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MP is not new to the organization overall but it is to some this year. We were offered 0 support from MHI. NO TRAINING, NO RESOURCES OR REFERENCES, literally left on our own to figure it all out. How can a health plan be successful with no support to... —  read more 

Ohio’s Culture of Fear

Medicaid HCS is at breaking point, performance has taken a nosedive. They cannot close CAP with ODM. And mgmt continues to add more work, more busy work, more forms, and more threats. There is utter disbelief in mgmt that the CAP still isn’t... —  read more 

Is MOH stock a risky investment ? In summary apparently Molina isn’t doing too shabby... While it is always sensible to... —  read more 

Ohio in trouble again with state over TAT

AND who do they blame ... the employees who were not asked to work New Years Day. This is what we are working with in lower management in OH. They do nothing all day ...but first to pass the buck. OH and hand down the punishment . We have no work... —  read more 


Did you note how much of our work they took over and how it effects us meeting our production goals???? Is this another Molina ploy to write up and fire us????

The Name

What gets me is the fact that even though they fired the Family (and derided them) the Board continues to hang on to the name Molina! If the brothers were so incompetent, why does the Board retain the name? Well, it’s because the Board knows that... —  read more 

More proof our surveys were not even looked at

My co workers and I are over here laughing at this less than mediocre, empty, mission statement. None of it entails putting members 1st or employees for that matter. Your thoughts? Our Mission: We improve the health and lives of our... —  read more 

Legal Dept.

A few years ago, the Legal Department was being investigated for ignoring complaints of favoritism and’s a fact...I’ve been told that outside legal investigators were brought in and recommended big changes to the Department. Did... —  read more 

Very bad news? Wait for it...? Gains/Losses?

Amidst all the rhetoric, speculations, rumors, stick ups and downs, previous layoffs, etc. what are we left with? A disenchanted, won’t touch the kool-aid, take a dump on the floor kind of work culture. That’s sad folks. Really sad. For those that... —  read more 


Zero to report. Always all well. Same won't happen to OH what happened to TX...

Molina Long Beach Downsizing “... and Molina Healthcare, which is downsizing.”

Mr. Board

"...the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised." Sir Richard Branson

Texas Image

Will our CEO go to Texas to help with the relationship in terms of meeting with our client. All the Molinas did this to turn around certain aspects of the relationship and support our teams. They did not send their reports but did this themselves.

Divest Molina or Generate Revenue ?

From recent news there are two potential paths for Molina - to prepare for sale if there are buyers or to invest in generating more revenue. A static business model has inherent risks of declining revenue from contract rebidding or patient erosion... —  read more 

Trick or Treat

Per Molina Ohio radio ads. SC Molina doing business as Molina Ohio??? Is this another Texas set up?


Oh, Joe, the TX issue is not a short term problem.

Q3 per HealthLeaders News

Molina"s revenues, income and eps falls. BUT raises guidance After they spent high $$ to buy NY Healthcare ??? What are they going to sell, close, or layoff to meet Q4 numbers? There is no way to meet numbers without something big!

What is the scoop Ohio?

Why the H..L are we hiring when we do not have enough work to go around AND we just laid off 40 people Sept 2? These are not filler position... what about that freeze?

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