Topics regarding layoffs at Molina Healthcare Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Molina Healthcare Inc.

Ohio UM

10 signs of favoritism at work. There are undeserved promotions. ... Only some people's input is up for consideration. ... A coworker receives extra attention from your leadership. ... There are double standards. ... It's easy to identify... —  read more 

How is everybody doing?

I was laid off in February when things were already bad even without a pandemic added to the mix. I was able to land a new job within a few weeks, and I know that makes me one lucky SOB. I just wanted to check how are things at Molina now? Have there... —  read more 


I read something on sharepoint that said availity will be taking over claims, eligibility and benefits, and authorizations come Feb to “eliminate admin costs”


So what is going on with this Availity portal? Will they be taking over all authorizations or is this something for UM? It is being kept very hush hush.

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What really happened to the SVP (formerly of Aetna)? Not long ago she was in charge of all ops, and then she suddenly retires??


I am in my car all weekend. I hear Caresource commercials one after the other. Now Caresource is number one in Ohio... that don't even need to advertise they are so well known. Molina on the other hand who's membership has dropped and pissing off the... —  read more 

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Absolutely Staggering

Its funny but 130 million is a looottt of Nickles for a company that claims to be as such. 130 million so they can layoff people. They are given hundreds and at times thousands of shares as compensation several times a year. Look at this below of... —  read more 

Town hall

Based on your answers to the questions you have no clue what's going on at the lower levels with provider network etc. Is actually laughable. You are about to lose a huge hospital due to your "restructuring ". I suggest you implement an anonymous... —  read more 

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