Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MetLife Inc.

Who has worked in Billing?

I started 6 months ago at Met working in Billing. For the most part I like my role, but using it as a stepping stone towards my larger goal. I think it could pay much more because I'm cross training to help out another team while also having my work... —  read more 

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How can the management announce it expects to see record sales this year a day after cutting more people? Talk about being tone-deaf. This creates a really dangerous precedent as well. If they're willing to cut people at a time when business is going... —  read more 

Today's LTL

Our leadership should just leave it at RTO has been postponed. The CDC provides conclusions more often than real-time data, and the company's attempts to interpret the "science" and data are not really helpful. So hey, how about those share... —  read more 

Let me get this straight

We don't have enough money to avoid laying people off, we don't have enough money to keep the brain drain from happening, we don't have enough money for proper raises, but we do have money for a share buyback? If you didn't realize before how little... —  read more 

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