Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Saks merger highly unlikely

If that were to occur The Federal trade commission would likely focus on the N.Y.C market as it would reduce completion there.. Plus our sales have barely rebounded As the worst of the slump seems if we could get merchandise that customers... — read more 

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Mytheresa on radar

They had our business records when we were sister companies. They are only concentrating on our top markets.While they grew 8.3 per ent. We shrunk over 6 percent. Course no mention of that from G.V.R. our previous P/E owners must be laughing hard at... — read more 

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Atlanta way down in sales

Is any store doing well. Anywhere anywhere Will we change our merchandise so that it isn't extremely overpriced. We ran off our not as wealthy I see our store lose to Bloomingdales and Saks. They are busier. Have more price points. Even my wealthy... — read more 

New level desperate

So now our website has last chance sale We were known for last call Swear our sales down so bad. When we could've done better and not ended up here. Guess I have to.look for better job

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Sham fashion award

Neiman Marcus just gave our award to Dior .during Christmas Saks had their exclusives in New York including window display .that's huge.. Angered Geofrey decided to give our award to them . Had we not went bankrupt and fully paid our vendors they... — read more 

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We use giftwrap and ribbons

If anyone buys that waste of A media source Dallas morning news . Maria halkias who is our most mentioned source on Google after David Moin from WWD.. She actually reported we used 42 miles of giftwrap ( all destined for the landfill) and lots of... — read more 

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Leading with incompetence

The fourth burglary attempt at our store on Michigan avenue...yet our leader dimbulb hasn't fixed this.. Where's his media friends commenting on how wise he is..when he can't fix the obvious in a dangerous city

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Farfetch disaster

They are dominating the news... The press isn't covering that their disastrous investment in us in part helped cause them to run out of cash . Financial journalists really just spout little when that's their job . If they can dump their share... — read more 

Sales down bad

At my store we even had managers seem unimoressed with our thin selection from the buyers. Plain or too flashy little in between to wow new customers or our best spenders. In other words little special as competition is tough. Also I saw... — read more 

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