National Oilwell Varco Inc. Layoffs

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Shutting down Hydralift!

In an effort reduce engineering cost and project complications, Rig has decided to halt all HPS and HR sales and orders and offer incentives to switch any existing orders to an equivalent TDX product. It's being done to decrease reliance on Norwegian... read more


Ashworth what does he do apart from strutting about like a big man

Dubai getting cleaned up

Main Jordanians &a Lebanese people getting fired over here in Dubai... just looking for Dubai hub operations manager &I too many DSE personnels with their manager to get fired... looking forward for that... as they don't have any knowledge on what... read more

Discrimination at NOV

How many times did you witness this kind of craziness? Me... dozens!

Time to leave the dying business that is NOV

After leaving NOV 2 years ago, when the going wasn't that bad, I've been promoted for my fourth time. Don't get me wrong I work hard day in day out, but working for a company with managers who actually know what they are doing, does help massively... read more

"Presently employed at NOV" on LinkedIn?

Ok, my question is why do so many people who were laid off months and months ago, if not more than a year, still have their LinkedIn profiles set to "presently working for NOV"? What the hell ! If I was an employer, I wouldn't hire you cause that is... read more

OIL going back to $40s again

OPEC cuts does not seem to be effective as other countries are pumping more. NOV can't make good profit below $60-65 or let's say no profit at all. Chinese and Korean equipment is all over the place, dirt cheap. I can't see how is our great leader... read more


Lads, it ldefiantly looks like the place is too close , the management have been stringing us along , hinting the facility might not be closing after all. This is so we get all the orders out . I have a relation who over heard a conversation about... read more

Greengate mono

Non productive staff and managers are killing this branch of the mighty Nov and it's a crying shame that people will soon be put out of work to keep the likes of mavis/ shiny pants /honest Kev /sgt McRae (bilko)and his mates that he has employed Just... read more

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