Topics regarding layoffs at Merck

Topics regarding layoffs at Merck

Looking for info

When Merck buys a company, what usually happens to employees who are part of the acquired business? I know some layoffs are inevitable, but I'm asking if Merck usually guts the new company or if it keeps most of the employees on, other than any... —  read more 

Black November

I worked at Merck for 10 years...November has become known as Black November in Merck culture...which due to this has become a very toxic and backstabbing environment. Thankfully I have left ,and encourage all the latest slashes to stay positive... —  read more 

Merck has changed

From someone who has seen it firsthand, the company has changed. If you’re not in it you don’t know. Everything about the company has changed. At one point the safety and integrity of the customer meant everything. Now it’s all about the shareholders... —  read more 

Major cuts coming to Merck

Merck is restructuring manufacturing and supply network, which means major layoffs will be coming our way in those areas. Just look at the money that's being put aside for "restructuring costs," which nearly always means severances. $500 million just... —  read more 

Merckie's Guide For Layoffs

Howgh Merckees, I have been through a number of large downsizing cycles and here are some pearls of wisdom from a pink-slip veteran (retiring for good on 1/1/2019): Relax, breathe in, get mentally ready. You will need to be calm and collected over... —  read more 

Get out while you still can

I've survived so many reorgs and layoffs, left on my own last year. And, have to tell you, the grass is greener. Merck forgot about science long time ago, now it's just about bottom line. All to make shareholders happy. This company is just a shadow... —  read more 

Not surprised by layoffs

Really not surprised by the layoffs, Merck has been going downhill for a while now. Something like this was to be expected. Instead of helping their reps, Merck has been looking for ways to undermined us, I guess so we would quit ourselves? The... —  read more 

Merck / Separation / Timing

Am I off here – it’s my understanding that we are adding 60 days to 12/4 – this effectively makes 2/4/2018 the actual separation day – also, the target SIP will be affected and we get to keep the benefits until the date? Am I off here or are you all... —  read more 

Perpetual Layoffs @ Merck

Merck has been laying off for what - a decade now? Any chance they get to boot people from the payroll will be pursued aggressively. I laugh when people talk about layoffs at Merck - Merck is in a perpetual state of layoffs, it never ends. Sad part... —  read more 

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This is becoming unbearable

This company is changing, that’s for sure, but not for the better. Merck used to be a great company once, but they lost their way and their moral compass long time ago. Oh, that sweet talk about their great vision and company philosophy, but in... —  read more 

No more loyalty...

For 25 years I had long term insurance through Merck and now in 2 months they are going to up the premiums by 95.5% And I always thought they were a great company to work for. Times are changing and companies don't care anymore. Get smart and... —  read more 

All us based support jobs for Merck are being shipped to a new and cheaper call center in Costa Rica.

If you are in a support job in the US for Merck, you will loose your job come mid Q1 in 2017. HR, AP, AR, OTC etc... you are doomed. Charlotte GFS location will shut down entirely come Q1. All jobs to be sent to a new call center in Costa Rica or... —  read more 

Merck Layoffs 2017

I never knew that executives can be so sneaky and will lie so much? Is that normal? They do tell you one thing and then to hit you with something else - the mood is pretty bad here in Kenilworth.

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150 job cuts in Pennsylvania - again

This is horrible, they just announced 150 new job cuts in Sumneytown Pike. No one here knows more than it is effective in mid September. Does anyone have more information? Who is going to be affected? Are they cutting jobs just in North Wales campus?

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The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end for us was Vioxx. COMET was another mistake. By now we know that the four horsemen of the apocalypse rode in with the merger. Ken was (for sure) a failure as head of GHH (never remotely approached planned projections for... —  read more 

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Downsizing yet pushing forward

Many layoffs, it seems it never stops here at Merck. You'll never be safe here and you'll always have to look around to understand what's going on. Sometimes the culture here at Merck is felt a little stale, lots of friction and quarreling between... —  read more 

merck layoff 2014

things are moving right now, reorg in the fall, so you know what's in the works. i do not care any more, cannot stress a bit more as this is nuts. are things ever going to stabilize here at merck? i do not know, but i think i've had it, there are... —  read more 

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