Topics regarding layoffs at Mylan

Topics regarding layoffs at Mylan

Let the games begin...

In the world of buying and selling - is Mylan being bought or being sold? With the combined company who's still standing one week in, one month in, one quarter in? Is Morgantown going to survive? Is this going to be a US based company with... —  read more 

Second half of 2020

With the impending merger and changes to come - what can be shared? It's been noticed that the Robert Coury Building is emptying - is that true? Also, is the union on the hit list once the merger happens? Inquiring minds would like to... —  read more 

Will we survive the merge?

Word has it that product usually done in Morgantown is now being sent to third party manufactures or being sent to PR. With all that's going on will Morgantown survive the merge or is this just writing on the wall? Thoughts?

Nervous ahead of tomorrow

I've just spent one of the worst weekends of my life. I wasn't able to relax at all, constantly kept thinking about coming layoffs. Needless to say, sleep was not really a thing, either. I almost wish this had already happened - this whole... —  read more 

Mylan Ireland

Heather and others came over visit at least 3 sites in Dublin this past week, one of which is where Wixela is produced. Apparently some major production issues with production that has lead to a lay off of 60 contract staff and also at least one of... —  read more 

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How about...

...we take a few million off of Heather B. and hire some employees back? She doesn't deserve a 23 million per year paycheck!!! She's the reason for these layoffs. The company got a huge fine for the Epipen scandal, and they gave millions to her... —  read more 

I work for Mylan Canada - I am pretty happy here - I can tell you that we had no layoffs here and our business continues to grow

I work for Mylan Canada - I am pretty happy here - I can tell you that we had no layoffs here and our business continues to grow. If you worked in Pharma, you know how things go, it's cyclical, it's tough and sales folks get hit all the time - so... —  read more 

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Waiting for the axe to drop

I remember a times when this was a great company, when I was actually going to work full of joy and enthusiasm. Nowadays, the morale in Mylan is just terrible, not just us oldies, even the new employees feel horrible. So unstable, hectic, waiting for... —  read more 

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