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RIF notices for ETS/IT/BU IT went out this week

Your last day is 4/30. MIP eligible folks are going to get that sometime in June. Severance is based on time served, every year equals 2 weeks of pay. 800+ out the door according to the notice. Combined with the SF closure, don't look for any real... read more

Donkey culture

McKesson has two types of worker. The ones who actually think they are donkeys and the ones who pretend to be. Management can’t tell the difference and at the end of the day, they don’t care. Everyone is disposable.

ETS/MT/CIT getting the usual, but larger, gutting

Why management believes that just because you attempt to centralize things means that somehow there is less work still mystifies me. -Security Services getting gutted -SAP teams getting gutted -Cloud OPs seems safe- find a way to be cloud related if... read more

Layoffs at McKesson before the end of the year?

Is it true we'll be seeing more layoffs before the end of the year? I've been hearing some talk on it, but nothing concrete. Now I can't figure out if it's just a few rumors started by bored people at the office or if there is something really behind... read more

McKesson 1 Post Closing

There was a SVP at McKesson named Paul Greenall. He came up with this insane proposition called McKesson 2021. Part of it included closing 1 Post, our flagship Corporate HQ, and moving to Texas. Greenall abruptly then left McKesson after his team was... read more

Expect layoffs regardless of what happens with the economy

I anticipate layoffs regardless of what happens with the economy. New CEO=change is coming for everyone, especially workers in San Francisco. The changing economy—for better or worse—doesn’t matter as much as the fact that this company is built on an... read more
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McKesson Corp. Chairman and CEO John Hammergren, who has come under fire for the company's role in the epidemic use of pr-scrip-ion opioid painkillers, will retire effective March 31. Hammergren, whose $20.1 million total compensation last year made... read more

Pensions for CEO Only |-----| The McKesson Corporation provides a perfect example of this. McKesson froze its employee pension in 1996, and barred workers who were hired after that from participating... read more

60 Minutes: McKesson and the opioid crisis

Yet another expose' on the drug distributors for culpability in opioid crisis. A whistle-blower from the DEA details how pressure from the industry undermined cases. Disgusting behavior under the Hammer's watch.

Nobody who works there is happy

I'm sorry for those who lost jobs but it's a blessing in the end. Nobody who works there is happy. People openly loathe management, and for good reason: they're enriching themselves with no viable plan to grow the company or profits other than cut... read more

New Britain CT layoffs

The new britain CT DC was informed last week that all employees will be laid off by November 1st. We will be given a severance of 2 weeks of pay for every year we worked for the company.

March 2018 layoffs at McKesson

Whoever it was that said layoffs would start in spring, was correct. McKesson is closing down Delran distribution center and laying off 102 people working there. I'm pretty sure we can expect more of similar announcements soon enough... read more

Change Healthcare Business Analyst New Position

What is going on here at McKesson with all the layoffs, sale to Allscripts, and this posting for a Change Healthcare Business Analyst on Does McKesson realize they had people that did this job, but laid so many offs? Beware folks! This... read more

You cannot trust McKesson’s HR department

18 years I work hard and focused on the corporate goals and objectives. Not only did I work hard, I never called in sick, always was positive and was more professional than most of the C-level executives (who think they are better than others). Oh... read more

The Power of the MCK Drug Cartel

While not naming MCK directly, this Washington Post article details the power of drug 'distributors' to undermine the efforts of the DEA. Apparently this qualifies as an ICARE principle... read more

McKesson Layoffs 2018

Just relax, focus on work, focus on delivering things, stay positive stay productive - making things happen and you will be safe from layoffs anywhere, especially here in San Francisco.

Goodbye GCO....

First of all, the GCO is probably the next department to be moved to Las Colinas, TX. In fact, upper management is making jokes in particular about Ethics and Compliance being the next team on the chopping block. In a nutshell, it is rumored by... read more

Goodbye GCO....

First of all, the GCO is probably the next department to be moved to Las Colinas, TX. In fact, upper management is making jokes in particular about Ethics and Compliance being next team on the chopping block. In a nutshell, it is rumored by... read more

Goodbye McKesson

Today, the best thing ever took place in EIS: We left the most incompetent drug pusher in North America.

McKesson re-locations and layoffs in Texas

Announcement made last week in Las Colinas, TX office, several jobs going to Genpact. Why you ask? Oh, because they do such a good job! Relocate Carrollton, TX employees and One Post staff to Las Colinas, then can them and send their jobs to India... read more

Losing good people

So, it seems McKesson bases its layoffs on how high the worker's salary is, not on their quality. We are losing amazing workers, and some of the ones that are staying are completely useless. All the experience and knowledge is being lost for what? A... read more

McKesson August Layoffs

It is true. Layoffs did happen at the Jacksonville Florida location yesterday, Aug. 7th. McKesson/ Change Healthcare / PerSe.... Laid off almost 40 employees. Not in a very professional way either. They emailed us Fri ,, (really bad showmanship)... read more

Allscripts to acquire McKesson EIS If McK healthcare software is so grand, they would not be selling the business off to another competitor... read more

Pull out you 401K

401k is not a guarantee- need to pull it out- suspect stock to fall 1/3 to 1/2 by next march. pull out now before it sinks further and the managers of the portfolios restructure the 401k to increase fees and lessen value.

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