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April 18th 2020

That's the official day that dsd is ending! You heard it here first. Good luck all! I am so relieved to finally have the truth told to me.

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What's really going on?

Makes me sad there's so much speculation amongst us all given so many people see signs of impending change, but there's no information from the company.😔

Another warehouse down

Just heard a warehouse in CT is closing April 2020 and product will come from some new state of the art warehouse in NY.

Need to Vent about this $&@/$&@ company

I dread going to work day and look over my shoulder as the management on my team have it out for me. They are all bull c-appers. This company only cares about there bottom line. We don’t have a name with this company we are just a dollar... —  read more 

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DSD ending in 2020

Let’s see what the organization does with this post! Since they have had posts removed that were untrue.....warehouse coming!!

It's all about dollars & logistics in the end

Mondelez has been quietly closing sites in its DSD delivery model for years. I worked at a high volume, very efficient nabisco branch outside of the biggest city in WI for years until they shut it down in 2017. We were not the first closure or the... —  read more 

“The bottom line”

People are missing the point.... Ending DSD will increase profitability for retailers! When WM and Kroger see earnings reports, they see an opportunity for THEM to make more money! Ending DSD will increase margins for retailers, increasing their... —  read more 


Has anybody had trouble hitting their bonus?

“We’re too big”

In 2019 Mondelez was the 20th largest food company in the US. Of the 19 larger than us, guess how many are warehouse! 🤣🤣Nope, we are not too big! Kellogg is bigger, Nestle is bigger, and there are plenty more that are warehouse! The “we are too big”... —  read more 

Jyve company

Jyve merchandisers will be throwing Nabisco orders at Joe V’s grocery stores in Houston area. Jyve will also throw Coke and Frito Lay product as well. DSD is done!!!


Some companies already get their products from middle men like them which would obviously become the alternative to warehouse delivery once DSP is cut.

Don’t be surprised!

Analysts Estimate Mondelez (MDLZ) to Report a Decline in Earnings: What to Look Out for Zacks Equity Research ZacksJanuary 22, 2020, 5:31 PM UTC Mondelez (MDLZ) is expected to deliver a year-over-year decline in earnings on higher revenues when it... —  read more 

Company values

So discouraging and also disgusting to work for a company that prides themselves on values, yet has close to $30 million dollars of penalties! Ouch! Practice what you preach! And the SEC hasn’t even gone after the whole issue of ghost trucks! That’ll... —  read more 

I just can’t see it

I can’t see the company leaving dsd, I think if they did it would be a mistake. The stores can’t take care of there own product, I can’t see them take care of ours.

So funny.....

Was just grocery shopping and ran into a pepp farm rep I used to share some stores with a long time ago. He asked if I was still with “nabisco” and I answered. His comment was,” they have quite the reputation for being jerks to their employees”! 🤣... —  read more 

People commenting on this forum

Super curious why people that DO NOT believe DSD is ending are on this site commenting? Why are you here? Do you feel a duty to try to convince people that believe DSD is ending, that it is not? Why did you find this site in the first place? What... —  read more 

April 2020

Fiscal year starts in April for Mondelez. Announcement is coming soon. 60 day's notice required by law. Walmart and Kroger contracts are up in 2020. DSD is an outdated system. These stores require 7 day's service and we don't provide that. Stores are... —  read more 

Walmart price drops

Numerous months ago basically the entire cookie/cracker line at Walmart had a dramatic price drop. These are not rollbacks, they are massive, permanent price cuts. I guess my thoughts were is this the price they are going to be after they cut out the... —  read more 

Sales Reps position Eliminated in 2020

You all heard it here first major changes coming in 2020. We are not leaving dsd but major structure changes coming. End of the SR era. Folks Kroger and Food Lion no Reps in store is the beginning of the “Test” SR’s will have option to... —  read more 

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One more sign......

For those of us that were at the rally meetings just after Keebler left dad.....remember when we were told by our regional leader (the one that fell off the ladder) that Kellogg would tank? Well look now! Even after they sold their cookie business!... —  read more 

Asset managers in plant

Anyone else have these labcoats walking around taking asset inventory? Makes me nervous. Feel like 2020 could bring the closure of more plants or the sale of some brands.

Say Goodbye to the Wilkes Barre, Pa Office

More than half of the Wilkes Barre building will lose their job by the end of 2020 unless a major change occurs. The writing is on the wall. If you interact with the folks of Wilkes barre like I do. You will be working with an outsider or a third... —  read more 

You Guys Have It Almost Right

DSD as you know it is ending, you can have DSD with no Reps or Merchs if the store is packing out and there computer is ordering Lots of time and money was spent to get the biggest chains systems to get then to communicate with our systems... —  read more 

How are your Walmarts?

Curious as to how everyone's stores are looking. For me at this point it's coming back to where it was before EDI, just with more steps involved. A lot of calls to customer care to remove stupid product lines from orders, and sometimes just outright... —  read more 

2 weeks notice today

Told my DM this morning I’m putting my two weeks in effective November 5 I’m done with this company. I already feel like a cloud has been lifted. Can not wait till the new adventure begins

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Damage control by Mondelez

Mondelez keeps doing damage control by trying to convince us through conference calls, meetings, etc, that DSD is not ending, despite so much evidence that it is. The more they try to "convince" us DSD is not ending, the more I'm convinced it is. My... —  read more 

Wake up people

I’ve been following this site for some time now, just reading posts. It’s finally time to say something for me..... Wake up!! People are working very hard to spin things, to make them feel that their jobs are safe! If they spent this time being more... —  read more 

Nobody wants to buy us

DSD “has been”, a thing of the past. In the end, it is ultimately up to the retailer to decide since the cost of dsd is built into their contracts, it’s certainly not free. Since most consumers get to choose what they buy, the retailers (wal Mart and... —  read more 

The writing is on the wall

I worked for nestle and we lost our c stores 2-3 years ago. We stopped having meetings about sales targets and focused on safety. The writing was on the wall for years.....they just had a long term plan in place. It just took longer because we had... —  read more 

Restructuring in January 2019

According to the quarter 3 earnings call the CEO said restructuring will be in full effect JANUARY 2019. We will here about it all I’m sure at sales rep rally’s with our regional management teams. Just like the Walmart orders bomb they dropped on us... —  read more 

Job referral

Had an old Kellogg merchandiser tell me that Mondelez DM keeps trying to hire them, and then laughed! I get it! I told them, “it’s simple”! “If your looking for a job where they treat you like dirt, ignore you, over schedule you and basically don’t... —  read more 

Top tip offs to DSD being phased out (or not)

First let's list the facts, then let's see if any of us can cite a reason other than DSD ending for each fact. (Anyone feel free to add to my list) Wal Mart and Kroger now have locked EDI orders. Shelf facings are down after latest big... —  read more 

This is nerve-wracking!

It s—s knowing layoffs are a certainty but not knowing when it'll happen. It's like Mondelez is intentionally trying to increase our stress levels in hopes we'll leave on our own. To be honest, this might be working on me - I've been so stressed... —  read more 

Channels Market Manager

There sure are a lot of Channels Market Manager positions open. "Channels Market Managers will be held accountable for building & leveraging strong partnerships with our third-party broker, wholesale distributors and customers to increase our... —  read more 

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