Topics regarding layoffs at Micron Technology Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Micron Technology Inc.


It is funny to see Sumit and Sanjay and their cronies promoting themselves as champions of diversity, equal pay etc. Talk is cheap. It is self promotional. They do not respect women or pay equality. Quite the opposite. They promoted unfair practices... —  read more 

Low on the totem pole

Sharing knowledge is supposed to be a good thing right? It’s supposed to make everything in the workplace more efficient and smooth. The reality is it’s the total opposite. I have to fight tooth and nail just to learn new skills because the majority... —  read more 

Vaccine Layoff

In an effort to save face. Micron announced today that as of November 15, all unvaccinated US employees will be terminated. I anticipate a 5-10 reduction because of this requirement.

Job security

Does anybody who currently works at Micron think they have job security? Anyone? I used to think that being here for over a decade meant something and gave me some semblance of job security, but the last several layoffs have taught me just how wrong... —  read more 

The most valuable skills?

I am aware that we are all replaceable, but some of us are more replaceable than others. I wonder what are these high level skills that can ensure that a person is kept in this company? As much as I work on my skill set, it seems to me like it’s... —  read more 

Contact or no contact?

Ok so here’s my dilemma. I am about to start actively looking for other employment. On all applications where it stays “Can we contact current employer?” We have the option of checking yes or no. I have always chosen “yes” but in this instance I... —  read more 

The next round is here.

Reviews are happening now but they are just the usual micron smoke and mirrors to hide lay offs. Poor reviews are given then the person is given a choice to take a severance package or go on 90 day probationary period to meet their un attainable... —  read more 


just like the good old days. people working from home and being asked to do more. never been more stressed out working here. time to look for something else.

Dear Mr. Sanjay Mehrotra

Nice reviews and major decline in your approval rating as CEO: Click on "Rating Trends". In 2016 the CEO approval was around 90%. Now in 2018... —  read more 

Performance rating season

Managers are finishing their performance rating and providing 60-90 day "improve or be laid off" plans. Ive heard about 8% will get that rating, but no severance this time if they dont make it. Apply elsewhere and believe things can get better... —  read more 

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