Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

More merger doubt

Just saw how even the DMN doubts it's for sale .Maria is a best buddy.. Also why wouldn't any other company want this scrap heap ? The writings on the wall .thank nmsucks on FB ..keep it up...pretty sure you see this page too

GVR Ewing

I see in the NY Post GVR Ewing will make some monstrous cash if a merger or sale go through, of course GVR while sending the company down the tubes and laying off people who have been forced to follow his directives is all SET. How a board can allow... —  read more 

Merger will fail

Just read about it on Neiman Marcus su-ks on Facebook . Think what was said was spot on Here's why it is doomed.. Saks isn't even the same company it was a few years ago.Its 4 different companies propped up by private equity.. It isn't performing... —  read more 


Eww just saw on another page we are promoting their junk...yuck .. I saw the link, Looks like bad wannabe 70s disco junk. Weren't they at Sears before with their clothes? Just foul and not what our customers want. Make sure your customers avoid... —  read more 

Returns gotten worse

Besides losing our customer service agents. Noticed more returns..swear they are wearing it once . Then bring it back wasn't touched Especially the younger set. My sales near the negative through no fault of my own.. Sales at my store... —  read more 


Just saw on Neiman Marcus sucks page how much we send out... No wonder so many don't want to clienteled ..800 to 1500 or more emails a year... I know Saks and Nordstrom send nowhere as near as much .not sure bout Bloomingdales... Macy's probably... —  read more 

New axes

Further cuts may include reducing our diminished benefits. As well as retorque of commission... They do not care if many leave as it will save them money... This company is such a train wreck... Updating resume as I type this. This board is... —  read more 

Stupid decisions

Neiman Marcus is a textbook example of how to alienate both existing customers and potential customers with stupid decisions. I'm thinking this company will not last much longer. If you are smart, you are already looking for a new job. And if you are... —  read more 

He hated dallas

So the Dallas morning news wrote 3 articles yesterday for their friend. The money losing paper can't stop slobbering all over him.. When they finally go under it won't be because Maria Halkias wrote real journalism... He's going to New —  read more 

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Sales drastically down

Since we tried even less pricey merchandise.. The amount of customers clearly is way down... My stores sales are down six percent is what I am hearing... Anyone else have access to sales figures..

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