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Finance reorganization and staffing adjustments coming soon.

Sad days

Actuarial Department continues to fire good people.

Layoffs / Johnstown, PA

Has anyone heard that some in Johnstown, PA are visiting Charlotte in preparation for transfer of work and relocation? The Johnstown office has been open 40 years and there are always rumors it will close.
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MetLife Layoffs 2017

Who is to blame at this point in time and you need to know that things can be better but people are talking about job cuts NYC.

Metlife Open Enrollment

Will the open enrollment costs be higher this year due to all the cost cutting and the anticipated Obamacare increases?

Business As Usual

According to management it's business, hiring, and travel as usual and very few layoffs will take place in the company. Doesn't make sense what their saying in light of Mr. Kandarian's announcement?

No Major Staffing Changes?

Although it was made clear by the CEO that there would be cuts to headcount, management in some areas seems to be blowing off the message and taking the news very lightly and there have been several recent new hires? What gives?

68% percent of cuts coming from GTO

Marrty Lippert (CTO) said 68% of the 1 Billion dollar in cuts are coming from GTO. This was the answer he gave when asked where the cuts were coming from.

MetLife Auto & Home

MLAH management scheduled a conference call for Sept. 7th, to discuss "updates" in our division. Has anybody heard anything about any layoffs?

there are more important things than money

just getting out of 4 heart bypass 3 weeks ago, i woke up and smelled the coffee at 63,theres no reason to work yourself to death over 401 s and big problem was hereditary.but now I realize lifes not about fancy cars and big houses,love... read more

Retail Life Layoffs

I heard that there were layoffs in Retail Life - I used to work there and I know many amazing people over there. It's so sad that they have to go through this as it was one of the best and most talented groups of people I ever worked with. It looks... read more

So Much Better

They already got rid of a good chunk of Met by selling us to MassMutual. Their "so much better" technology is actually worse than Met's when I started almost 12 years ago, not to mention they still us a system from like 20 years ago to key some of... read more

Tampa Layoffs

Does anyone know what groups and how much Tampa will be affected by layoffs

Get Ready for Mega Layoffs in 2016 and 2017

Kandarian said he wants to save a billion over a year or two. OK, 10% or so cut in spending. Guess what that means for MetLife employees and families - LAYOFFS. Not sure if this is gonna be linear (e.g., 10% spending = 10% payroll job cut) but it's... read more

Tampa Job Cuts - Highwoods Preserve - 2016 and 2017

It looks like it's all over the news now - about 80 people will be let go - more job cuts will certainly come and there will be cuts in 2017 as well... That's my opinion, I hope things improve, but not sure about that.

MetLife IT Layoffs 2016 (US, 10% cut)

Across-the-board IT layoffs to be announced sometime in March 2016 (US, 10% cut, ~300 to 350). Not sure when the layoffs will actually begin to occur; presumably by Q3 2016, into Q4 and maybe into Q1 2017.

Somerset Cuts (2016)
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layoffs happening now

Layoffs started last Thursday the 12th and those laid off are out at the end of November. Nice right before the Holidays.

MetLife Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of MetLife layoffs in New York in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Upcoming layoffs at Metlife (2015)

Shame, shame, shame last quarter profit was just over $1 Billion. Just barely getting by. Earnings per share are $5.91. Stock is near a 52 week low. A few more layoffs and I am in. Oh yeah dividend is 3.13 percent. They do have considerable foreign... read more
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