Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Medtronic Inc.

No, you're not safe

When will people learn that they're not safe from layoffs? If you look at the groups of people that have been laid off in the last few years you'll notice one thing, there's no rhyme or reason to it. The good, the bad, the old, the young, high... —  read more 

April Layoffs?

I saw people mentioned on other threads on this board that there will be a bigger volume of layoffs in April, or a planet wave of layoffs that might affect a larger portion of the employees. ⅓ has passed and so far nothing has happened. Is this... —  read more 

Is the restructuring over?

I know there were layoffs last week, but it doesn't seem like the numbers are high enough to be able to say with certainty that it's over. Do we have any idea how far we're into this restructuring? How many more layoffs can we expect before it's... —  read more 

Workforce Refuctions

Today they announced early retirement to persons 59 and a half or older. It's possible we might see voluntary layoff offers to follow. Then, the not-so-voluntary separations. Will see.

Large layoffs

Over 200 people were terminated on 25 & 26 April 2019 across many locations. My friend in Singapore was ask to leave as soon he reached office without any reasons along with around 20 other people. The management travels in charter planes, have so... —  read more 

Bigger problems coming

Still here but saw a lot of my team get shown the door recently. Wont be long now, given that our monitor unit production is falling apart. Supply chain is being taken apart right now. Downsizing will be coming in a big way. Not to mention that we... —  read more 

Medtronic are closing all warehouse across Canada And US will follow or for those lucky transfer to Cardinal Health.

Yeah you guys are lucky here in Canada , Quebec province today was my last day. Medtronic are closing all warehouse across Canada And US will follow or for those lucky transfer to Cardinal Health. Our facility was fully automated on a 3 stories level... —  read more 

When is enough enough?

Just got told in may we are closing the doors in December. Don't you dare tell me to deal with it or give me some bull that it happens to everyone. Well, it's not happening to Omar or our fearless leader at our warehouse. Been there 20 years (yes I... —  read more 

Covidien/Moved On

Some of us received the early retirement offer a few months ago. It was so poor for Covidien employees that very few took the offer. We also heard a layoff would be following ....

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