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HCM Town Hall Meeting 3/16/2018

HCM Town Hall Meeting scheduled for March 16th. The last town hall meeting was presented December 2016; Salaried Employees were switched to hourly, the mileage was significantly reduced and the monthly stipends were taken away. 3/16/18-Time for wave... read more

Nothing will change for better

While it's a good thing that the exec ranks are being cleaned out, I think it's such bad karma to dance on someone's grave. All these folks did exactly what the Molinas directed them to do, for better or for worse. When the company was growing... read more

WAVE 3 LAYOFFS 3/31/2018

Another WAVE of employee layoffs is scheduled for 3/31/2018 Molina Medical Management Inc Departments: AFC MMG Operations, MHI CareConnections, MMG (MI) Dearborn MHI Finance-Accounting Job Titles: Dir, Accounting Clinic Encounter Code Proc... read more

More layoffs

Healthcare management firm Molina Medical Management, Inc., a a subsidiary of Molina Healthcare, Inc., has announced several layoffs across California in 2018. According to Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) report summary, the... read more

The Signs are Clear..

A healthy company doesn't go from a profit of 52 million to a loss of over 500 million from one year to the next unless it is going under in a big way.. Everyone get out now before the market i's flooded with many more hundreds of former Molina... read more

Warn Act

2/13/18 Warn Act announced 292 Ca Molina employees will be permanently laid off due to the 500 Mil 2017 loss. Warn Act on represents Ca. Does anyone know if all regions will be laying off. That is a large $ to make up in 2018. Maybe we should not... read more

Hey Joe White

You think you should fire yourself for not hitting your own goal?
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Another layoffs today

I hear another round of layoff in Long Beach. Around 80 people are let go but heard that some non performing managers/Director are still there.

Farewell Florida On February 1, 2018, and as confirmed on February 5, 2018, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) notified our Florida health plan, Molina... read more

More IT layoffs pending in Long Beach

Have it on good authority that more layoffs are coming to Long Beach based (or those working remotely that used to work in Long Beach) employees. Don't have more details yet, but as long as BCG is still around layoffs will continue.

Get Out

When I first hired in at MHM, I was proud to be part of the mission and vision it proclaimed to be driven by. There was once a time Molina, appeared to value their members as well as their employees. Make no mistake, that time is gone. I find myself... read more

One Molina?

Before the layoffs, there was more One Molina with some gaps in some departments. However, since the layoffs, it feels less like One Molina for those who are still at Molina. Our departments do not always work together for the members because of the... read more

JP Morgan

Ups Molina stock on new CEO"s Thesis... really? He hasn't done anything yet but run people off!

Nepotism at Molina

Part of the problem was the Molina’s hiring and promoting friends and family who weren’t qualified for their jobs and most were incompetent which got us into this mess. The nepotism and Molina friends and family program is over. New management has a... read more

More Layoffs

95 in Sacramento as of February per Sacramento Tribune. No comments from Molina.

Pathways Closing

We were told at our staff meeting on Wednesday that Pathways Springfield Ma and Worcestor Ma will be closed by March 6th..we are getting our letters tomorrow.

Open Enrollment Ended 12/15/17

Anyone know how we did? Corp leasing their new building and squeezing all their employees into the one on Ocean Blvd due to Enrollment down and loss $.
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Dr Molina

If the Molina"s are leaving their own company as board members . Is there still a Molina? Just saying....

We were told our positions eliminated.

How Molina lay off so many employees and now almost a month later, they hiring? What was the point of the layoffs if they promoting and hiring? Is there anything we can do about that?

Bridge Loan

Bridge Loan purchased to pay our checks, rent and utilities 12/04/17.

Any severance update?

I know some former employees may still check in from time to time but I recently called the numbers provided to try and receive an update on when to expect the severance and transitional lump sum. Nobody was able to answer that for me. I’m wondering... read more

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