Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Stanley.rolling in his grave

Neiman's thinks it's too good to even reply to legitimate complaints... Never thought I would see this... Karen Katz used to run from them too. She would have her secretary claim she would look into things

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Business of fashion

Noticed they never promote Neiman's the other same ones that do vertical back flips to.. perhaps one publication didn't want to stay in the swamp . after they ripped off so many in the industry

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This board should be shamed

Just saw the numbers in our bankruptcy ..really bad and it will get sealed...Neiman's doesn't want the public knowing how bad they stiffed so many .it seems the figure is 2.677 billion dollars we didn't pay others minus some unsold stock..Tons never... —  read more 

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Pay your bills omg

Just saw on where else they are still asking that sham court and judge why Neiman's won't pay it's bills.. The press should be asking.if it did it's job..What a joke... I cut and paste the letter. Am very concerned with the status of this case... —  read more 

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I wish I didn't care

I would prefer to be able to not care, as it seems to me that even the leadership does not care about this company anymore. But I can't help myself and think how everything could have been much better here, if only there weren't too many bad... —  read more 

Forging more legal documents

In multiple cases Neiman Marcus still is commiting perjury..lying about it's employees . One day it could be you . Expect Raemdonck to continue to act below sewer level . Oh and don't forget supposedly they never needed to go bankrupt .cheating tens... —  read more 

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La mer

Nordstrom got an exclusive set from them.. i just lost a 1200 buck sale.. Why wont This company pay its bills .. angering so many vendors like estee lauder. Bloomingdales i am going to check out you soon for a better job

Dallas paying NM?

Wait. what? Dallas is going to pay $5.2 million to help NM stay downtown? From tax payer dollars? So taxpayers are paying for the rich to be able to buy $4,000 Gucci handbags and $2,000 pairs of shoes? huh? I’m at a loss for words.

Neimans bankruptcy

Just saw on neiman marcus sucks on facebook some of the numbers . They are online from stretto... Google neiman marcus bankruptcy news . The company has had twenty seven objections including one today in paying creditors.. Paid 36 million to... —  read more 

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