Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Market Visual Manager

I don't work at NM but I know people who do, including a couple Regional Visual Managers who got laid off back in the spring. I assume that position was eliminated company-wide. But then last month, I noticed that the company is hiring 'Market Visual... —  read more 

New Layoffs happened again!

More layoffs across stores happened today. This time mostly amongst managers. So sad to read while executives and board members take in million dollar bonuses, the people who are truly running the stores are being fired. They need to put that money... —  read more 

How the mighty have fallen

What was once a great company - where the name alone brought to mind luxury and fashion merchandise - is now disintegrating before our very eyes. There seemed to be too many issues to correct, from lack of support needed by upper management to very... —  read more 

2 more toast

Now walnut creek and natick....that makes 7 stores Excluding last calls circling rhe commode...up to 6 more full line will close..just saw thus on facebook... And dallas morning news just ran it too...


Did this place have a Board of directors that GMan reported to or was he the Board also. After reading the Post article I really wonder if the Board was made up of 2/4s nailed to the seats purchased at a Lowe’s or a Home Depot.

Neiman Marcus 1907-2020

I honestly don’t know how Neiman Marcus stays in business, I’m surprised all the stores don’t close. the market for $1,000 shoes and shirts very slim, obviously people are not buying high end luxury now, and the few that do are not enough to sustain... —  read more 

Office Space 😂

Not only do the employees loathe this company like the movie Office Space, the future of this company or the husk that’s left when it finishes dying a slow and painful death here shortly, is, well, once again, Office Space! 😂😂😂 I’m sure the C-Wing... —  read more 

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It just happened....

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