Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

BLACKROCK tells MetLife

What to do. If you haven’t realized this as of yet, it is BlackRock that instructs the company what they need to do. Blackrock CEO: “At BlackRock we are forcing behaviors…you have to force behaviors” This applies to the companies they have a... —  read more 

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The Squeeze

Our team has an all hands meeting coming up where they want everyone to travel and attend in person minus the international team members. We are being required to stay in the same hotel and share rental cars to save on costs they said. Never... —  read more 

Managers are the weakest link

I've changed 4 jobs so far and I've never had such incompetent manager with inflated ego like I do here. It is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with him. Why does this company have such bad managers? (exceptions are rare)

Rage quit?

So close….. Worse by the minute. Manager useless and has opposing objectives. Exhausting unfulfilling and unrecognized work. Did I mention useless manager other than source of frustration

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