Topics regarding layoffs at Nabors Industries Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Nabors Industries Ltd.

Pay Cuts, Temp layoffs, Furloughs

Nabors announces salary reductions, cuts spending immediately: A recommendation by management to the Board of Directors to suspend the dividend on Nabors' common shares Salary reductions totaling 20 percent for each of the CEO and CFO, as well... —  read more 

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Nabors IT Layoffs 2015

Nabors has been struggling to transform into a suitable structure for the future, the current organization, at least on the IT side is archaic, it cannot survive and lead the company into future. Upper management should be shaken, maybe the layoffs... —  read more 

Severance Payment

Do you maybe know what the severance package is. How many weeks per year of service and if it's capped. Also, do we know what's going on with health insurance.

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Nabros 2015 Layoffs

Land and Offshore Drilling, Specialty, Directional, Equipment, Software/Tech – everyone will be affected by the downturn. I see prices dropping quite a bit so all of us should be ready. I hope all of you saved for this, we had a fairly good run over... —  read more 

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