Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.


ESG portfolios are underperforming the S&P 500 to date. ESG funds also have some of the highest fees in the industry right now. Meanwhile, O&G has some of the highest dividend yields across all asset classes and are overperforming.

Weak Leadership

Anyone else have a boss that schedules one on ones but never shows up. Always too busy to join. I wish I could get the nerve to cancel out the whole series invite and if asked, explain that I'll accept again when he/she can decide if they are... —  read more 

Lunch Discount

I am so grateful for the food discount, what a fantastic perk! Right up there with center stage points and annual pay increases of 1%! Gotta respect this organization for really giving a Cr$p. Talk to anyone that isn’t a Director and up if they... —  read more 

Q2 Earnings

I wonder what kind of results we'll see today. Things have not been going well for the stock lately even with the slow climb in the last few weeks and I'm worried if there is no improvement that we might feel it in the way of more layoffs. It... —  read more 


Difficult to know the inflation strains of the common worker when you're making 218 times the "median" pay and barely surviving on 16 million a year. Ticker Company Median Worker Pay Pay... —  read more 

Is attrition not enough?

I hear some rumors about layoffs and honestly - I can't believe those rumors. The reason - there are so many employees who are leaving that it is simply unbelievable that there could be additional cuts. Then who would stay here to work?

Bias behavior

Since I am new in team have observed bias behavior from seniors towards new and old folks. The old folks are always late to complete work, late for almost month but hardly any reaction, no comments and I delayed work for 1day , it was not even due... —  read more 

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