Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.


When are these layoffs coming? Next week? Budgets were cut and we were told we wouldn’t make it past summer...Thinking by Oct 1. Anyone have any insight?

Selling P&C Rumors

I know they are only “Rumors” and even doing my own reading of insiderP&C , there doesn’t appear to be anything set in stone. I’m just left to wonder, if rumors are true would there be another major layoff before or after the acquisition? Do I at... —  read more 

Layoffs ?

Are they inevitable for claims? Feels like volume is down I’m some areas ? Personally, I think it’s due to staffing module. It feels like every few months an area is affected, but it’s been a while for claims ? Thoughts?

CIO exits.....abruptly

Just received an email that a CIO is leaving to "pursue a new opportunity outside the company" - then the next sentence is "His last day will be today" Hmmmm.....seems a bit abrupt - but makes ya wonder

Next Horizon—Old News

Here we go again, packaging the same old stale strategies under a new name....... Take all the MetLife so called “strategies” for the last 15 years, especially the made up customer focus piece, mix in a liberal amount of MetLife Way, and you have... —  read more 

MetLife Europe Sell Off

Anyone heard anything new about the sell off to Generali? Apparently they wanted the whole of Europe but the offer was too low. I imagine they'll come back in with another offer, I heard a rumour that if this was incoming it would be March/April... —  read more 

Troy, New York Layoffs

Has anyone heard anything about the layoffs/last days in Troy, New York? We were told that my wife's job was moving to Carey by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2019...and we've heard nothing yet. We already know we're not moving (she'd have to... —  read more 


Well, we’re nearing the end of 2019, and no more significant layoffs? Hopefully the layoff business is done and over!

Help Desk Contract News?

If you've experienced the "help desk" lately, you might be interested in this post under DXC, MetLife's "Help Desk" provider. "Help Desk". "Large Contract in US in jeopardy! "I am in delivery. Have heard that the... —  read more 

Assign work better

Perhaps the CFO can take a long needed look at the individuals in leadership who lack the sophistication to be able to recognize what sort of talent and skills are needed for the work that needs to be done. Currently, work is being assigned to... —  read more 

Dublin offshoring

So some employees of the Dublin office are being laid off in favor of the the new Global Center of Excellence in Poland and MetLife GOSC in Noida. Estimated timeline by Q4 2019, probably October. Question is, where does the centralization of services... —  read more 

Shutdown 2019

Word went out that people will get notice tomorrow about when last day will be. No surprise though, kinda knew it was coming. They had been hiring folks in Tampa for months. This just s---s! So many long-time employees will be unemployed after years... —  read more 


New CEO announced. Take over May 1. Not much gain for current CEO Kandarian to chop heads. Any job actions likely deferred till new CEO Khalaf takes over. Agree?

Age Discrimination

Good reading. Hope it doesn't happen at MetLife:

Toxic environment

I worked for MetLife for over 17 years and recently was informed of my job elimination. I loved the pay and benefits MetLife gave me but the working environment is toxic to your health and mind. You are constantly under the fear of losing your job. I... —  read more 

Additional Lay Offs ?

So, it’s the end of year and doesn’t seem we have hit the 1400 number for employees being laid off this year? Will they actually do it right before or after Christmas ? Should we be concerned ?

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