Molson Coors Brewing Co. Layoffs

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Closing Irwindale Brewery in California in 2020

Layoffs in Milwaukee and Chicago

Don't be fooled by the Milwaukee Mayor and WI Governor and the press conferences. Plenty of roles are being eliminated or displaced in Milwaukee and Chicago. Some replaced by Denver and Canada. Some getting demotions and pay cuts along with offers... —  read more 

Any news on when exactly the layoffs will start?

Knowing layoffs are coming but not knowing when exactly and if I'm affected is pure torture. I wonder how much longer we'll be kept in the dark on this. This is completely unnecessary, just tell us what's going on for goodness' sake. All of us are... —  read more 

Molson Coors to close Denver office and layoff 500

Looks like selling beer isn't what it once was. The new headquarters will be in Chicago and you can best bet any duplicate jobs under MillerCoors will mean the MolsonCoors people get the cut. It is not cost effective to relocate people to a new... —  read more 


Millercoors planning to close Irwindale Brewery in California in 2020. Official word will be given on October 30.

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