Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Dallas paying NM?

Wait. what? Dallas is going to pay $5.2 million to help NM stay downtown? From tax payer dollars? So taxpayers are paying for the rich to be able to buy $4,000 Gucci handbags and $2,000 pairs of shoes? huh? I’m at a loss for words.

Neimans bankruptcy

Just saw on neiman marcus sucks on facebook some of the numbers . They are online from stretto... Google neiman marcus bankruptcy news . The company has had twenty seven objections including one today in paying creditors.. Paid 36 million to... —  read more 

Working here is miserable

The only reason I'm still here is because I desperately need a job. I got a great offer but in the end I couldn't accept it because it required me to move so I stayed here for a while longer. I don't think I'll be very selective anymore when I go... —  read more 


Just saw on Facebook Neiman Marcus sucks how CNN business actually featured our our corrupt CEO.. Hes now trying to claim they didnt need to go bankrupt but it was strategic.. what a joke.. i personally knew vendors cheated by them.. why do you think... —  read more 

Falling apart

The last of the old regime (Willis) left the company. Willis is a kind benevolent leader. One must wonder why all the “good people” keep leaving.

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I don’t like WFH

I seem to be one of the few who doesn’t like WFH. Of course, this also has its advantages, but for me WFH primarily means more work overload and no work- life balance. I feel like I’m working all day. Perhaps WFH just isn’t a good solution for... —  read more 

Full of…you know what

Take the blinders off folks: Diversity - only if they are women and g-ys (forget about Blacks & Hispanics, if you’re of those races you’ll never be promoted to executive level & when you leave no one will care) Legal department- watch as the... —  read more 

New editorial wet kiss

Womens wear daily gave a long article about the company ignoring all their trashy behavior .They wouldnt even put a journalist name behind it..What a pathetic excuse of a rag masquerading as journalism. They stuck us with a huge health bill during... —  read more 

Time to make a stand!

While other department stores, pay their draw vs commission associates an non productive hours, Neiman’s at this time does not. Even though they lost a 5 million dollar settlement in California 2019. Talking to some old time associates, they will... —  read more 

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More bad publicity

The robbery at San Fran made most of the national news and CNN too..It also stirred up many who now say the companies wading into politics arena was unacceptable.That stores are not safe and Neiman has failed to adress it . Stores are still most of... —  read more 

No more hard work

The more you work you do, the more work you get and the less you are valued? Such is at least my experience here. I have achieved nothing by working hard, except that I feel quite naive and taken advantage of, as I see that slackers are much better... —  read more 


I have been in retail more years than I should! My question is with all the technology we have in 2021, what the heck are managers doing in their office with so call reports, meetings and not helping associates with customer complaints. Back in... —  read more 

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