Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

“Outsourcing locally”

My bets are that they create a contracting company and put half the techs in the pool, they will be told leave or go to the contractor company. It’s kinda like outsourcing locally. Union is always a target, with renaming the company’s, I suspect... —  read more 

New meaning for NCR

In my 44 years, there were several meanings; Newtons Chicken Ranch Needs Cash Receipt Not Completely Reliable I am sure there are more. Now it seems to be Nobody Can Retire, RIF before retirement. Management is a POS, and I don’t mean Point of Sale. —  read more 

NCR Split, Interesting Read

Copy and paste the link, this guy really gets to the bone with his views, I get it’s an opinion, and everyone has one

NCR back to Dayton?

Has anyone heard this one yet? From "unconfirmed and not always reliable" sources, story goes the trip NCR LT made to Dayton was to recon office space for the new Retail spin-off company. They want to get cheaper rent, lose all of the Atlanta... —  read more 

Waste of time

I was very happy when I got a job at NCR, but at that moment I urgently needed any job and source of income. However, spending more than two years here, isn't that a waste of time? I am not satisfied with the opportunities I had to upgrade my... —  read more 

Good managers

Maybe my experience in this company would have been completely different if I had at least a slightly better manager. However, my manager is an incompetent person who makes me want to leave. Are there any good managers here at all?

Work History... / website

There is a site called it is part of one of the credit agencies. I part with this info only because the site had a reference to every paycheck i received at ncr was listed. My history on this site went back to 1984. Ncr was by far... —  read more 

Making it to retirement

If one is just trying to make it to retirement, I am well aware this is not the best place for that. It hasn't been for a long time now. However, it is difficult to decide to leave and start from scratch somewhere else when retirement is relatively... —  read more 

Terribly understaffed

It is impossible for the management not to know this - they know very well that we are understaffed and that we are so overworked that most people can only think about leaving as a solution. They know that almost all of us are on the verge of... —  read more 

Can’t make this up!!!

Mike is praising the he-l out of the Hospitality team on the call, raving about how well that part is doing, unbelievable revenues. Isn’t that the part of the company getting completely gutted in headcount past few months???

Benefits keep getting worse…

Anyone else noticed how benefits are getting worse each passing year? This is ridiculous. Cost keeps going up though. I remember when company contribution used to be $2000 for a family HSA and now it is $1000 only if you self contribute first.

Efforts are in vain

Now I regret trying so hard. As someone said: *No one and I repeat no one is safe here... if u think you are doing a job of three people and you will be ok you are mistaken. People who make the decision to cut you do not know what you do. You are... —  read more 

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