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Arrogant Manager?

Background: I'm a consultant at Microsoft, so I'm not a FTE. But i have been singlehandedly managing 3 projects, and i often do code reviews for FTE Senior DS, and DS in the team. I'm responsible not just for DE part but also the ML part, and I'm... —  read more 

Major layoffs coming to Microsoft in June

Increasing evidence of a widespread layoff coming in June at MSFT, apparently as many as 30,000 mainly US employees and contractors. Three different general managers in three very different parts of the business confirm that a “stealth” RIF is... —  read more 

Why is it so bad?

We're in a perfect storm. We have the recession, end of the fiscal year, and uncertainties about the future of the pandemic and social unrest. With FY end, we'll inevitably see restructuring and some layoffs. It's already happened at MSN. But FTE... —  read more 

There you go, all stores will be closed

That's the end of the road for store employees. They are saying some will be retained to support via web, it's a fairy tale. There will be not enough work and they will lose jobs eventualy. Microsoft on Friday announced it will permanently close... —  read more 

More info on Microsoft layoffs

Some more info on reorganization, if anybody is interested. —  read more 

Vendors Release

Microsoft has already laid off two vendors on my spouses team saying because of covid 19. Hourly vendors taking heat for claiming 40 hours too. People still have bills. Still need to eat? Confused I thought Microsoft wasn’t going to fire people over... —  read more 

Microsoft Layoffs 2020

Do you think there may be small/medium/large Microsoft Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

We need employees of all ages

It's all about attitude, skill, your ability to relate across the generations...this is the value that is timeless. The company will need young, middle, and old to be successful as that is the make up of their clients who pay the bills. Remember... —  read more 

Layoff happening today

I see there are few layoff news happening today. Is it across the broad or specific to some BU in Seattle??

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RIF 2019 underway

5 teammates in my immediate group (all FTE) got axed this past Monday.

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Hiring Private Events

I got an invite for a private hiring event for Microsoft. There is no specific role for which this event is conducted. Does MS really hire candidates in such events ? or is it some kind of marketing gimmick ? Seeing such events are other companies... —  read more 

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UniStore implosion fallout ...

Scuttlebutt indicates early May for Cloud+AI to purge folks brought over from UniStore. Foreign subsidiaries already getting the purge news. Redmond next. Employees are being encouraged to job hunt "sooner rather than later" by decent managers... —  read more 

Microsoft layoffs coming 2019

If you are not aligned with Azure keep your eyes open. I have no insider info and this is all just my gut feeling but overall the shifts in the market and on the consumer/business side are tectonic. I feel there is a lot of layoffs coming in 2019... —  read more 

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Great company

Every July, regardless of performance, employees come to work on edge wondering if they’ll be part of the “reorganization.” What a neat place to work if you are supporting a family. Cannot believe the strategy of paying a headhunter fees, training... —  read more 

L62 offer?

Is this out of whack - this is what I've got offered: L62, Base @ $140K, $12.5K RSU per year (50K for 4 years) and a 20K sign on bonus. I was expecting more but the recruiter seems to be fairly firm and is indicating that this is not negotiable. Do I... —  read more 

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Dynamics Layoffs Took Place This Week.

The axe fell on Monday. I do not have exact numbers and I've seen multiple posts claiming different numbers on Blind, so really cannot even nail an average (#s are all over the place). Anyhow, cuts were on 1/14 and I think they are done for now - I... —  read more 

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Somethings up in CSS

Not sure what this new re-organization is about but people are being moved around in CSS and also let go this week and very quietly. Everything is being handled in very bizarre way from the top down.

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Regular releases instead of keeping people waiting

Ran into this article online, just cannot believe they finally decided to do this. They have been frustrating customers for years with long waiting periods, so I think Microsoft announcing this new way of placing releases on the market was a right... —  read more 

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Thoughts on Working at GitHub?

Thinking about applying to a job at GitHub, but they were acquired by Microsoft and I don't see a separate forum for Git. I know of some friends that would do the same in different areas. We don't know how Microsoft handles acquisitions (strip them... —  read more 

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Big Round Of Cuts Coming in 2019?

One big round must be coming with the departure of Terry from Windows and a final cull as the whole business goes into sustain engineering. How many Developers and Project Managers does it need to do patching and critical security etc? Azure is not a... —  read more 

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Microsoft Severance Payment Question

A question regarding severance - not sure if this is the right place to ask but here it goes anyway. If I am let go and if I am given a 60 day notice per the State of WA reqs, would I be able to get the severance if I find a job before the 60 day... —  read more 

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