Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Paycheck to Paycheck

Who else is a Metlife employee living paycheck to paycheck? I’m a single person living in NY metro area and can’t make ends meet! A grade 10 educated professional that struggles every pay check to cover the basics! FFS! Hey Michele if you’re reading... —  read more 

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Y'all see them earnings?

Met missed its EPS estimates by 10 cents. Get ready to get reamed. Don't worry though, we only bought back $3.3 Billion in shares last year!

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Can we get transparency. How much $ pool is - cascade down. How managers quantify subordinates ratings? There needs total transparency.

What to expect for AVIP?

Now that layoffs are becoming more common in the technology sector, does anyone know what we can expect for AVIP? How confident is everyone about their job security? In GTO it feels like there is a ton of work to be done and not a lot of people to do... —  read more 


I wonder if anyone from ELT attended Davos. For sure they'd be angling for an invitation to it along with the global woke jetset.

Team culture

Felt extremely hurt by behavior of seniors .My previous company where I worked as a contractor , trusted and respected me and my knowledge and integrity towards work compared to here. Zero appreciation for all the good work done and only eager to... —  read more 

Taking Attendance

Out team was informed that the hybrid model compliance was going to be enforced more strictly this year- with attendance taking and auditing badge swipes. Is this kindergarten? Also- why are so many groups allowed to be fully remote? There are very... —  read more 

AVIP 2022

Any news on what to expect for AVIP and COLA? The company has raked in billions this year with US business exceeding goals. At least 20 billion from just 1 line of business. Stock at an all time high so what will be the excuse to hand out insulting... —  read more 

Sounds familiar

While wages have increased for upper-class individuals to match inflation, the same wage increases weren’t always found for the middle class. A majority of middle class households (75%) feel that inflation is growing at a rate faster than their... —  read more 

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LTL - October

Would someone please post if anything comes out of the LTL? I can't bear to watch these things anymore. Just the highlights and any announcements would be nice.

Officer Life

I once worked for a Met officer that told me they were too busy to read emails, answer their phone, or attend meetings they scheduled. They "forgot" their instant messager password and for over a year claimed to not know the help center number to get... —  read more 


Are ya’ll going to be screaming again this year via MyVoice to a bunch of deaf, d-mb and blind executive management? Ask yourselves, has your voice ever been heard? All I want is to be paid market rate and based on what’s out there, that would be... —  read more 

Stop asking me for PAC money

You didn't even give raises to match inflation and now you want me to give you money back to lobby politicians? Stick it where the sun doesn't shine, MK. I'd rather spend that money on union dues than Met's political pet projects.

Over worked

My senior is smartly trying to push all the work on me and even counting on the time I should spend on each task and asking to assign more work to me as the already assigned work should not take much time as per her/him. What should I do? I am new... —  read more 


ESG portfolios are underperforming the S&P 500 to date. ESG funds also have some of the highest fees in the industry right now. Meanwhile, O&G has some of the highest dividend yields across all asset classes and are overperforming.

Weak Leadership

Anyone else have a boss that schedules one on ones but never shows up. Always too busy to join. I wish I could get the nerve to cancel out the whole series invite and if asked, explain that I'll accept again when he/she can decide if they are... —  read more 

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