Topics regarding layoffs at MetricStream, Inc

Topics regarding layoffs at MetricStream, Inc

New Management Massacare

Turns out PS and JB are worst and driving the company to the ground, regardless of economy these guys are big failures, look at the history of promises made by these guys and see if they have delivered at least one of them, sadly employees are... —  read more 

Nothing changed

Why everyone pointing to new management for failure reason? I felt they are just taking forward the legend of old management. V's and AB's screwed company from decades but no one had issues then why now?

Has attrition slowed?

If attrition has really slowed down, I see no other reason for it than the fact that by now all the talented and marketable have left. Is there another explanation? I don't think there is. This has become a joke a company.

Worst management

I don't want to generalize, maybe there are excellent managers here, but in every previous company I worked for, I had a more competent manager and not only that... but also a manager who was generally more interested in his work. Here, it seems to... —  read more 

How's the morale?

Ex-employee here curious about what people think of the recent changes. AB gone, CEO gone. But things seem worse from the outside? No ill feelings, hope the company is sold because that's the only positive outcome. No IPO possible in the next few... —  read more 

Please relook

GS sir, destroying is easy but building is difficult. You spent 20 Years building this company and destroying in a month just passing power to unqualified management? Is that the respect you have for the 20 Years of your hard work?

Follow the exit signs

I saw someone's post asking if the company could somehow recover. My opinion is that it would be a real miracle and that one should not hope for it at all. Instead, it is better to follow the exit signs. Who wants to stay here any longer when... —  read more 

No technical experience

There is often a great debate whether someone who makes important decisions can be a person without technical expertise. My opinion is that a person who does not have enough knowledge about the domain in which he/ she is leading, can do more harm... —  read more 

Fake it until you do it

Fake it until you do it - it's a message from one of metricstream executive officer. So negative thoughts. It should be "do it with out faking it". If teacher is wrong then student will also be wrong.


Jokes of the decade. Metricstream certification MCA and MCDA. People think it's useful and completing certification 😂. Boys and Girls, it doesn't even worth to use as toilet paper Leader in the Gartner 2021. Leader is the person who leads or... —  read more 

Do tight deadlines work?

Deadlines seem to be getting shorter? I don't know how this company thinks it will get the maximum productivity out of very tight deadlines. It seems more likely that it will motivate more people to quit.

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