Friday!

Lummus destroyed CB&I

Lummus destroyed CB&I and they will do the same at McDermott if you let them. Better drop them like a hot potato. Lummus thinks they know everything and they are to stupid to listen. They came to CB&I with all of these big ideas. All they did was run... read more

Need Smarter People in Management

When all you do is look at the box on your desk, you do not understand business. There s more to business than margins and itemized list that nickle and dime your customers to death. Need to hire managers that understand customer satisfaction not... read more

Keep moving! Nothing to see here!

CBI were taken down by debt and project losses. MDR swallowed CBI's problems whole. We learned this week that these problems are not under control. These problems are so bad one of these clowns said they are a take over defence. Nobody would be... read more


The problem with micromanagement is that greedy executives nickle and dime their employees and customers to death. Eventually no one wants to work for you or do business with you. It is about helping people not nickle and dime people to death. You... read more

Never felt less appreciated, noticed, or valued.

Twenty-one years and never once have I waivered in my loyalty to CB&I. When McDermott took over, I made a commitment to do the same with them, and I did. It’s how I was brought up. However, I have never been approached, provided any encouragement, or... read more

Salary Freeze - No bonuses

Due to increased pressure for CPI there will not be any raises or cost of living adjustments for the foreseeable future. As per S Allen and if you think that is not fair or right then the door is over there. We will continue giving targeted raises... read more

Richard H next to go

Richard H will be going with the sale of the tanks and fab shops. Along with another 2,000 from the corporate offices. Cuts will be in HR, Training, Supply Chain, Project Controls. Sorry to bear the bad news.

Town Hall

Has anybody heard anything about the town hall meeting tomorrow after tonight's earnings call. Rumor is all or part of the company is being sold.

AP, AR, Payroll left in woodland will be laid off

Most of AP, AR & payroll that is left at the woodlands office has been advised they are getting laid off by January 15th or the 31st (or sooner). The work is being outsourced to Malaysia. The few who didn’t get a lay off letter are managers and FEW... read more

Workers revolting

I am hearing the other offices are planning to walkout Friday, demanding pay raises and not silly slogans.

Possible layoffs next week?

I overheard today at the office we might see some more layoffs sometime next week. Anybody knows more about it? Or maybe somebody can hopefully tell me that it's just a rumor and nothing to get all worked up about (which is already too late?) I... read more




Send Lutech to the border, there is a new group of designers and engineers heading this direction. Oh, wrong border. However, they are cheap. You business people are so smart these days.
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We Happy

We can do this
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David d---son out

The board is going to fire David d---son before the end of the year. Then begin divesting the loosing business lines.

Tyler office closing

I saw moving boxes being readied to go to the Tyler offices. Word is they are the next to go, well most of them. Some are still guaranteed a position until some of the claims are settled along with the legal battle or the reficar lawsuit.

Merger in the works!

Good news! We are going to merge, turns out it is easier to merge with Technip since most of the leadership came from there and the COO already has all of the strategy on his google drive.

Opposite Day for MDR stock

How is it that every time an award announcement is made the stock takes a hit? Is the street scared we don’t know how to make money? I’m curious too.

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