Topics regarding layoffs at McKesson Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at McKesson Corp.

McKesson's European Business

Some unverified murmurs that McKesson has some 'plans' for the European business - speculation that MCK is looking at a lot of divestitures (i.e. not the Germany WBA thing, nor the more recent UK news on their retail business) - anyone hear anything... —  read more 

When will IT wake up?

So many talented leaders leaving because they can’t tolerate the toxicity any longer. To leave on their own accord after relocating or to leave before bonus time is huge. This is NOT attrition (as they keep trying to say) and this is not because... —  read more 

cybersecurity braindrain

steady braindrain from isrm org this year over lack of direction everyone with skills getting snapped up by other orgs only lifers and newbies left middle management playing landgrab with remnants this won't end well

Why is the company hiring?

I went to put in a review on Glassdoor and saw that the company is showing a hiring surge. How can a company do that when it has possible layoffs looming in the near future? Better question is, WHY are they doing this? I find it appalling. It shows a... —  read more 

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Another distribution center closing

yet another distribution center closing, this time little rock , arkansas. With mckesson now planning on distributing the covid test kits vaccines,how do they plan to do with in a timely manner with a reduced number of distribution centers?

Merit reinstated

Merit reinstated for anyone who didn’t get MIP ...even For those who got laid off ..retroactive pay....and never taken away from front line workers. Great to see the leadership team continuing to help those who are the heart of the company.

When will it be enough?

We keep losing people and some of our best ones! I'd really like to know when will it be enough? What is this management trying to achieve? Replace every higher paying employee with somebody cheaper? Do they not realize they are saving money but... —  read more 

Nancy Flores should be fired

Wave 2 demotions and rifs announced. There is not a person who is not looking to leave MT and not be tortured by a sociopath of a CIO leader. Seems like that is exactly why Bt hires - culture is just a brand thing not something BT practices

something coming

sweeping layoffs inc upper management of all ops across the org plus bizzare split of all non-us divisions into separate entity feels like either staging for massive ops outsourcing or some merger-acquisition deal

It's scary out here!!

Due to mckesson needing to save money to pay off all those o—id settlements, they have lowered their standards even more when it comes to hiring for certain positions They are paying even less than before, and are literally hiring people who got... —  read more 

Oh boy, IT is screwed

Listen, if you are thinking about an IT career here, and in any way that is not related to cloud, then you need to look elsewhere. Security - Gutted Ops - Gutted Is there really more to say? Is there something else hot topic (dev-ops... —  read more 

Donkey culture

McKesson has two types of worker. The ones who actually think they are donkeys and the ones who pretend to be. Management can’t tell the difference and at the end of the day, they don’t care. Everyone is disposable.

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