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Is it true NY is being sold off?

Rumors of Name Change

On this board and in the street are rumors of potential sale discussions and name change. Are these references just smoke or is there any substance?


Sooo, hints are being dropped about August,...can anyone elaborate on what is happening? Another big round of layoffs? Ohio medicaid case management has productivity sheets going to plan president each week that “we will be held accountable for”... read more


LA Business Journal says Joe Z. made $15 million last year. He made $20 million the year before. Brother Mario never made that kind of money. I guess he wasn't as good as Joe Z. at cutting staff and benefits

Molina Ohio will be selected for MCD contract

Yes Molina Ohio will be selected for MCD contract. Jesus ppl stop listening to others unless hard evidence is posted. Molina Ohio four one is one of the top money makers for Molina. Ending March 2019 Molina Ohio revenue 590 MILLION dollars after... read more

broken wing company

Not necessary accurate “on broken wing company” being a sole reason companies buy other firms. This is one reasons however others are synergies between the firms, desiring to get into a market, expand their capabilities, secure technology and staff... read more


Production seems to have decline tremendously in many departments. What's the catch?

Retention Bonus Agreement Samples

Can someone share the retention bonus agreement document - I'd like to use it as a sample. I know it's sensitive you can remove names, dates, any values, etc. I just need a good doc that I can use for a template on a project I am working on right... read more

Ohio Staff is Decimated

Staffing in Ohio, particularly Medicaid, is at complete bare bones not enough nurses to do work, but work keeps piling at truly, truly unachievable anmounts. Keeping scorecards and sheets on CMS that go to the plan president each week. At the same... read more

New name?

Josh Raskin, a Wall Street analyst, speculated that the company is going to announce a name change this week. Any truth to that? Should the company change it’s name? To what?

Role description

Over the past couple weeks has anyone been asked to provide a description of their role to be presented to Executive Leadership? Can’t help but think why they would need that and I surely hope my assumption is wrong. I know our plan had a few that... read more

Mechanics of Layoffs

They will lay you off and deactivate your accounts the night before, so take your stuff home a week before. Or they will call you all in a meeting and inform you that today is your last day. Molina is hiring but they are temp positions in order not... read more


Saw this on vz board. Applies here too, the post is not my So, you have finally gotten that dream job in the mailroom... So, you have finally gotten that dream job in the mailroom... But, soon you'll be fired from the mail room, but you'll be... read more

New IT

How is the new IT group working out? How about the other services that Molina has outsourced?

Stewards of government funds

As stewards of American tax payers money, why does the government allow Molina to line the pockets of foreign owned companies? When I was in the building trade, there was a clause where any government job the steel had to be from the USA. Why is it... read more

First Day after Molina

... and it feels so good. I thought I was going to hate being laid off, but this is the best thing that's ever happened to me. This is a vacation without having to worry about coming back to a mess to clean up!

Last Molina Monday

Well here it is. After more than a decade of service I’m given 12k and shown the door. I thought this was my last job and I truly enjoyed working here. The last two years have been brutal. Watching the company I loved be gutted. Oh well. Such is... read more

Rumor has it....

Heard MOH kicked some auditors to the curb yesterday. Out of 25 they tried to keep 8. Only 7 wanted to stay. The choice was to commute to Columbus or take a package. I assume these where remote employees. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If so, what... read more

Who the heck would want to acquire Molina?

Who the heck would want to acquire Molina? What does Molina have going for it that would make it an attractive acquisition for anyone? A health insurance company that is losing contracts and memberships is not an attractive buy for any larger... read more

Molina Will not be "made great again"

Odd that a company who promotes Quality seems to only care about the QUANTITY. This ship is slowly but surely sinking. Molina will use people as long as they can and the minute they no longer need you, you'll be out like last nights trash. They dont... read more


How are we going to go up against our competitors . They have a lot more going for them then rankings. They have network of providers. They do not have our reputation for denying everything thing. State hates us right now. AND we lost the best of... read more
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No fixing Molina

Anybody else feels like Molina has been on a downward trajectory for so long by now that we are at a point where changing course is impossible? I used to believe there was light at the end of a tunnel, but not anymore. Which is why I'm planning to... read more

Good Tea

If nothing else, remember when we got good tea?
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Any rumors out there regarding by whom we might be acquired? All this “we are not for sale” talk is just nonsense.


Laid off.. today as of June 10. Outsourced.

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