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Molina IT is Hiring Contractors!

Word on the street is there's about 30+ positions being sent out to IT vendors for positions in Long Beach through Beeline. Positions range from Big Data, Software Engineers, Analyst, Programmers and Project Managers. I was told that candidates that... read more

Molina Healthcare Layoffs 2018

I never thought that I'll be surprised here again, but layoffs in corporate are always a juicy topic. Have you heard that we may have layoffs in Long Beach.

Tune the Chassis

Please stop saying thi, it's making me crazy. An engine can be tuned, a chassi cannot See definition below I rest my case chas·sis ˈCHasē,ˈSHasē/Submit noun noun: chassis; plural noun: chassis the base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled... read more

Molina Wisconsin will be closing

Recruiters are still calling me/leaving messages. One of the first things they say is "I know Molina is closing in Wisconsin . . . " Don't wait around folks. There are a lot of great job opportunities right now, and a lot of recruiters ready to help... read more
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At this point:

I am really hopeful that they will let me go tomorrow. I feel liberated after several weeks of anxiety and fear. Today I came to the conclusion that there is nothing to be afraid off anymore. I am totally done with this ungrateful place!


Hello,does anyone know I give my two weeks Notice, will they allow me to work it, or will I be walked out immediately? Ty


Read your contract carefully. It's important to understand what you are agreeing to so you don't breach your contract and end up losing your severance. This can't be overstated. There are several sections that may be easily overlooked or... read more
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Molina Brothers

Both Molina Brothers have now sold stock shares.... more writing on the wall.

Stay positive work hard

Today I heard four people were walked out of the plan I'm not sure what plan. I also heard they are planning to sell but trying to squeeze out a profit this year to look pretty for new buyers With all the cuts they are trying to beef up those who are... read more

Layoffs for 9-29

9-29 Layoffs BAA. (Multiple layoffs) MMS, MHI Nurse practitioners, Physician pediatrics, Lead SMO physician (multiple layoffs) JMMD & JMMDFL Assoc rep members svc (multiple layoffs) MHI Project Coordinator (mulitiple) MFL, MHW Admin assist MHC Claims... read more

Layoffs for 10-3

AVP. Data analytics. MHI Exec assistants MHI, MMS Dir Healthcare services. MCS Chief Information Officer. MHI. Care review processor. ( A lot of layoffs) MHO Pharmacy tech. MHO Case manager. MHC Rep provider inquiry RR. MFL Assoc Rep member services... read more

Layoffs for 10-2

Molina is still laying people off as of 10-3 I cannot post names because they will shut this post down but I will post positions, locations and layoff dates. 10-2 BAA. (A lot of layoffs). MHI & MMM Member services Rep. ( A lot of layoffs) MMM & MHI... read more

More layoffs are a certainty

The fact that a planned, wellness event is taking place doesn't mean lay offs won't happen. In fact, I know someone who just got hired at Molina. People are laid off AND people are still being hired. It would make sense if you saw the bigger picture... read more

Performance Improvement Plans

Remaining employees are given new production standards that are unrealistic and unachievable. Front line employees are reporting to less credentialed managers/directors. PIP will lead to being fired - no severance. An obvious way to further cut... read more

The Molina Sale Is Obvious

As it continues to steady itself to present in the most profitable light....more decisions will be made and more changes will come. None of this should be surprising. If you've been at Molina for many years, like I was, it may be wise to stick around... read more
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New Molina CEO??

Does anyone have any intel on the new Molina CEO? I’ve heard rumors that the person has been chosen and they’re just in the final paperwork phase before announcing sometime in October. Would love it if someone could confirm or provide any other... read more


Well security is here at the Illinois OakBrook office today
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Formerly Molina Medical Group

Continuing The Legacy Golden Shore Medical Group (formerly Molina Medical Group) is owned and operated by J. Mario Molina, M.D. Dr. Molina continues his father’s legacy. Dr. C. David Molina founded the clinics in 1980 to care for underserved patients... read more

Any news about today?

This whole Molina waiting game is unbearable... But the alternative is even worse... I am currently in a position in which I can't afford to be laid off... I've started looking for a new job a few months ago, but it's not as easy as some people tend... read more

Any Molina cuts beyond IT coming tomorrow?

Anybody have an idea of whether there will be more layoffs Thursday beyond IT? Thursday seems like it would make the most sense to finally finish ripping off this band-aid. I feel like the restructuring at least is not complete...? It's odd how they... read more

Clarification on Molina Layoffs Counts

The projected layoffs have not changed, it's still at 1500. The WARN act notices are misleading. They get filed the day the layoffs occur, but the effective date is weeks ahead. Last week's layoffs called for a filing of new notices, which included... read more

Texas unemployment benefits and severance

Are we elegible for unemployment benefits and severance here in Texas. I am not cut yet, but if things continue to develop this way, I will probably be cut as well - slow work and demoralized workforce, that's a bad combo. Not sure if someone from... read more

Corruption, much?

If you're interested, this year Molina's paid $160,000 to ex-Senator (R. OR) Bob Packwood for lobbying efforts. Molina's the ex-senator's only client--and he's notorious for harassing and abusing women as well as for his links to big tobacco. So... read more


HHS informed Obamacare outreach workers that will be shut down for maintenance for 12 hours nearly every Sunday during open enrollment. How do you even survive???

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