Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Neiman Marcus Group

No store job is secure

No job there is secure. They are looking to rid more top wage earners that escaped the many slices and dices.. rotating layoffs and regional reviews to see where further cuts can be made are ongoing . To expect otherwise and that anyone is valued is... —  read more 

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Another shake up store level

Rumors of yet another store level shake up happing this week... why then when you go on LinkedIn you see new hires at corporate with all the a-s kissing comments ? Only reason on LinkedIn myself to network and finally leave this sinking ship!

Snob kabob

I had a good laugh at the Neiman’s in Las Vegas when the clerk told me the Chanel handbag was $7,500 “darling” snobby

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What a relief!

I did the dumbest thing ever but I really couldn’t stay here anymore and I’m full of joy after quitting. I am aware that I can have a lot of problems because of this, but at one point I risked ruining my family relationships completely. I don’t... —  read more 

We should just go online?

maybe that wouldn’t be bad either. The pressure created by competition from online rivals is too great. Someone has already suggested in one of the posts that we should just go just online and I absolutely agree, I think that would be a good move. I... —  read more 

New class action lawsuit

Working on a new lawsuit that will become a new class action against NM. Seems they didn’t learn there lesson with the 5.5 million dollar settlement they lost in California, a few years back. Keep eye here for updates, with contact information in the... —  read more 

Dear Geoffroy,

It's time to leave Neiman Marcus. Please do us the favor and bowing out now. It's too late for anything else. Today one of my best customers called. But she only wanted to talk about your bonus, your healthcare perks and your mansion. And how upset... —  read more 

Market Visual Manager

I don't work at NM but I know people who do, including a couple Regional Visual Managers who got laid off back in the spring. I assume that position was eliminated company-wide. But then last month, I noticed that the company is hiring 'Market Visual... —  read more 

New Layoffs happened again!

More layoffs across stores happened today. This time mostly amongst managers. So sad to read while executives and board members take in million dollar bonuses, the people who are truly running the stores are being fired. They need to put that money... —  read more 

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