Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Bias behavior

Since I am new in team have observed bias behavior from seniors towards new and old folks. The old folks are always late to complete work, late for almost month but hardly any reaction, no comments and I delayed work for 1day , it was not even due... —  read more 

Bossy coworkers

Even if someone is among the boss’s favorites, it still doesn’t give them the right to push work onto other colleagues. We have one such bossy colleague who continuously takes advantage of other employees. How do you deal with such people? —  read more 

Top Heavy

Is it me or are we growing more and more top heavy? Too much focus on growing and promotions at the top and not enough planning to operationalize is ki----g us. We need to grow workforce not upper management. Having to reason with even more over... —  read more 


Can someone explain this to me? You apply for a project outside your department to do in addition to your own work? Does this actually lead to advancement? Curious-

Moving to a startup

Lately I’ve been thinking whether it’s a good idea to move to a startup. I recently wanted to apply for one because they offered good working conditions, but still, maybe that would be a big change? It seems like a good option in the short... —  read more 


Apple has offered to lease another or both remaining buildings (1 & 2). The surprise part is that we are yet to respond to that offer. They didn’t rule it out, yet anyway. With the new tech center moving to India, the need for a triangle presence and... —  read more 


This company is financially oppressive. 3 salary bands. And most of you aren’t even being paid in the mid salary range. 10 years with the company and I’m not even in the middle range! Looking at jobs outside of Met I’m sure to be paid at least 20k... —  read more 

In 2-3 years

Mass US layoffs and site closures coming in 1-3 years as New global tech center in India is established. This will reduce cost by moving many FTE positions offshore. They’ll start off slow next year and ramp up as that new site is established in 2-3... —  read more 

Quiet Plinking

You know, I read these posts about Work From Home and Return to Office and COVID and the toxic work environment and posts from people who found better jobs. But, I just wanted to point out, that MetLife is quietly terminating people 1 and 2 at a... —  read more 

I miss WFH

I didn't think I would but I do. I thought it was just about getting used to the office again, but it's not. It's getting used to getting up earlier, being stuck in traffic, eating cr---y food, having so many distractions while working, and so many... —  read more 

COVID at offices

I was told there are multiple covid cases in at least one of the buildings and the cases are not being reported to others who may have come in contact with them. This is beyond irresponsible and puts lives at risk.

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