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Did this place have a Board of directors that GMan reported to or was he the Board also. After reading the Post article I really wonder if the Board was made up of 2/4s nailed to the seats purchased at a Lowe’s or a Home Depot.

Neiman Marcus 1907-2020

I honestly don’t know how Neiman Marcus stays in business, I’m surprised all the stores don’t close. the market for $1,000 shoes and shirts very slim, obviously people are not buying high end luxury now, and the few that do are not enough to sustain... —  read more 

Office Space 😂

Not only do the employees loathe this company like the movie Office Space, the future of this company or the husk that’s left when it finishes dying a slow and painful death here shortly, is, well, once again, Office Space! 😂😂😂 I’m sure the C-Wing... —  read more 

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They made a movie about this POS company and those who run/ran it. 😉 ENJOY!

Neimans and Saks wont merge

The press will post this ignorant wont happen..if it does Neimans entire board thrown out...darned.. Couldn't happen to more worthy people..Karen Katz ran company into ground..Raemdonck can't fix it


It just happened....

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This is not good

No matter what they say, the longer this lasts the higher the chance is that some of the stores - if not all of them - will never reopen. The situation was bad here as it is, the pandemic seems to be just the final nail in the coffin. I think... —  read more 

Manicures, Shoe Repair?

Nice article today in the news, two years on the job he is getting credit for manicures and shoe repair. They forgot to mention the bonuses for his masters for taking costs out, and who could never forget his waiving of his salary for the whole... —  read more 

Full price Hell

I worked at the Houston Galleria location until 2018, Very difficult to make sales, typical customer would look, but then leave empty handed, I was trying to sell Brunello Cucinelli $2,000 sweaters, very tough.

Shuttering stores

I heard from a very good source at NM that along with its last call stores, they are planning on shuttering all the full price locations except Beverly Hills, Bal Barbour, New York City, Dallas Downtown and Las 2021...

The Time Has Come.

It is now time to join Bonwit Teller,Barneys,and fredericks of Hollywood in the retail hall of shame. What is the over- price purpose of these stores. Nothing anymore. Sad for the real workers, disgusted by top management. Be happy that you did... —  read more 

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