Topics regarding layoffs at McKesson Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at McKesson Corp.

McKesson IT

I can’t help but write this after hearing about another round of RIF and the number of lives impacted when company stock is at an all-time high. I sit here grappling with why, why, and why is it different this time? I was part of the McKesson family... —  read more 

Am I missing something?

I share the opinion with someone who wrote that something big must be happening since our leaders are leaving the business. I have bad feelings about this and I wonder what will happen next. What’s really going on behind the smoke and mirrors because... —  read more 

It has never been worse

I don’t know what our leadership's plan is for this company, but by all accounts, I don’t think it’s good. The company that used to be quite a solid place to work, has now become a place where everyone is just looking for a way to exit. Unless... —  read more 


Remember the good old days when there were leaders that actually cared about their teams. Wanted the healthy and happy and producing. Versus treating them as essentially cattle. I can name many that actually cared in MT over the years. These are days... —  read more 

Awards in question

Another set of Latino awards for CIO NF and CTO ML. I wonder what the criteria is for these things because they don’t deserve any awards for having titles at a big company. Knowing who they are and knowing how they operate makes me look twice at... —  read more 


Just wanted to reach out and remind all the people still at McKesson that your network is huge now. The grass is greener over here, the pay better, the leadership inspiring, the companies productive. Reach out to those that left and let them... —  read more 

This is not new

McKesson has had a reputation problem as far back as I can remember, when I left in 2014. Just read through all the posts way back then. Truly sad! Management destroyed the employee base and product. Exactly! People tend to think this was a much... —  read more 

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