Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

How did they drive you away?

Of course they will do everything not to give severance pay and to make people quit on their own. Almost all companies do that. I am interested in your experiences, how did they get you to the breaking point to leave before getting cut and severance... —  read more 

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People leaving in droves?

It amazes me that more people are not leaving Metlife as a result of the cuts that led to us being critically understaffed. The pressure and pace of work imposed on the survivors is so great now that I regret not being targeted by the layoff. The... —  read more 

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Work from Home Announcements

Anyone heard yet? I had a meeting this morning, these people are id--ts and self serving to say the least. While I now have new requirements to be in the office more often than I used to, and for no good reason at all I'll leave it to them to figure... —  read more 

Expecting layoffs?

I don't like this whole thing after Q1 results. Does this story about the direct expense ratio that will be pressured mean that all I can expect in the coming period is not a raise but a layoff? That's how I understood it. Are there any predictions... —  read more 

My Boring Thoughts

While I agree with some of the posts on this site, as someone who recently left the company after 5+ yrs due to relocation, I have to say MetLife treated me well - I was paid fairly for my work, the work life balance was good, and I enjoyed working... —  read more 

Hard pass

If you don't want to turn into a brown-noser and spend most of your time kissing your manager's a-s, stay away. I started here a year ago and I just quit after realizing that working hard would net me exactly nothing other than more work added to my... —  read more 

Hello AAPL!

What terrific news for the RTP region! Sucks to have to pay the toll, but I'm pretty sure the salary increase will cover! Looks like the big hiring push started in June last year and mainly targeted NCSU hardware design engineering grads. MET... —  read more 

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Did anyone want to 🤮reading Cindy Paces post? The company needs to stop allowing the spread of incorrect information. Racism, microagressions and inequalities did cause those deaths. The shareholders should not tolerate toxic messages and opinions... —  read more 

Considering applying

I came across this site accidentally while looking up how often layoffs occur at Metlife. What I read on Glassdoor is the total opposite of what I am reading here. Could anybody give me an honest assessment, please? I am looking to get into the... —  read more 


Does anyone find it alarming, when executive leadership makes a statement, they act as though they have the power to speak for every employee? MetLife speaks out for this, or against that..... but they have no idea who all is for or against what, and... —  read more 

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