Topics regarding layoffs at Mildred Elley

Topics regarding layoffs at Mildred Elley

More layoffs to come

The bleeding won’t stop. We’re still laying off at our campus and I hear other campuses are laying off as well. Where’s all those new campuses john was promising us once we got ABHES???? Funny how they kept his drunk Dean of Academics

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I worked in Admission for Mildred Elley for a while and can state that they scam people into enrolling. Not all of them but we are told to say things that are so car salesman like.

Cover Up

There's too much covering up and band aids at this school. I see too many things that are "not right" and it makes no sense how we are still open. Everyone just passes the buck.

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Downward Spiral

This place is a joke. Crap benefits, crap pay, crappier management. They lie to get enrollments. Half the MA population think they are going to be able to transfer to the PN program. It's a revolving door because people know that the place s---s.

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Layoffs are on the way

Admissions just missed the largest Fall start by a third, 100 enrollments. Heads are going to roll. This is the fault of the owner, new management and the DOA. They've already gotten rid of good reps. This place is going down.

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For-profit school

For-profit school. Two locations: Albany, New York and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Two year programs only. The following schools compose the college: School of Business and Technology; School of Health and Wellness Professions; School of Digital Media... — read more 

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