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This is what's happening now at Bayer and Monsanto

As someone that did mergers and acquisitions here’s what happens. Acquirer does financial analysis when determining a fit. X dollars will be bid to acquire and is often 30% to 50% and more of current stock price. Stock watchers then look for... —  read more 

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IT HR/Finance St Louis

I work in IT and support HR and Finance. All people that I work for are curious and nervous what will happen next when layoff and all those people hunt for jobs in St. Louis which very limited opportunities.

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Bayer: No mini-corporate office in St. Louis

Bayer has made it very clear that they do not want a mini-corporate office in St. Louis. Bayer's CEO is under great pressure to save the promised $1.5 billions over 3 years. Most all of that savings is going to come from layoffs. If the average... —  read more 

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Quick and Deep Job Cuts Are Coming

In order for Bayer to save 1.5 million over the net 3 years, they will layoff thousands of employees. This will begin shortly after Bayer acquires the company. The cuts will be quick and deep.

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Monsanto Layoffs 2018

If I tell you that I am concerned you'll laugh - but how can you ignore so many warning signs here in St. Louis.

Knowlede is leaving the company

The fear of the unknown is truly taking a toll on Monsanto employees! People are constantly waiting for the ax to fall. Should I stay or should I go? More cuts around the corner and again soo much knowledge walks out the door! —  read more 

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So looks like this mega merger is happening. So what does this mean for all of us?

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Bayer Takeover

Let's say the Bayer deal does go through. How will this impact employees in the long run? Will Bayer keep our employees or are we all SOL?

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Golden Parachute

Muckaty Mucks are praying this one goes through so as to keep their big golden parachutes.

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Without extend, there is no plan B.

Run for the hills. All research has been in the extend program. Without EU approval, extend is dead. All the major grain buyers have refused to accept extend beans. There is no plan B at corporate. Major layoffs looming.

2016 Layoffs - Monsanto Starts the Year with a bang

Layoffs at Monsanto again - announced that 1000 will be let go - that's in addition to 2600 that we cut in the fall - it's global, it's going to be between 10 and 20 percent of the overall headcount so it's going to hurt. Severance will be paid out... —  read more 

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The company plans to slash 1,000 more jobs this will bring total planned job cuts to 3,600.

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Take the severance package and run.

My health and balance between work and life is so much better. Sure, you may have to move to a different part of the country or take up work outside of a seed company, but your horizons will expand and your mind will be opened. You won't regret it.

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Monsanto Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Monsanto layoffs in St. Louis in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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Monsanto Severance Package

Does anyone know what kind of severance package we will be getting? I think it's been a while since Monsanto has had layoffs so I am not sure if they were changing policies on Severance Pay. I joined in 2012 but I heard that during the downturn the... —  read more 

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Management talks about work life balance all the time - we never quite seem to achieve it at least in my ex- group.

I quit in 2014, changed line of work but I can tell you that there are many folks who consistently work 50+ hours per week at Monsanto. I know that many companies are doing the same thing but that's peaks and valleys, not consistently 50+. Now with... —  read more 

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Working for Monsanto

It's not all that bad, regardless of layoffs I'd say that Monsanto is a great place to work, a great employer with a casual environment. The employee benefits are outstanding and can hardly be matched. We provide vacation and paid-time off and... —  read more 

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Breaking news: Monsanto officials have yet to announce whether any of its recently announced layoffs will affect employees locally or in the...

Breaking news: Monsanto officials have yet to announce whether any of its recently announced layoffs will affect employees locally or in the Delta. Following a 14% 3rd quarter drop in business profits, Monsanto will lay off 4% of its global workforce... —  read more 

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