Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

End of year review

Just had my end of year review with a mostly failing score. Completely unjustified. It’s obvious this is a tool for another round of layoffs in early 2023. I’ve never been more humiliated. To say the least, my CV has been ready for a while and... —  read more 

Laid Off In Baltimore

I was laid off on Tuesday. Funny thing was they were waiting for me to be upset. It was a horrible place to work. Severance…90 day notice period and severance payment that appears to be about another 2 months.

1,500 Layoffs

So, 2% is about 1,500 to be laid off... Here is the headcount blurb from our 10-K report, 12/31/2021: 75K employees. Employees: - Our employees are our most important asset. With offices in 41 countries, we have approximately 75 thousand... —  read more 

Toxic boss

I like working at MS as it’s a good place. But we had a reorg 3 months ago and I really don’t like my boss at all - micromanaging and always challenging in a negative and snappish manner. Anyone know the process to request a manager change? —  read more 

I wish we didn't know yet

We now have weeks of thinking about this and wondering if this is it. I'd rather they just announce it today and do it at the same time. It's healthier. Yes, there's no time to prepare but if you're not prepared by now for the possibility of being... —  read more 

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