Topics regarding layoffs at McKesson Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at McKesson Corp.

Was good 2010

I worked for Mckesson for 18 years and in the early 2010 it valued their IT. Over the years CIO's would be a regular 2 year contract. Completely disrupts IT on new processes and teams adjust. Then new CIO comes in and new direction Completely... — read more 

6/21/23 Layoff Warn Notice

McKesson Corporation 2798 New Butler Road New Castle, PA 16101 COUNTY: Lawrence # AFFECTED: 135 EFFECTIVE DATE: 6/1/23 CLOSURE OR LAYOFF: Closure — read more 

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Louisville Layoffs

In Louisville, Kentucky they started yesterday laying off people yesterday morning. It seems to be a first wave of layoffs. McKesson lost a Novo contract. I'm sure that's a reason as well. What is horrible is for over 2 months the employees have... — read more 

McKNasty company to work for

I worked for McKesson for 15 years. When I was let go they never would even send my Department of Labor forms to my state so I could apply for unemployment. It finally came to the point that the State DOL gave them 10 days to respond to the request... — read more 

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Well, they just brought their tyranny to CoverMyMeds and what once was a fun respectful place to work is now a hellish micromanaging hellscape. I can only imagine they will be trimming the fat under their new nanny-state rules.

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I'm hoping to get out soon

I used to like my job but that hasn't been true for a while now. In the last five years, we've lost work/life balance, saw some of our benefits disappear, had to accept that merit no longer means much when it comes to career advancement, and had to... — read more 

Short term profit gains at the expense of long term stability, loss of culture and innovation

Try number 2 since the first was deleted for no reason. iCARE, iLEAD is all smoke and mirrors. Whatever culture is left in McKesson Technology is going to be gone soon. McK became the company it did by choosing the long stable route over the past... — read more 

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McKesson IT

I can’t help but write this after hearing about another round of RIF and the number of lives impacted when company stock is at an all-time high. I sit here grappling with why, why, and why is it different this time? I was part of the McKesson family... — read more 

No one left

I think everyone who worked and posted on here has left the company. Congratulations everyone! Pray for the newbies, may they figure it out quickly.

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It has never been worse

I don’t know what our leadership's plan is for this company, but by all accounts, I don’t think it’s good. The company that used to be quite a solid place to work, has now become a place where everyone is just looking for a way to exit. Unless... — read more 

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Remember the good old days when there were leaders that actually cared about their teams. Wanted the healthy and happy and producing. Versus treating them as essentially cattle. I can name many that actually cared in MT over the years. These are days... — read more 

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