National Oilwell Varco Inc. Layoffs

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Gateshead great news And this is why Gateshead is staying open.

The investors will know that.

Not too much management can do when the entire industry is going through a massive downturn. Actually there is, you cut costs by laying off people and closing facilities. The investors will know that.

How much longer?

How much longer do the investors tolerate the lack of revenue and stomach the string of quarterly losses before Presidents, VP's and C's start losing their jobs?

Run while u can!

Run from this dead sh--ty rathole while you can. It'll be sold out in small pieces to GE and others & in any case old nov crowd will be got rid of by new owners.

RS Sales Layoffs Coming Soon to NOV Tower

RS Sales Layoffs Coming Soon (June 5th) to NOV Tower... fleet care and capital sales specifically. Turns out we poorly executed it (surprise, surprise) and therefore the customers aren't having it. Move onto the next great idea...

NOV can come back.

I do hope that NOV bounces back and I can get my job back. It is possible and I refuse to be negative about things in general.

Mafia is still there

Today we lost another good guy to all this managment stuff which is detrimental to DDS. Please god wake up and stop this lebo mafia.

Last Month: PARKWOOD

Field service specialist. 3 from Parkwood. Don't know how many FSS. Heard of 1 PLE from the World Houston facility


I've been a happy employee here but things are starting to get on top of me..I'm forever getting bullied about my weight and it has to stop, yeah my boiler suit can be used as a parachute but please oh please give it a rest guys x

Good News: Oil Rig Count Keeps Going Up

A few comments from Steven Kopits of Princeton Energy Advisors LLC on Apr 13, 2017: Total US oil rigs were up 11 to 673 US horizontal oil rigs added 11 to 572 The US horizontal oil rig count is now within three weeks of the entire number necessary to... read more

Watch out

Emperor Ming and his orcs are busy busy paving the way for more stateside layoffs.. Many machines on Arrakis......... More later

NOV Changes for Aberdeen

This week the NOV bigwigs will arrive in Aberdeen to begin the restructure of the UK\EUROPE operations. They hope this will all be complete by the end of the month.

Bitter former employees?

Is it only, bitter, former employees who visit this site, in a sort of morbid hope that their decision to leave / forced layoff from the firm has been in some way vindicated by the ongoing demise of NOV?


You union lads voted for 14% like the desperate halfwit retards you are. Just because you have given up a portion of your wage don't start slagging people off if they wanted more time away from work . Just because you can't get a job anywhere else... read more

Dubai getting cleaned up

Main Jordanians &a Lebanese people getting fired over here in Dubai... just looking for Dubai hub operations manager &I too many DSE personnels with their manager to get fired... looking forward for that... as they don't have any knowledge on what... read more

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