National Oilwell Varco Inc. Layoffs

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NOV Takeover

Hi, didn't see any mention of it on here. But just heard NOV purchased Axiom Process on the 22nd of December. They have been rold they are being intergrated into NOV by the end of April and all contracts are up for negotion.


Has anyone received their W-2 yet?

Greengate mono

Non productive staff and managers are killing this branch of the mighty Nov and it's a crying shame that people will soon be put out of work to keep the likes of mavis/ shiny pants /honest Kev /sgt McRae (bilko)and his mates that he has employed Just... read more

Going, going, gone

So sorry to hear the news about NOV Gateshead so much talent and loyalty down the drain but this was always on the cards the day mark gill and his band of merry men took charge, so many bad decisions from so many incompetent people if only they had... read more


My new best word is NEPOTISM...payoffs galore and yet the powers that be still get mates/family into the business!!!.....just wish my coupon would come in lol!!!


I just wanted to put a little light out there to everyone and let them know that there is hope after being laid off. It has been exactly one year to the day that the office I worked in heard of the upcoming mass-layoffs for the office. It was a day... read more


The new Ukrainian ball tasting room has moved to the east shop bathrooms.

Big layoffs coming to IT and CET 3 Jan.

Going to hit a lot of the development management and upper level managers/directors. A lot of the "nice to have" functions are going away and the CET group is being integrated even more into IT.

Moving in the right direction

Things set in motion in the first 100 days of Trumps presidency. Among other steps, he pledged to: Cancel America's commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of US tax dollars to UN climate programs Lift any existing moratoriums... read more


The oracle program is costing the company time and money.

NOV Houston Incompetent & Getting Worse

Rig has become a joke. It's been going downhill for years but at least before the bust you could get stuff done and questions answered. The caliber of employees they have left are either undermananed or just not competent or the desire to actually do... read more

Layoffs again!!??!

Like clockwork. Rifs these week. Wly and Eldridge to be hit hardest. Who's left? Becoming cannibles. Dog eat dog. Only the meanest will survive

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