Topics regarding layoffs at Molina Healthcare Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Molina Healthcare Inc.

IT vendor favoritism

Small unheard of IT vendor like Infinite are getting more and more contracts awarded with blessings of CIO/CIOs boss & CTO. Clearly some kind of pass thru kickback arrangement in works which shows to all of us IT full time employees as these vendors... —  read more 

Pay Transparency

Once a taboo topic in the workplace, employees are now sharing their pay information openly in the hopes of getting raises for themselves — and their colleagues. Plus it's illegal for employers to stop employees from sharing details of their pay... —  read more 

Favoritism by CIO to vendor

Has anyone noticed for past few years how the CIO Amir has been sneaking in his favorite vendor Infinite Computer Solutions to all projects and department. Surprising to see procurement has given a bling bling eye to his way of awarding contracts to... —  read more 

The Rich Got Richer at Molina

Molina gets lower and lower with their “bonus” for Managers & below. (I am a Director so this doesn’t effect me financially but effects my teams morale) The people who work the front lines and burst their butts. Only $500 this year, they could... —  read more 


You think they are going to $$$ to protect us in the office? I rarely see them change a regular filter! HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) systems are not thought to be a significant factor in the spread of coronavirus. Many modern air... —  read more 

Larry and Joe

We have seen you do great things this past year and half for Molina BUT with the variant Delta closing Australia and has hit CA we are all getting anxious that you will force us to return to unsafe offices. We can succeed at our home offices thanks... —  read more 

Do you feel valued here?

Lately I’ve been thinking if it would have any effect to try to talk honestly with my superior about feeling very underappreciated here. I find myself doing a lot more work than some who are much more appreciated here. I don’t even need to mention... —  read more 

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