Topics regarding layoffs at Microsoft Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Microsoft Corp.

This is my dream job

I started working here less than a year ago. I literally always dreamed of working here. I love what I do and love my coworkers. I've never been more satisfied in my career than I have been in the last eleven months and now I could lose it all. And... —  read more 

Just wondering

Can't Gates invest some of the money he's donating anyhow (we are talking billions of dollars) back into the company so that we don't have to leave people without their livelihoods? No, I'm not being serious, but it annoys me to see him get great... —  read more 

Layoffs while hiring

While letting some people go, Microsoft will most likely continue to hire new employees, correct me if that's not true. Is there any logic in that at all? Isn't it a better solution for the company to keep as many existing employees as possible... —  read more 

MCS Layoffs yesterday

Here's what we know so far about the July 2022 layoffs: so far limited to ISD (Industry Solutions), previously known as MCS (Microsoft Consulting). This is because company wants to "outsource" consulting to vendors / partners instead of doing it... —  read more 

Layoffs coming?

Given that Microsoft have hired aggressively on the east coast(Atlanta) especially, any chance of possible layoffs during the slowdown ahead? Or would it be team based depending on how much the product you're working on generates for the company. —  read more 

Ageism is a major issue

If you're in your 30s, or nearing 40, watch out. By age 45, you could be out. Microsoft is known to sp-t out employees that are over 45. They practice a hire now with 40ish to fire within five years just so they can continue to have over 40 stats... —  read more 

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