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Ineffective Leaders

A leaders job is to align the organization around a clear and Achievable vision. This can Not occur when the blind lead the blind. Knowing how to lead effectively can mean the difference between success and failure. Ineffective leadership leads to... read more
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Recent layoffs

In case somebody missed it (and was under mistaken impression that layoffs have stopped. Molina Healthcare will lay off 126 employees with 47 of those from its Tampa office... read more


Anyone in IT get a NDA to sign seems that there will be an announcement soon

Layoffs before next year?

I see people are already talking about the next year, but to be honest I'm still more concerned about the current one. Are we sure there will be no more layoffs during this and the following month? I haven't seen anything that would warrant... read more

Times are tough for Molina people

Job hunt suggestion: Factor in that anyone from Molina has the mark of the beast on them. Molina work experience is devalued. It seems more likely, despite the stats you’re quoting, many former Molina people are struggling to find new jobs. It is... read more

Housekeeping arrives tomorrow

Space has been requested for outside people at both Molina Center and Pine through January. “Low traffic areas” were specified. Hopefully soon we can get a timeline. And to the jokers thatve been canned and insulting the remainers, Faw Q buddy. I’m... read more


Former Molina employee checking in to comment that I find it hilarious that you squids are taking time to complain on this message board instead of looking for new jobs.. Unemployment is at less than 4% and last month the economy added 250,000 jobs... read more


The last WARN Report for California was from July 01, 2018 through October 25, 2018. Shouldn’t there be a new one that would include California positions that will be eliminated? Does anyone know when we can expect the new one? Thank you.

11/1/18 The day IT died

Well, tomorrow they’re supposed to announce the outsource vendor. Let’s see how much they offer for a bonus. Something tells me not to expect 35%. Lol.

The Future of Long Beach

Nobody will keep a presence in Long Beach. The Molina’s built there because they have a vested interest in the city. It doesn’t make business sense to stay. WHEN were sold, any jobs left will be in Texas, North Carolina, or anywhere else with lower... read more

Interesting Changes

Ohio is doing a lot of shakeups in regards to buildings...downsizing in one city’s office to a smaller building, moving around in another, with rumors of downsizing to a different building as well. Also having executives leaving left and right. Very... read more

Ask yourself what will be next?

There is so much to pay note of here for anyone working at Molina. I hope folks understand how this will affect them. The IT function is going to sour. Good luck getting any reasonable support from IT once it changes hands. This is awful news for The... read more

Our new IT Daddy Conduent Inc.

It looks like Conduent will be the IT outsource vendor. The new IT execs starting Monday are from Xerox where Conduent was brought in. Reviews show it’s not the best place to work. Looks like I’ll take the severance. They’ll only be around until the... read more

Voice of Reason

Bringing this comment from another post, to forefront as the voice of reason speaks volumes. Thank you to original poster. For now, it’s measures to become attractive for sale. Once sold and merged, upper leadership and redundant operations at Molina... read more

IT Department Update

You may have heard that some IT employees recently received a retention incentive letter. I wanted to provide some additional context regarding those letters and related matters. As we mentioned during our recent town hall meeting, Molina recently... read more

Molina Retention Letter

As you are aware and have been advised, Molina Healthcare, Inc. (MHI)has implemented Project Green as an enterprise wide initiative to help develop and possibly implement a new sourcing strategythat will help Molina deliver technology and operation... read more

You are not safe at Molina. Yes, you.

I find it so shocking to discover every day there are people who honestly believe they are safe at Molina for whatever reason. It's like people choose to stick their heads in the sand and ignore everything that's been happening around them. Years... read more

MHI-HCS...... Any updates on corporate staff? QM/CM/UM

It's been super quiet!!!. Last email the clinical team received a couple weeks ago had alot of language about "potential restructure, leveraging talents, supporting other healthplan initiatives"....... Nothing since. Any word..... Anybody???.
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Retention bonus recipients

For those that received the tension offer, what are your thoughts? The letter was very vague to me. “Up to 35% of base pay” what does that even mean? There is nothing concrete in the offer letter and looks like it could be changed without notice. I’d... read more

People quitting

So many people are quitting lately. I'm not surprised Molina is forced to hire once again despite layoffs, since anybody who gets a chance (from what I've heard, sometimes it's even lower pay people are switching to) is leaving as quickly as they... read more

Molina IT layoffs

IT layoffs expected soon. Rumor mill is ripe with layoffs and outsourcing IT work news to vendors.

Statewide FL layoffs

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Molina Healthcare of Florida, Inc. Number of Laid off Employees: 30 Address 1: Address 2: Statewide City: Statewide, FL WARN Notice Date: Thu 07/26/2018 Layoff From: Mon 10/01/2018 Layoff To: Sat... read more

Molina is sunsetting

Hard to believe anyone thinks layoffs and cut backs at Molina are a temporary situation. Or that we are lucky survivors. I’m worried I am sticking around for severance that I won’t get. I have seen good people and not so good people let go. The only... read more

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