Topics regarding layoffs at Methode Electronics Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Methode Electronics Inc.


Little wonder - The Methode products have been met with stupefying hatred and derision in the industry. Ford MyTouch is a mess, for instance

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Methode Electronics Problems

I heard the company has issues. Methode Electronics used to be good but now there are business and internal problems. I have no insider info and take this all with a grain of salt. The price reflects all of this and we'll see how things will pan out... — read more 

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2014 Plans for Methode

I heard rumors that due to our financial performance we'll have to do cost cutting in 2014 - this typically means RIF or layoff - I think Methode will have serious issues if the company decides to pursue this path as you cannot hire experienced... — read more 

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Are you guys closed? I heard Methode is closing, I had a friend who worked there for about 20 years and he told me the company was closing?

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