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old HSS status

What is the status of old HSS IT? Expensive Scot left after 6 months, Dan is still contractor pissing off everyone, no clear vision/direction form him. What is the plan of HSS IT? are we looking for outsourcing HSS IT?
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More layoffs coming May June and July 2018

After some searching on the Molina intranet, I found the reduction in force list for this year. So be prepared for a layoff every 2nd to last friday of every month until August! Oh and there 2 dates in Sept and Oct where people will get warned /... read more

Summer Layoffs

So here we are halfway through the day on the east coast and nothing has been updated thus far. Here’s to hoping we make it through the remainder of the day unscathed.

Professional Opinion

Fire the useless leaders (directors, AVPs and VPs) in IT department. Most of them are good for nothing people and not even qualified to be in that role. Very demotivating set of management for the IT workforce. Get rid of... read more

How many have been RIF'd

Anyone have any ideas on how many total employees have been let go since this all began? I know the original number was fourteen-hundred but I am curious as to how much that has been exceeded. I was one of those that went out the door in the second... read more

BOD Fraud Investigation

Law firm just confirmed they are opening an investigation for securities fraud against the Board of Directors. This roller coaster ride gets crazier eqch day.

Summer Layoffs

Tomorrow is June 1st. I've heard from many people (within Molina and outside of Molina) BIG layoffs starting in June and continuing through the summer. Please share info as it comes in. Sounds like things are going to get crazy. Good luck everyone!... read more

Why are we hiring in OHIO?

So someone with some business sense or previous experience... WHY are we hiring in OHIO? Work load is down. We did not win our auto assignments. I have yet to see us going after memberships even though Ami claims we are... anyone seen any initiative?... read more


Wow Florida did not even win the additional Medicaid contracts Florida handed out. Oh yes we are going to fight.... but think this deal is set in stone like NM. Let's just call time of death for Molina. 2018

Any News On Florida?

Anyone has some updates on when will do they the lay offs for Florida? They keep sugar coating the situation like if people stupid.

Just in case you are looking for work...

Here are top rated companies ("good place to work"): Source: COMPANY LOCATION ABM Healthcare St. Clair Shores, Mich. Accountable... read more
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More layoffs at Molina

Were there layoffs in Long Beach in first week of May? I heard Program Project Managers have been let go. I haven't heard anything but I would not be surprised. Molina is done with major layoffs, and is now focusing on stealthy layoffs that are few... read more

FL Molina Checked out

It feels like FL has already given up. The lack of communication and incompetence is staggering. Does everyone not care anymore or did they just lay off so many employees that there is no one left to do the work? I surely hope that if we do win any... read more

Now they are just managing people out

Don't give you any work and you end up looking for your stapler. This place is a dump and the culture is toxic! Everybody there is drinking the same mix of delusions. Whatever they think they are going to do is in a long term plan or they are just... read more

Molina Healthcare Layoffs 2018

I never thought that I'll be surprised here again, but layoffs in corporate are always a juicy topic. Have you heard that we may have layoffs in Long Beach.

Molina is one big family reunion

This place is one big family/ high school reunion. If you got in based on skill you’re screwed. Management and their AA’s s---s especially in CEX. Molina fudges numbers to look good on paper and then blames front line staff when the numbers don’t add... read more

The Sun

CEO story ran today. He should be embarrassed he represents the poorest population.... and I myself feel like our company is heading that way.

Work fast

Cut a deal for an acquisition soon, before it’s too late


Anyword on whats expected for the earnings call? Profit/loss? Beat estimates?

We are not special

I keep seeing people making Molina the villain for laying off people, but the truth is that the entire sector is in major crisis. Businesses do what they have to do. Just look here:... read more

Channel 4 Jax

Florida announced Tuesday the 9 companies to ink deals for low healthcare. Molina was not picked.

Corporate layoffs

I just got informed that there was a layoff in corporate. 20 out of 30 people in Human Resources have been laid off. Recruiting, Learning & Development Dept, Marketing, etc. They've only kept those who have the most knowledge & have shown value. Good... read more

Severance Package

Does anyone know what the current severance package for the employees that were laid off?

Why are we hiring?!?!?

With all the recent layoffs taking place and more hanging over our heads every single day, why in the world is Molina hiring so many people right now??? Just look at job postings on usual pages that have them, there are dozens of open positions, and... read more

04-11 to 04-13-2018 Layoffs

87 people were let go between 04-11 to 04-13 from the following Departments Care Management Processor MFL Care Review Processor MHC Care Review Prior Authorization MHC Correspondence Processor MHC Supv Care Management MFL Care review Clinician MHC... read more

Molina Executive staff Layoffs 04-01 to 04-11

04-01 to 04-11 Layoffs Executive Staff AVP Applications Sr VP Medicare & Duals Integration MHI Executive Assistant. MHI Dir of Applications. MHI VP Projects PMO. MHI Dir Bus Delivery MMS Dir Healthcare Services. MIL VP Healthcare Services. MHT Dir... read more

Lazy bumz

Who's the todler posing as a news source. Even an idiot can look on Reuters and see this is not true. Joe Z came to Molina in October has made some great changes and continues to get rid of dead weight. Take responsibility for the fact that you are... read more

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