Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.


I read this Wells Fargo thread and had to laugh. It must be the same everywhere in big companies trying to be "agile".

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Say NO to RTO!

Prepare tour management now. Tell them you are not returning in March or ever. Working from home is the new norm and expected work environment for talented employees everywhere. If they want to retain talent then working from home permanently needs... —  read more 

"Small but mighty"...gtfo

So how many times do these "leaders" on the Bill Pappas call want to call their teams "small but mighty" as if thats a good thing. I heard it from others not on this call in the past. Its just code for "sh-t we fired so many people so this team is... —  read more 

USB layoffs in March?

Heard today might be another round of cuts before AVIP particularly national accounts. Would they even have anyone left to do the work? Maybe professor R should be the one getting a pink slip

COLA 2021 Rumored to be

4% or 4.5% Not good enough. 2020 block $ buster year = 1.5% 2020 inflation rate= 1.4% Real 2020 COLA = .1% 2021 block $ buster year = 4% 2021 inflation rate = 6% Real 2021 COLA = 2% Disclaimer: I’m not good at math so feel free to insult me, an... —  read more 

Will the RTO be delayed?

There is no point in further endangering the lives of employees who are certainly much more productive while working in a better atmosphere, that is, when they are not in the office. Are there any insights into possibility of RTO being delayed?... —  read more 

RTO - Vax or Test

It appears Metlife is making their own RTO rules. The general counsel and black leather jacket’s letter cited OSHA. As someone else wrote, OSHA doesn’t apply because of lawsuits. In true MetLife form…they got it wrong!!! Lol! “ The Occupational... —  read more 

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