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Assign work better

Perhaps the CFO can take a long needed look at the individuals in leadership who lack the sophistication to be able to recognize what sort of talent and skills are needed for the work that needs to be done. Currently, work is being assigned to... read more

Three for my team laid off

Three from my team laid off this month. Locations were Kansas City Missouri and Southfield Michigan. All long-term employees between 15 and 30 + years of service

Dublin offshoring

So some employees of the Dublin office are being laid off in favor of the the new Global Center of Excellence in Poland and MetLife GOSC in Noida. Estimated timeline by Q4 2019, probably October. Question is, where does the centralization of services... read more

Metlife Strategy, What's *YOUR* Strategy?

Re-posting at the top level from @GoodLuck "Global Shared Service Center" Noida, India is where any work that can be done there will go. "Regional Hubs" Tampa and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will get some work. "Centers of Excellence" in Cary, North... read more

NJ folks being shuffled off to Tampa

Latest "news" n the rumor mill is Business folks in NJ are being "allowed" to interview for their jobs - they have held for years - but in Tampa now.....Geez....this s--ks!

Shutdown 2019

Word went out that people will get notice tomorrow about when last day will be. No surprise though, kinda knew it was coming. They had been hiring folks in Tampa for months. This just s---s! So many long-time employees will be unemployed after years... read more

Metlife way

Has anyone gone through the MetLife way yet? What are the normal staff reductions as a result?


New CEO announced. Take over May 1. Not much gain for current CEO Kandarian to chop heads. Any job actions likely deferred till new CEO Khalaf takes over. Agree?

Age Discrimination

Good reading. Hope it doesn't happen at MetLife:

Toxic environment

I worked for MetLife for over 17 years and recently was informed of my job elimination. I loved the pay and benefits MetLife gave me but the working environment is toxic to your health and mind. You are constantly under the fear of losing your job. I... read more

Additional Lay Offs ?

So, it’s the end of year and doesn’t seem we have hit the 1400 number for employees being laid off this year? Will they actually do it right before or after Christmas ? Should we be concerned ?

Unqualified and arrogant management

If anyone wants to get the idea of how a lot of hard work goes to waste due to the incompetence of the management, I suggest they look into the practices of Metlife’s management. A lot of ignorance mixed with a whole lot of hubris is a powerfully... read more

Employee Survey

Do u think employee survey will influence performance reviews or keeping job? It could go either way, if you put down that you think you are underpaid and they really want you, maybe u get a raise. Other hand, maybe they think you are trouble and... read more

Constant threat of layoffs

Why are people surprised or shocked when layoffs happen at MetLife? Where have you been for the past several years? Layoffs are a part of life here nowadays. Job security is nonexistent. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Ridiculously low raises... read more

Layoffs incoming

A $6 million dollar reduction is significant. Plus, claims may not be able to close any more offices as they are down to just six claims offices from eleven claims offices in the last 10 years. The company is adamantly opposed to remote/virtual... read more

Pledge to cut expenses

Given that the Chief Claims Officer in Auto and Home pledged to cut expenses by $6 million dollars, what do you think? Look for more layoffs in the higher paid regions of the country to be replaced by new hires in Freeport, Illinois since they are in... read more

More MetLife layoffs

Layoff notifications happened in Greenville’s going down. Any more news on this? How many people were laid off? And more importantly, is it over or are we looking at even more notifications today or next week or is this it? Sometimes I... read more

Scranton/Clarks Summit

I know people in IT who are being notified about their layoffs today in Scranton/Clarks Summit. I haven't gotten details yet, though. Basically just that their jobs will be moving to Cary, NC in 2019.


Just found out we are now going through quality audits. So Is this going to be how they get us out?

More info on possible layoffs

Could be sooner than September/October, but I've seen October layoffs at other places. I think management favors Q4 because it only affects the last quarter of the year and once the year is over they don't have to talk about it much. Plus, it can... read more

Any News

Any more information on potential lay offs? Dates and /or departments??

Second wave

2nd wave arrived as predicted above and a number of staff from Disability have been told their positions will now be located in North Carolina. They are not allowed to work remotely and were told they were chosen because they were deficient though... read more

DAT employee tracking software

Now Metlife has a new time software called DAT that tracks every minute that an employee works. If they are concerned about operating employee expense why don’t they first start at the top and cut the 6 and 7 digit pays a bit along with the high... read more

Closed - Henderson, NV

How sad. I lost my job with MetLife Home and Auto when someone decided to close the entire office in Henderson, NV in October, 2017. So many lost their jobs. It’s never easy to deal with such a life changing event
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MetLife Millennials

Shame at 200 Park, where there are #millennials who stroll in whenever, socialize all day, leave early and then get promoted. Adding zero value, while hard workers are being let go. Very painful to see this. Management needs to seriously do a better... read more


I've spent 33 years with the company and I retired in August 2017. My experience was entirely positive, I've worked with very talented people and I was compensated fairly. The salary paid off my home and put all four of my children through college... read more

Let's discuss

"Starting next year (2018), we will begin to relocate approximately 1,400 positions in the United States to sites including our MetLife campuses in Tampa, Florida and Cary, North Carolina."

Dont take the 1400 number for granted

MetLife has nowhere near 1400 jobs in Troy / Rensselaer. The 1400 is the total number of jobs (from multiple MetLife locations) that are getting moved to Cary AND Tampa. This was announced to people within MetLife GTO (IT and Operations) back on Nov... read more

Lead and engage in the problem solving process

MetLife senior leadership feels that everyone is replaceable. No one should ever feel secure with this company. Transparency is a lie, and the powers that be avoid the truth..... plausible deniability. If they would learn to roll-up their sleeves... read more
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Troy, New York

1,400 positions (the entire building..all positions except hands on computer techs) in Troy, New York moving to Carey, NC. 1st round was notified last month. Employees are being told in 3 waves. Next wave will be informed in June and last wave in... read more

MetLife Direct dome.

Almost 100 people laid off as a whole division was closed down. Informed 1/12/18 and effective 3/15/18.

really hard (if not impossible) to advance

no way to get promoted or change departments to get higher pay even if you know all the systems and procedures required for the job... the recruitment team is looking to fill the spot based on keywords and specific degrees... even if you have a... read more

Many things need fixing at MetLife

Sooooo many things wrong with MetLife right now... Working set hours is nice, but open work place not so much. You gotta be very careful how you use your PTO, because it's very limited and it includes both sick days and vacation. The ranking systems... read more

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