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Am done with molina

So is Molina closing or not why can't we get a straight answer here in Florida I here by June ???

Six weeks til freedom

I feel for you guys when needing IT asstance after 5/7. The morale is dismal and will only get worse. I’ll need a vacation to shake off the last two years of bool shart. Vaya con dios amigos.

Board Changes..Hmm..Finally
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Wow JZ Townhall

Same thing. 2018 Awesome. Love to come to Ohio. Love to hear your comments. Not one brave soul asked about the layoffs going on.... But to enter his meeting OMG security on it along with facilities team.... overkill. AND for what Anyone else have... read more

Wow JZ!

JZ's email once again on how well Molina did in 2018 and new bonus plans >:l. Unbelievable!
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Molina Troy Office

Washington claims examiners were laid off last Thursday from the Troy, Michigan office without notice. Does anybody know if they are done? Or will there be more layoffs at the Troy office. I've heard rumors that the building is sold and we have to be... read more


Molina needs to be straight with everyone, its a shame we have to search for answers we deserve better. Management and HR acting like they dont know anything it is so fustrating!

OH Plan President

Getting comfortable discussing layoffs. It is just business. Finally honest about membership loss.


Long Beach Reps just laid off. Two departments, sups and agents. HR says die to business needs. When they asked the VP why they were specially, she didn't answer and just adjourned the meeting. Cold game. No type of empathy. Business needs. Treat... read more

We have a decision

We are not going to be informed of why someone that has worked here for years or is a sensible person is let go over others with the same job title that have joined recently. That was shut down in our meeting yesterday. Telling people gathered for... read more

No layoffs today?

I know Friday is not usually a layoff day at Molina, but I have to check - are we certain there will be no continuation of yesterday's layoffs today?

It’s about the bottom line

They usually happen on Thursdays and fridays and as management know, or shall I say have any lack of knowledge. There is more to come. They will more than likely sell the company and rebrand. Stay in the know, it’s about the bottom line. It’s a... read more

Irving Texas Lay Off

Today 10 Texas Agents from Marketplace, MMP and Claims were asked to pack their desks and escorted out of the building due to lay offs. It is very upsetting because there have been no office wide announcements to acknowledge the situation.

Member Services Contact Center Outsourcing

Member Services Contact Center Currently Molina is running Nurse Advice Line (NAL) in-house. Around Q2, Molina submitted a RFP to outsource NAL to save costs among other factors. Carenet has been selected as the vendor for this initiative


IT peeps - For what it is worth...Thank You. I have always had a great experience whenever I called you guys. Every person I spoke to was understanding that I knew a bit about computers but not to the extent of someone in IT's realm, but you never... read more
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No PTO for RIF’d employees?

The FAQ sheet we received says we won’t accrue PTO while on salary continuation whatever that means. We have to show up and work , they’re also taking out benefits, stock, and 401k. How can The not pay us for money we’re earning? In my case it’s... read more

Pathways Closing

We were told at our staff meeting on Wednesday that Pathways Springfield Ma and Worcestor Ma will be closed by March 6th..we are getting our letters tomorrow.


Joe has beenbeen busy finding new ways to get people to quit rather than paying severance pay.. remote jobs being converted to nearest office 1/1/2018 effective.. this company will be sold within 6 months of next year. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES NOW!!!

The Molina Mole waving bye bye

It was a pleasure providing you with all the hidden gems Molina was hiding from its employees. To bad Molina could not find the mole (me) before I left for my new exciting job opportunity. I guess you will never find out who spilled the beans. Mr... read more

Press Release Well, here it is. I’m glad I was RIF’d when I was, this would have been even more heartbreaking. I want to extend my heartfelt... read more

Golden Shore Medical Group Contract

Despite the extensive efforts of Dr. Mario Molina, Molina Healthcare has chosen not to renew its contract with Golden Shore Medical Group. All Molina members who have been getting their medical care at Golden Shore Medical Clinics will have to find... read more

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