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The new Ukrainian ball tasting room has moved to the east shop bathrooms.

Big layoffs coming to IT and CET 3 Jan.

Going to hit a lot of the development management and upper level managers/directors. A lot of the "nice to have" functions are going away and the CET group is being integrated even more into IT.

Moving in the right direction

Things set in motion in the first 100 days of Trumps presidency. Among other steps, he pledged to: Cancel America's commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of US tax dollars to UN climate programs Lift any existing moratoriums... read more


The oracle program is costing the company time and money.

NOV Houston Incompetent & Getting Worse

Rig has become a joke. It's been going downhill for years but at least before the bust you could get stuff done and questions answered. The caliber of employees they have left are either undermananed or just not competent or the desire to actually do... read more

Layoffs again!!??!

Like clockwork. Rifs these week. Wly and Eldridge to be hit hardest. Who's left? Becoming cannibles. Dog eat dog. Only the meanest will survive

Very quiet just now

Seems to be very quiet just now, not many postings recently. Either the sh-- stirrers have been bumped, or there is no one left at NOV.

BPA rubbish

So we're continuing with the BPA projects which should have been put on hold. People should concentrate on bringing work into the business instead of trying to align departments around the world, at this rate there won't be any businesses left to... read more

NOV Norway, how are they surviving?

Strictly talking about cost, Norway is an expensive country. Compared to USA, Everything costs a lot more i.e rent, pay, overall operating cost etc. How is NOV still surviving there?

NOV Houston, TX

So Ive been hearing through the pipeline that the NOV Tuboscope Houston is either closing or possibly moving there employees to other locations. Is this accurate or just more bs. Word is management in Ohio is under the microscope due to the Union... read more


With a billion dollar loss. No new sales. It's culling time again. Eldridge will be hit the hardest.

DDS consolidation in Willis

Heard that DDS is consolidating all manufacturing and ops in Willis. The Sheriff made a deal with Boroscope that they couldn't turn away.


Any news? And what's the deal with the Tech College?

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